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Even though she is a household name, Jennifer seems to be open to dating men who lead a more private life. Jennifer became one of America’s sweethearts after starring as Sydney Bristow in the ... Jennifer Aniston’s love life, for some reason, is always a matter of public discourse. One tabloid simply cannot decide who she’s dating, so it claims she’s seeing multiple people all at ... Jennifer Aniston's love life: A look back at the star's past romantic entanglements. Whether it's a fling with a co-star or a full-on marriage, fans can't seem to get enough of Jennifer Aniston's ... From her marriage to Brad Pitt, to her brief fling with Bradley Cooper, we’re looking back at ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston’s complete dating history. Jennifer Aniston‘s love life has ... Is Jennifer Franco Dating? One America News Network(OANN ) reporter Jennifer Franco is secretive about her private life. She has a Facebook account but is not updated since 2013. Similarly, she only posts work-related posts on her Twitter account.. Because of Franco's secretive nature, various aspects of her life are unknown, including her relationship status. As of 2020, Jennifer Hudson’s is not dating anyone. Jennifer is 38 years old. According to CelebsCouples, Jennifer Hudson had at least 3 relationship previously. She has been engaged to David Otunga (2008 – 2017). Fact: Jennifer Hudson is turning 39 years old in . Be sure to check out top 10 facts about Jennifer Hudson at FamousDetails. A newly-single Jennifer Garner and her longtime friend and Alias co-star Bradley Cooper were photographed having a 'flirty' day on the beach this week while ... The photos sparked dating rumors ... Since her 2018 divorce from Ben Affleck, there have been a number of stories surrounding who Jennifer Garner is dating now. The actress was most recently linked to businessman John Miller, but ... Is Jennifer Morrison Dating Anyone? ‘Once Upon A Time’ Star’s Love Life Examined. The split was reported on Sunday by Us Weekly in an article that cited multiple unnamed sources. They have gone their separate ways -- no bad blood,' a source said. Another source confirmed that Jennifer and Sebastian remain on good terms. Jennifer Aniston’s Boyfriend. Jennifer Aniston is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Jennifer had at least 13 relationship in the past. Jennifer Aniston has been engaged to Tate Donovan (1997 – 1998). She was married to Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005. She began dating Justin Theroux in 2011 and the couple got married in August 2015.

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2020.09.21 20:29 anonpsychogirl Am I the Psycho One Here??

Dear Reddit – I am sure I will get skewered but I am struggling to figure out what has happened to me over the past few years.
Three and a half years ago I got an email from an old love "Jim" that was going through a divorce with his wife. I’d like to explain – that I was very careful and standoffish in the beginning not wanting to effect the course of the marriage in any manner. I actually asked and encouraged him several times – to go to his wife and ask her if they could work things out. He did twice and he told me that she said there was no way to save the marriage. Shortly thereafter – I fell in love – hard. His wife had kicked him out of the house and he moved in with me and my two kids that I share half time with my ex-husband. I was a little worried that things were moving so quickly - but Jim assured me that his feelings were real, that he loved me like no other and that he had thought about me for the last 20 years.
I was extremely happy – thought I had finally found the love of my life – he was hilarious, intelligent, kind to me, generous and successful. The first year and a half was perfect. I should have known – it was too good. I was madly in love and we spent all of our time together. I knew the relationship was not entirely healthy – he was an alcoholic and a gambling addict and his mood could sometimes be very dark. He also had an almost non-existent relationship with his family. I tried to bridge the distance between him and his mother as well as the rest of his family members and I became close to them and we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together for the past few years. My two kids also became very close to his two kids.
The first major red flag that occurred was a little over a year in. The daughter of a friend of mine came to stay with me (and Jim) while she found an apartment in the city I lived in. Jennifer was 27 years old and very attractive. I recall one Saturday afternoon – she wanted to go to the thrift store – I wasn’t in the mood and Jim eagerly volunteered to take her. I felt weird about his eagerness to spend time alone with Jennifer and maybe sulked about it for a couple hours but got over it pretty quickly. A few weeks later – we met Jennifer for dinner. She was wearing a very very very low cut shirt and I recall Jim being almost giddy at the dinner table. Jim often commented on how “hot” young girls were but I am not the jealous type – and often thought he was just being over the top to be funny. Later that evening we ended up going to a strip club – Jim starting flirting with the waitress and when Jennifer wanted to leave – he begged her to stay – I ended up getting upset and went home angry. Jim stayed out. I called him several times and he finally called back to say that he was staying the night at his nieces house. It didn’t sound right – I went to his old phone that was laying in a drawer and found his location. He was at Jennifer’s apartment. I immediately drove over and knocked on the door. He was sleeping on the couch and ended up going home with me. He apologized explaining that he just needed somewhere to stay because they had drank too much. I felt as if he wasn’t telling me the truth. I called Jennifer two days later and she told me that he had also tried to kiss her and was “very persistent” but that she declined and that nothing had happened. I was devastated. I confronted Jim and he apologized and said it would never happen again. However – his apology seemed hollow and he got angry at me when I wasn’t getting over it fast enough.
After the Jennifer incident – things seemed to go back to normal. We spent most of our time doing the things he enjoyed i.e. drinking, gambling, strip clubs, cartoons etc. I didn’t mind because we had fun – lotsa fun – at the end of the night we would dance and sing to songs he would play for me and he would whisper sweet things in my ear… like how he wanted to marry me in Hawaii and how he wanted to take care of me, buy a house with me, etc. His younger son lived a couple hours away and he would spend a week with me and then a week up at his house near his young son. We talked about buying the house we were renting and fixing it up – or buying a house somewhere else. We spent holidays together and our kids got along great. I was happy.
But – something always seemed to be a bit off – I didn’t fully trust him. I began noticing that he would be on his phone a lot – texting. So – while I never felt the need to look at my ex partner’s phones and I’m not proud of this -- I ended up snooping on his phone. I found part of a conversation that he was having with his friend “Mandy” and another woman – where he talked about wanting to cum on someone’s face. I confronted him – he said he was joking and that if I ever looked at his phone again – he would dump me because to him – this was a major violation of trust. Unfortunately - because I was so in love – I believed him. I found it strange that he didn’t see my point of view at all i.e. that his past actions had made me feel insecure in the relationship and that I felt that he needed to earn my trust back. Jim said I was ridiculous for feeling insecure and snooping. I was also taken aback by the intensity of his anger surrounding the fact that i had looked at his phone.
Time went on and things were mostly good unless I showed any emotional neediness. If I said I was stressed about money for instance – he would tell me I was a downer and to stop playing the victim. I was working full time and Jim did not have to work but instead was living off of the 400k that he had in his stock brokerage account when he and his wife divorced - that he had since turned into 1.2 million dollars as well as his ownership interest in the family business. I was often stressed -- because I had previously lost some of my savings/retirement in an investment and was working 50 hours a week for a boss that was very full of himself (I had worked with several difficult people in the past – but this guy was different – he would actually say things in an extremely condescending manner to try and make you feel stupid – and I wasn’t the first employee that had spent a day at their desk in tears because of harsh words by this guy). If I complained about money or my boss – Jim – would get agitated – and tell me that he bet I didn’t dump this kind of emotional baggage on my other friends. I was disappointed – but eventually learned to control my emotions and not look to Jim for emotional support – however, I would lose it from time to time like when Jim would talk about his great success in the market – and I would just want to feel like we were a team and that we could build a future together.
At this time, I also began noticing that he was spending less and less time with me and more and more time in the City where his son lived -- even when his son would be in the care of his mother. I would complain and he would tell me that if I wasn’t so emotional – things would work out and we would bet together forever, we could be a team etc. I had also noticed that he wasn't say nice things to me as often. In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time he had told me he loved me or that I was pretty or anything else nice for that matter. I also remembered that during this time – he accidentally sent me a text that was meant for his single friend “Don.” He was planning on going out on Don’s boat that day and asked if there would be any other “single” people there because married people were “boring.” I was hurt and asked him if he wanted to be single – he said that again – I was being childish and that he was an adult and didn’t want me restricting his freedom. For the next six months – I vowed to stay chill with my emotions – no matter what occurred and whether it hurt.
I remember around Christmas last year – he sent me a text saying – that he wanted to tell me that he loved me – because he knew he hadn’t in a very long time – and that I was kind to him and that he didn’t deserve it. I was so happy – to hear that he did still love me that I burst into tears… I had thought that because I had been “good” and not bothered him with my emotional baggage or other relationship "demands" i.e. seeing each other more.… that he loved me again and that things would go back to normal i.e. we would start planning our future together and see each other more.
I remember some time last February – I went to Jim’s house and ended up waking up in the middle of the night. I sat down at his computer that he had given me the password to when we were trying to place a sports bet. I went to type in something and noticed the first previous search bar that popped up was a craigslist add for a hooker in Dallas Texas – where his adult son “Matt” lived. I knew that Jim was planning on visiting Matt for his birthday and while I had been invited on such vacations in the past, I wasn’t invited on this one. Shortly thereafter, I was making Jim’s bed and found a condom on the floor. – we didn’t use condoms. I confronted Jim on both issues. He became livid and the discussion got more heated than I would like to admit. He accused me of being insecure, emotional, petty etc. and explained that he was planning to rent this hooker for photos with Matt and his friends for Matt’s birthday. He also explained that the condom was probably Matt’s from the time Matt and his girlfriend had spent at his place during Christmas. He then told me he no longer trusted me because it was obvious I was snooping, violating his trust etc. and that I needed to leave his house immediately. He then accused me of bizarre things like – turning over the photos of his kids (which I had not done – I actually loved his kids and had even put photos of them up at my house). I told him I wanted to stay and to try and work things out – but his tone was so mean – it was like I was talking to another person. I broke down and cried – Jim had no empathy – he told me to stop being a baby, to grow up and get control of myself.. Jim left me at his house the next day and told me that he was so angry he was staying somewhere else. Once again – I was devastated and he made me feel as if it were my fault. And I believed him.
Things were on and off again from there on… Jim would be kind and show me attention from time to time but then other times – would tell me I was too emotional and “crazy” for him to be with. He also started saying – things like – I need to find a new “good” girlfriend and that I should do the same. I thought he was joking. I felt strongly that he had fallen out of love or more likely was never in love with me but somehow believed him when he would say that if I could just stop being so emotional and needy that the relationship would strengthen and go back to how it was in the beginning. During this time - I would ask Jim how he felt about me and he would tell me that he “loved” me when I was being normal and not crazy. So – I stupidly tried to sweep my feelings under the rug and offered up my love and friendship to him without asking for anything in return. Towards the end of the summer – Jim planned a family vacation with his kids and his niece that I had also become friends with. My sons and I weren’t invited. I was hurt but he explained that he didn’t need someone “crazy” around – and that he just needed to spend some quality time with them. I understood. He and his kids stopped by my house on their way back from their vacation we hung out as if we were a couple again. We were intimate and Jim even sent me a text of quote talking about loving someone so much that it hurt. I was happy – He said we could see each other more if I would just stop being so psycho all the time.
Shortly thereafter – Jim invited me to his house – I was excited. I thought maybe we were starting to repair things. I hadn’t been there in months. While I was there, he took me to this property that he had decided to buy with this young single mom/real estate agent that he had just met. I was upset - but tried to hold it together. I think I was mostly upset because we had talked about buying a house together where I would put down some $$ and he would put down some $$ and I had also asked him several times if he had wanted to invest with me as I loved investing in fixer-uppers and building spec homes. He had always declined explaining that he didn’t have enough money because it was all in stocks etc. and that if this stock went up he would etc.
When he took me to the property – I said it was beautiful – but that I wasn’t sure if it would make a good investment as the sitework would be very expensive and the price that you could get for the homes out there didn’t really justify the costs involved with the development. He got angry- very angry – and called me petty, jealous, insecure and immature. He said – you’d have no problem if she was a male. I said that wasn’t true and that maybe I was a little insecure about the fact that she was so striking but that most of my hurt stemmed from the fact that he wanted to invest with someone else other than me – after I had sent him a million properties to look at as an investment over the years and he had declined all of my ideas. I asked if – I could see the numbers and if it looked good, I could maybe put in some cash too as it would be fun to do a project together – he said "no – I don’t want to do a project with someone as emotional as you." I later found out that he had purchased the property with cash and formed a LLC with this woman that he did not know and was willing to split the profits with her 50/50. We got into a huge argument – and I lost it. I screamed that he was mean and that I thought he was buying property with another person – just to spite me! He called me manipulative and controlling just like his mother and ex-wife. He explained that he was an adult and could buy anything he wanted. I said - I agreed but that it still hurt because I felt like he was listening to this woman's opinion over mine. I cried – and for the first time ever -- He laughed at me for crying. It was at that point – I started questioning everything – did this person who I deeply loved – have any empathy at all whatsoever? I had seen him hug his niece when she was upset and crying once – but he had never offered me that kind of care when I was upset. But to actually laugh and take enjoyment from someone else’s pain? I was not only devastated but I then started questioning not only my own judgment by my own sanity. Maybe – I deserved this – I thought – Maybe I am jealous… I know I am too emotional… etc. I left in tears.
We slowly starting talking again. Then - a couple weeks later – I was on social media and noticed – that he had commented on this photo of this female with her boobs hanging out – it was a fire emoji. I was hurt and pissed. I had no idea that he was out flirting with other people. I thought we were on again off-again -but that we were still working things out and might get back together. After I saw his comment, I sent him a million angry texts that I’m not proud of – things like “f*&$ you” – “I hope you drop dead” etc. I know. I know. No excuse - not okay - I own it. I realize that this was an overreaction for a comment on a photo – but by that point – I felt as if it was a confirmation of what I had thought all along – he was treating himself as single when I wasn’t around -- I had finally lost it and was angry – very angry. I thought to myself – what else don’t I know? That’s when I checked Tinder – I made a fake account and sure enough – Jim was on there – “divorced for 20 years. Friends first then connection. No drama.” My heart shattered. I had no idea he was actually dating other people – especially since we had just slept together a week and a half earlier. I was so hurt. I immediately called Jim. His immediate reaction of course was anger – but when he understood that I knew he was on Tinder – he explained – that his "friend" had signed him up and that he had only been on for a week and that we were broken up. He also said he was deleting his account. I took that as a sign that there was still a chance we could mend things. I know – I look like a pathetic idiot at this point.
After the Tinder incident - I told Jim that I still loved him and wanted to work things out - he immediately showed up on my doorstep and spent the next couple days with me – he was sweet and kind, and we were intimate – but we didn’t talk about our future at all. We again started texting all day long like we had done before when things were good and when I tried to raise the issue of how he felt about me - he basically said - don't start- and that if i could just let things be -- they would get better. At this point – I had no idea – how Jim really felt about me – I just remembered the good Jim and how great those first two years had been – and the last six months just felt like this surreal bad dream. I just wanted it over – or to know once and for all how Jim really felt about me.
That's when I did one of the worst things I’ve probably ever done. I signed up on Tinder under a fake account and sure enough – Jim was on there. This was of course – after he had stated several times that he wasn’t. I swiped right – Jim had liked me too!! I sent him a message as “Carly” and before you know it – I was meeting Jim for a drink… and I was extremely flirtatious… the texting quickly turned sexual - he loved it – I ended up cancelling at the last minute (because I’m two hours away) – and said I would make it up to him. He said he could meet up with me on Saturday after he got back from running an errand near where I lived (Jim didn’t tell me he was coming to my town to run an errand). Friday night, Carly texted to see if they were still on - he texted back saying he was horny and couldn’t wait... Shortly before his Tinder date – I was sure to tell Jim that I missed him and loved him and still wanted to work things out. He texted me back a love song – (which he had explained was his way of telling me he loved me) with lyrics like “the love that I feel is oh so strong”… etc. I was disgusted - It was at this point that I realized that not one of the songs that he had sent me in the past meant anything to him. That it was all lies. I hopped in the car and drove up to meet him – he showed up looking dapper and ready to mingle. I thought about just cancelling on him – but I needed to see his reaction – because in the past – when I had confronted him about questionable behavior – he was always able to explain it away – and I was usually in such an emotional state – that nothing was ever clear. This time, I would be watching his reaction closely with a clear head and there was really no way he could explain this away.
When I came walking in – he looked as if he had seen a ghost. Jim was livid. I tried to tell him that since things had been so confused and he wouldn’t be honest with me – that I had to figure out for myself what was going on. He said I had gone too far and that this was next level devious/psycho shit and that if I posted this story on Reddit – I would be the one skewered. I felt bad. I told him I was sorry that I had hurt his feelings and that I didn’t do it to make him feel stupid or embarrassed – that I just needed to know the truth. He actually told me - that he just wanted to talk to some person that was nice and wasn't me or is his ex-wife. I didn't really say much - because there was really no point anymore. So anyway – I am posting this on Reddit – to see – if I am a terrible person or if perhaps – my crazy actions might have been justified by Jim’s behavior. Sorry – this is so long – but – without the background facts – even I think that I appear psycho. Also - while I still love Jim - I don't think there's any recovering from the above - Thoughts??
TL/DR - i made a fake Tinder account after months of breaking up and getting back together with my ex to see if he was lying to me about his feelings and interest in dating other people. He set a date with my fake Tinder girl, I showed up and he was extremely angry - called me psycho and said if i posted this on Reddit - I would be skewered.
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2020.09.21 19:51 OldmanRevived I saw two movies (Residue, Blackbird)

First up was Residue
"Residue" is like no other film I've seen, and yet I feel right at home in it. It seems to be going nowhere, and knows every step it wants to make. It is a constant, almost kaleidoscopic experience of discovery, and we try to figure out what the film is up to and it just keeps moving steadfastly ahead, fade in, fade out, fade in, fade out, making a mountain out of a molehill.
The movie doesn't tell a story so much as try to understand a man. Like him, it is constantly observing, and it possesses a generous spirit in those observations. Jay (Obi Nwachukwu), has just returned to the Washington DC neighborhood where he grew up. His family moved off the block in hopes of escaping drug-dealing activity, and later, Jay fled entirely - moving to California for college, where he studied filmmaking. Now he's back, intending to make a movie about his old street. He is welcomed by a white resident who tells him to turn down his music or he'll call the police.
For-sale signs litter the street. Realtors leave repeat voicemails at Jay's parents' house, eagerly offering cash for their home. Jay lurches through the neighborhood, searching for friends at the homes or on the corners or stoops they once occupied. How long Jay has been away is not mentioned, though it is long enough for him to return to a place he barely recognizes. Too many of his friends have either moved away, or are dead, or in prison; his girlfriend, his few remaining friends, his parent's friends, the old men of the neighborhood - all seem to have resigned themselves to slowly being pushed out.
The spaces in "Residue" feel full with absence. They carry memories, and the film has a hypnotic way of slipping in and out of them. As Jay recalls his childhood, young versions of himself and his friends aren't confined to flashback scenes; they sometimes slide into the present-tense places he occupies. Elsewhere, city images of violence and festivity mesh together, sometimes nearly indistinguishable from each other.
The movie plays out in a raw and unpredictable fashion. Director Merawi Gerima differs from some indies in the formal calculation that goes into his composition and editing. Gerima is in no hurry to get anywhere. He will rest on a shot to allow it to reveal itself; shots aren't the impatient hurrying along of a story. Notice how some of his travelling shots seem to dictate the movements of characters, rather than following them. The course of Jay's normal day pauses for moments of looking and, more importantly, listening.
There's a fraying sense of connection, and Jay’s confusion and rage over the gentrification of Q Street can't help but spill over. One friend named Demetrius is elusive, and Jay's insistence on asking about him makes people suspicious. No one knows, or at least will admit to, his current location. In another scene, Jay walks through the woods with a friend, Dion (Jamal Graham). They reminisce about old times amid this greenery, but it’s soon clear that he and Dion are actually in the visiting room of a jail, and that the restful environment is in Jay’s imagination.
There is not much of a conventional narrative, and the story is populated by dozens of small, well-observed moments of human behavior, such as the relationship between Jay and his girlfriend Blue (Taline Stewart). At the end there is a scene of sudden emotional truth that explains nothing but feels like it does. I think the key is to understand that Jay is not the one with the problems, but the kind of person who, by being completely and mysteriously on his own wavelength, causes the uncertain people around him to insist loudly and with growing unease on how certain they are of themselves.
It's tempting to look for some deeper meaning in the movie, but such an endeavor would be folly. The deeper meaning is what we see - what Jay sees and experiences every day. Is it enough? It is if we make it so. "Residue" is still not a complete success - it is odd and off-putting when it doesn't want to be - but as a study of loneliness and need, it evokes a tender sadness. Gerima does a lot with a little. His characters seem divorced from the ordinary society of their cities; they're loners and floaters hurtling through the deserted streets. They are like couriers on a mission to nowhere.

Next up was Blackbird
"Blackbird" is one of those movies in which nosy but well-meaning relatives try to force a reluctant family member to embrace a truth that is obvious to everyone except her. In this case, the truth is that we cannot allow ourselves to be paralyzed forever by grief over the death of a loved one. Why do I always root for the recalcitrant family member?
The setup involves the family's matriarch, who decides to end her life before a debilitating disease overtakes all of her bodily functions. The mother is Lily (Susan Sarandon), married to the ever-watchful and affectionate Paul (Sam Neill), a doctor who knows better than the rest of his family why his wife wants to die now. At this point, Lily has lost the use of one arm and walks with a limp. In a shorter amount of time than she might hope for, the disease will paralyze her, and she doesn't want to live to see that day. She has set a date for her demise, and will take a lethal dosage to die in her sleep after a final 48 hours.
Lily has planned a big reunion, a final get-together, with the whole of their family. First is her daughter Jennifer, arriving early with her husband, Michael (Rainn Wilson) and son Jonathan (Anson Boon). The younger sister, Anna (Mia Wasikowska), has been incommunicado for a while, and further roils things by unexpectedly bringing her romantic partner, Chris (Bex Taylor-Klaus). The final person in the mix is Lily's long-time friend Liz (Lindsay Duncan), who has spent decades as an honorary member of the family.
The movie gets right to the point in establishing these assorted dynamics of familial dysfunction. The two sisters immediately get on each other's nerves, as Anna can't stop screwing up and Jennifer can't stop conspicuously judging her for it. But in general, personal agendas are suspended to honor Lily's wishes, which include ordering that Christmas be celebrated Saturday night, complete with deluxe holiday dinner and decorated tree, though it's still autumn.
The rest of the story merely observes how they proceed under the stress of knowing this will be the last time they'll be together as a whole family. There is possibly a good movie to be found somewhere within this story, but no: "Blackbird" is a turgid melodrama with the emotional range of a sympathy card. This is one of the most confused and conflicted serious movies in a long time - a film that feels great passion about its subject matter but has no idea what it wants to say or how to say it.
Genuine issues - such as the family's insecurity and the Lily's reaction to the end of her days - are glossed over. But there is more than enough time for each character to have a soap opera subplot. They are each given one characteristic: the caretaker, the screw-up, the control freak, the dull guy. Lily doesn’t need the extra late-breaking drama, and frankly this drama doesn't, either. It seems unnecessary, like an extra hurdle planted at a track-race finish line just to see if another runner or two can be made to stumble.
The movie is really about the Sarandon character. Here she has to be unreasonable for half the movie and courageous for the rest; there's not a rest period where she just gets to be this woman. These performances are, at best, great (Neill, Winslet, Taylor-Klaus, Sarandon, and Wasikowska) and, at least, provide us with a strong sense of personality (Wilson, Boon, and Duncan). The movie provides big roles, but doesn't surround them with the screenplay support they need; the result is that awkwardness when characters express emotions that the audience doesn't share.
"Blackbird" was written by Christian Torpe, based on his screenplay for the 2014 Danish film "Silent Heart," which was not released in the United States. While he no doubt elevated the sophistication of the dialogue, these are people whose lives are gripped in the mighty vise of plotting. The skill of the actors, who invest their characters with small touches of humanity, is useful in distracting us from the emotional manipulations, but it's like they're brightening separate rooms of a haunted house.
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2020.09.21 15:33 KostisPat257 Phase 4 revisited: The new schedule of films and TV series that I'm expecting post-COVID (and their stage of development)

November 6th 2020 OR February 12th 2021: Black Widow
•Story by: Jac Schaeffer and Ned Benson
•Written by: Eric Pearson
•Directed by: Cate Shortland
This might move to February giving a push to Eternals and Shang-Chi as seen below, but I think they will open up a Summer release date, so as to stop the pushing before Spider-Man, since that's a Sony movie that they can't really change by themselves.

December 2020-January 2021 (D+): WandaVision
•Written by: Jac Schaeffer
•Directed by: Matt Shakman
We know this officially, and the show has completed filming since March, so it'll probably won't change.

February 12th 2021 OR May 7th 2021: The Eternals
•Written by: Firpo Bros
•Directed by: Chloe Zhao

March-April 2021 (D+): The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
•Written by: Malcolm Spellman
•Directed by: Kari Skogland
-ALMOST COMPLETED (final shooting going on right now)
Since this has almost completed filming, it can come out a bit earlier than March, but there are rumours it ties into Black Widow and I think BW will have definitely come out by March.

May 7th 2021 OR Summer 2021: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
•Written by: David Callaham
•Directed by: Destin Daniel Cretton
-Filming: January-March/August-N/A
This filmed for 1.5 months pre-COVID and went back to Australia to pick up production 2-3 week ago, so we can deduce they have around 3 more months of filming, meaning they MIGHT not make the May date and actually HAVE to be pushed back to Summer.

Summer 2021: What if...? Season 1
•Written by: A.C. Bradley
•Directed by: Brian Andrews

August-September 2021 (D+): Loki
•Written by: Michael Waldron
•Directed by: Kate Herron
-FILMING: January-March/halted because of COVID
So, I haven't heard anything about Loki going back into filming, but like Shang-Chi, it filmed for only about 5-6 weeks before the pandemic, so it will likely start soon and complete filming early 2021, making it impossible for it to keep its date of Spring 2021, so taking over Hawkeye's place will be ideal.

December 17th 2021: Spider-Man 3
•Written by: Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers
•Directed by: Jon Watts
-FILMING: Around JANUARY-JUNE 2021 (casting right now)
The filming was supposed to start this October (after being delayed once due to COVID), but was pushed back again to January 2021, presumably in order for Tom to complete filming Uncharted. That may give it a push to its release date, but like many others, I don't think Sony is giving up the Christmas release date, especially if they have reworked the story to take place during Christmas.

[SPECULATED] December 2021-January 2022 (D+): Hawkeye
•Written by: Jonathan Igla
•Directed by: Bert & Bertie and Rhys Thomas
-Casting right now
Although the French Disney+ has this show listed as coming out in 2022, I feel 2022 is so full of MCU content, that they will manage to release it in late 2021 just like Wandavision (around December). Because of this, and seeing as they have recently found their directors, it's been 1 year since they announced their writeshowrunner and there have been rumours about casting already, I reckon filming will start later this year (November-December).

February 11th 2022: Thor: Love and Thunder
•Written by: Taika Waititi and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
•Directed by: Taika Waititi
-FILMING: NOVEMBER 2020-FEBRUARY 2021 (casting right now)
We know Chris has recently read the script and Natalie Portman just arrived in Australia a few days ago, so this will probably start filming soon. Rumours say it will start around November, along with Dr. Strange 2.

[SPECULATED] Spring 2022 (D+): Ms. Marvel
•Written by: Bisha K. Ali
•Directed by: Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Meera Menon
-Casting right now
Again, this show has very recently found its directors and its writeshowrunner was hired a year ago, so it seems they're entering casting phase now and will start production soon enough, probably by the end of the year or the beginning of 2021. That said and considering it was the first 2022 show to be announced, I feel it'll be the first to come out in the time between Thor 2 and Dr. Strange 2.

March 25th 2022: Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
•Story by: Jade Bartlett (and maybe Scott Derrickson)
•Written by: Michael Waldron
•Directed by: Sam Raimi
-FILMING: NOVEMBER 2020-FEBRUARY 2021 (casting right now)
We knew this was about to start production early next year, but it has been reported it will start as early as this November along with Thor 4, so it is probably undergoing casting right now.

[SPECULATED] Spring-Summer 2022 (D+): She-Hulk
•Written by: Jessica Gao
•Directed by: Kat Coiro
-Casting right now
Same as Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye, the show is probably casting/putting its final touches in the script and I feel we will see it go into production in the first quarter of next year, and come out around a year or so after that.

[SPECULATED] May 6th 2022: Captain Marvel 2
•Written by: Megan McDonnell
•Directed by: Nia DaCosta
-Script phase
A writer and director were hired a few weeks and a few months back respectively and while it was supposed to come out in July 2022, I feel like, with Black Panther 2 probably pushed back, to give Ryan Coogler enough time to rewrite the entire script, since he had finished it before Chadwick's passing, Captain Marvel 2 might take the May slate, especially considering its importance if it will indeed introduce the Secret Invasion and will feature Hulkling and a few other Avengers as reported.

[SPECULATED] July 29th 2022: Ant-Man 3
•Written by: Jeff Loveness
•Directed by: Peyton Reed
-Script phase
Since we know the script for this movie is undergoing for quite a while, and the main villain, Kang the Conqueror has already been cast, it seems that it might come out earlier than previously expected and it could take CM2's slate in July 2022. Of course with Kang in the mix, it will probably be a big part of the MCU's future, so it is a possible candidate for BP2's slate as well and so is Dr. Strange 2, which is right now expected to come out in March, an experimental date for Marvel and only 6 weeks after Thor 4. Of course, that would mean that Ant-Man 3, as well as Captain Marvel 2 will probably start production as early as next spring/summer.

So, what do you guys think of my predictions?
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2020.09.20 21:56 enorage r/NoVA Elections Guide 2020 / Rules

NOTE: The information provided in this thread is given on a best-effort basis. We will cite information with official sources where possible, and if otherwise needed, non-partisan groups. If you find an error, tell us in the comments so that we can fix it. Additionally, we will cite when we find information. Before using anything in this thread, please confirm using the sources we use.

Sub Rules

Important Dates

Deadline to Register to Vote - Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Deadline to Change Voter Registration - Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Deadline to request absentee ballot via mail - Friday, October 23, 2020 at 5:00pm
Deadline to request absentee ballot in person - Saturday, October 31, 2020 at 5:00pm
Election Day - Tuesday, November 3 from 6:00am-7:00pm
[source: VA Dept of Elections]

Candidates for U.S. President

From the General and Special Elections Candidates list. Politicians with a "*" to the right of their name mark the incumbent.
President Vice-President Party Website Notes
Joseph R. Biden Kamala D. Harris Democratic
Donald J. Trump* Michael R. Pence* Republican
Jo Jorgensen Jeremy F. "Spike" Cohen Libertarian
Howie Hawkins Angela Walker (Write-In Campaign)[]

Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives

From the General Elections Candidates list. Politicians with a "*" to the right of their name marks the incumbent.
NOTE: Locations are NOT EXACT. Confirm your district HERE.
District 1 (Prince William County, Stafford County, Fredericksburg)
Member Party Website
Qasim Rashid Democratic
Robert J. Whittman* Republican
District 8 (Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Eastern Fairfax County)
Member Party Website
Donald S. Beyer Jr.* Democratic
Jeff A. Jordan Republican
District 10 (Loudoun County, Northern Fairfax County)
Member Party Website
Aliscia N. Andrews Republican
Jennifer T. Wexton* Democratic
District 11 (Fairfax County, Eastern Prince William County)
Member Party Website
Manga A. Anantatmula Republican
Gerald E. "Gerry" Connolly* Democratic

Candidates for U.S. Senate

From the General Elections Candidates list. Politicians with a "*" to the right of their name marks the incumbent.
Member Party Website
Daniel M. Gade Republican
Mark R. Warner* Democratic

Proposed Virginia State Constitutional Amendments

Proposed Virginia Constitutional Amendments of 2020


Article II. Franchise and Officers.Section 6. Apportionment.
Section 6-A. Virginia Redistricting Commission
Should the Constitution of Virginia be amended to establish a redistricting commission,consisting of eight members of the General Assembly and eight citizens of the Commonwealth,that is responsible for drawing the congressional and state legislative districts that will be subsequently voted on, but not changed by, the General Assembly and enacted without the Governor's involvement and to give the responsibility of drawing districts to the Supreme Court of Virginia if the redistricting commission fails to draw districts or the General Assembly fails to enact districts by certain deadlines?
Current Law:
Under the current Constitution, the General Assembly and the Governor are responsible for drawing new election districts for the U.S. House of Representatives, the state Senate, and the House of Delegates. These districts are required to be compact and contiguous, and to have populations that are equal to each other.
Proposed Law:
The proposed amendment would shift the responsibility of drawing these election districtsfrom the General Assembly and the Governor to a bipartisan commission, made up of 16persons, half being members of the General Assembly and half being citizens of the Commonwealth. This commission would draw the election districts for the U.S. House of Representatives, the state Senate, and the House of Delegates and then submit the maps to the General Assembly for approval. If the commissioners are unable to agree on proposals for maps by a certain date, or if the General Assembly does not approve the submitted maps by a certain date, the commission is allotted additional time to draw new districts, but if maps are not then submitted or approved, the Supreme Court of Virginia becomes responsible for drawing these election districts.
The eight legislative commissioners are appointed by the political party leadership in the state Senate and the House of Delegates, with an equal number from each house and from each major political party. The eight citizen commissioners are picked by a committee of five retired circuit court judges. Four of the retired judges are selected by party leaders in the Senate and the House from a list compiled by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia. These four judges pick the fifth judge from the same list. This selection committee then chooses citizen commissioners from lists created by party leaders in the Senate and the House. Members and employees of Congress or the General Assembly cannot be citizen commissioners. Each party leader in each house gives the selection committee a list of at least16 candidates, and the committee picks two from each list for a total of eight citizen commissioners.For a plan to be submitted for the General Assembly’s approval, at least six of the eight citizen commissioners and at least six of the eight legislative commissioners must agree to it.Additionally, for plans for General Assembly districts to be submitted, at least three of the four Senators on the commission have to agree to the Senate districts plan and at least three of the four Delegates on the commission have to agree to the House of Delegates districts plan.The General Assembly cannot make any changes to these plans, and the Governor cannot veto any plan approved by the General Assembly.The amendment also adds a requirement that districts provide, where practicable,opportunities for racial and ethnic communities to elect candidates of their choice.
A “yes” vote will make a bipartisan commission responsible for the initial drawing of election districts.A “no” vote will leave the sole responsibility for drawing the districts with the General Assembly and the Governor.


Article X. Taxation and Finance.
Section 6. Exempt Property
Should an automobile or pickup truck that is owned and used primarily by or for a veteran of the United States armed forces or the Virginia National Guard who has a one hundred percent service-connected, permanent, and total disability be free from state and local taxation?
Current Law
Generally, the Constitution of Virginia requires all property be taxed. However, there are certain types of property that the Constitution specifically says is not subject to taxation.
Proposed Law
This amendment would add to the list of property that is not subject to state or local taxation one motor vehicle owned and used primarily by or for a veteran of the United States armed forces or the Virginia National Guard who has a one hundred percent (100%) service-connected, permanent, and total disability. The amendment says that motor vehicle means an automobile or pickup truck.The motor vehicle would be exempt from taxation beginning on the date the veteran gets the motor vehicle or January 1, 2021, whichever is later. A veteran who claims this tax exemption would not get back any taxes paid on his motor vehicle prior to January 1, 2021.Under this amendment, a motor vehicle that is owned by the spouse of a veteran of the United States armed forces or the Virginia National Guard with a one hundred percent (100%)service-connected, permanent, and total disability could also be free from taxation.The General Assembly is allowed to pass a law that places conditions or restrictions on this exemption.
A "yes" vote will mean the Constitution of Virginia will be amended to exempt one automobile or pickup truck that is owned and used primarily by or for a veteran of the United States armed forces or the Virginia National Guard who has a one hundred percent (100%)service-connected, permanent, and total disability from state and local taxation.A "no" vote will leave the Constitution of Virginia unchanged and automobiles and pickup trucks owned and used primarily by or for a veteran of the United States armed forces or the Virginia National Guard who has a one hundred percent (100%) service-connected,permanent, and total disability will continue to be subject to state and local taxes.
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2020.09.20 11:17 okaywhatnomaybe Fan-theory on the story of Dirty work. Long ass post.

Okay so Dirty work is one of my favorite albums of all time, definitely my favorite album of ATL. So I was listening to it today and maybe it's the writer in me but I started to really get a connection of the songs. They never said it was a concept album or if the songs were connected but a story came to me all afternoon at the gym. All of this could be me reading way too into the album, or I could be onto something haha. I will be quoting some lyrics but this will get too long if I do it to everything.
  1. Do You Want Me (Dead?): We are introduced to our main character, let's call him Chris for want of a name. He's a bit adventurous; doesn't like sitting at home doing nothing. He wants to go out and have fun. He's dating Emily, she's plain and "normal" and wants to stay at home doing nothing. The song is about him regretting being in such a normal relationship but he's stuck. The lyrics "
Do you want me
Or do you want me dead?"

Means do you want me to be myself and the outgoing person I am or do you want me to be at
home with you all the time, boring and "dead"
"I'm staring down the barrel of a loaded night "
He wants to go out clubbing, drinking, dancing
She knows he wants a more out there person so to "show off" and "be rebellious" she starts being
nasty to random people in an attempt to impress and prove
" You're trigger-happy at harbor side
You're taking shots at the strangers passing
There's no such thing as a perfect crime
Don't play that
You've said it enough
'Cause you want me or you want me dead"

" Dead set on a getaway
I'm dead set on a getaway
I'm dead set on a getaway
I'm dead set on a getaway
I let it ride on a bad bet "
He wants to leave the relationship.
  1. I Feel Like Dancin'
He's at a club by himself
" Shorty said she wants to run away
Says I look like a boy she used to date
Took me by the hand and pulled me to the stairs
Not interested girl"
He meets "Rebecca" at the club and starts chatting. But, while unhappy, he is in a relationship and doesn't want to cheat.
Put her tongue all up in my ear
Almost made me spill my beer
She's up and ready to go but I don't care
'Cause I'm in the zone, turn off my phone
I've got my own agenda
I feel like dancing tonight
I'm gonna party like it's my civil right
(Everybody get kinda awesome)
It doesn't matter where
I don't care if people stare
Because I feel like dancing tonight"
Still rejecting her advances even after she's made a move. Nope he just wants to do his own thing and enjoy dancing in his element. The rest of the song is just about him dancing, getting groped by randoms and having a good time. He's free to do what he wants without the restraints of his relationship with Emily because she is nowhere to be found.

  1. Forget about it
"You, are a handful of roses
Thorns in a cheap bouquet
True, I'm a walkin' disaster
They told you to stay away
Seems like I'm makin' a deal with the devil
Who's whispering softly to me
"Are you sure that she's the one?"
'Cause I feel like a bad joke
Walk the tight rope to hold on to you
Was it real?
Or a love scene, from a bad dream?
I don't think I can forget about it"
Well the not cheating thing didn't happen did it? Chris slept with Rebecca and woke up in her bed. He's wondering if he should continue it because she seems very rebellious, especially compared to Emily.
They told you to stay away" Was her friends at the club telling her to stay away from Chris.
You, are a shining example
Of why I don't sleep at all
T-t-too many sheep on the brain
To make sense of the late night call
Talkin' in circles and chasing the tail
Of a love drunk distant memory
Am I sure that she's the one? "
They date and he can't get her off his mind, finally someone at his level of fun. But he is still dating Emily
Talkin' in circles and chasing the tail
Of a love drunk distant memory"
" You know there are some days
When I really feel like this could work
Like you and I are finally gonna get it right
Then there are days like today
When you make me wanna tear my fucking hair out "
Emily notices he is really happy for once, just the happiest she's ever seen but than out of the blue he snaps and she doesn't know what to do with their relationship
  1. Guts
Shooting for the stars
Desperately reaching
For something in the dark
Pictures of memories
Buried in my heart
Lie awake and dream of
The endless possibilities
Catch my breath and go for it
Take apart
Everything that's
Holding me down
Make a point
To pick a new direction
To make a new connection "
He is contemplating telling Emily it's over and he's trying to talk himself out of it but he is happier with Rebecca and wants to pursue the new thing in his life. He also wants to be honest and just tell her he's seeing someone else
" Is this what it feels like?
Finding out
That I've got the guts
To say anything
Feels like
Breaking out
When I can
Give up my reputation
I can see
Honestly, I've got the guts
To say anything "
More contemplating just being honest and telling her but if word gets out that he's cheating and seeing someone else "Give up my reputation"
I can see
Honestly, I've got the guts
To say anything"
Trying to tell himself that he does have the balls to just do it.
" Bold enough to fall
Flat on my face
But I walk as they crawl
Slowing down
It's just a waste of
Time to let go
Tapping my fingers
To the rhythm of a metronome
Counting opportunities "
Nope, doesn't have the balls to do it in the end. Counting the opportunities to just do it but instead is stringing her along
Take apart
The gravity
That's holding me down
Make a point
To find a resolution
To be my own solution "
Just do it, he's telling himself; only he can do it!
"If I'm gonna go down
Then just let me go
Let me go, down
Let me go, down
Just let me go
Let me go
(Go, go, go, go,
Go, go, go, go)"
Fuck it I'll tell her, I will!
"It feels like
Finding out
That I've got the guts
To say anything
Feels like
Breaking out
When I can
Give up my reputation
I can see
Honestly, I've got the guts
To say anything
I can see
Honestly, I've got the guts
To say anything"
Yep he finally does it! But he doesn't tell her about Rebecca.


"From the get-go, I knew this was hard to hold
Like a crash, the whole thing spun out of control
Oh, on a wire, we were dancing
Two kids, no consequences
Pull the trigger without thinking
There's only one way down this road"
He's finally with Rebecca. He knew that she would be hard work because he is and they're pretty similar in personality. But they're together and he wants this even though it will be chaotic.
"Oh, on a wire, we were dancing"
Could allude to them meeting while dancing.
It was like a time bomb set into motion
We knew that we were destined to explode
And if I had to pull you out of the wreckage
You know I'm never gonna let you go
We're like a time bomb, gonna lose it
Let's diffuse it
Baby, we're like a time bomb, but I need it
Wouldn't have it any other way"
They're both as wild and crazy as each other and they're a time bomb ready to explode with their intensity.

"Well, there's no way out of this, so let's stay in
Every storm that comes also comes to an end
Oh, resistance is useless
Just two kids stupid and fearless
Like a bullet shooting the lovesick
There's only one way down this road"
More about their connection and personalities
  1. just the way i'm not
The entire song is about Emily still not being over Chris and wanting to try again. He agrees but over time he points out the she likes him the way he isn't; that he's staying home with her and not going out but he's retorting that "no i do want to go out, that isn't like me at all" They constantly fight and argue.
  1. Under a paper moon
Chris tells Emily that she's living in a fantasy world about their relationship and it's all just bullshit.

  1. Return the favor.
He's back to randomly fucking Rebecca on the side. "
You're anything but ordinary"
"How do I get away
When you're begging me to stay?"
He wants to get away because he knows that Emily would get suspicous
What do you need me to say?
What do you want me to do?
I've given it all to it you
I wish you would return the favor"
She wants him to stay, she's given it all to him and wants him to return her feelings.
But both women break up with him which leads into

  1. No idea
He's dreaming about Emily and the memories of their relationship. Thats why "But I'm so far away" and "She has no idea that I'm even here" because it's all in his mind and not real.
  1. A daydream away
Thinking about memories of the relationship with Rebecca now.
  1. That girl
He's dating someone new now, Jennifer. She's fucking nuts and really bitchy. He just can't handle the relationship but he has to move on and doesn't want to be single.
  1. Heroes
Emily and Rebecca are singing this about Chris because he wants either of them back after the hell that was Jennifer.
"They're gonna miss me when I'm dead and gone
They're gonna talk about me over and over and over
They're gonna find me under latest nostalgia, happily ever after
But I'm not a hero, I'm a liar
I'm not a savior, I'm a vampire
Sucking the life out of all the friends I've ever known
We're a train wreck, not winners
On a soap box preaching down to the sinners
The saints without a cause, we're not listening, we're not listening
We're not listening, we're not listening"
He sings this part in response

  1. Get down on your knees and tell me you love me

Emily find out that Chris was actually cheating on her with Rebecca during their relationship

  1. My only one
He wants Emily Back

  1. Merry christmas, kiss my ass
Emily's response.

  1. Bad enough for you(bonus track but still part of the story)
Chris has moved on to someone else who wants a "bad boy" but he realises he does want "boring and normal" like he had with Emily, which is why he doesn't " Wanna be bad (I don't wanna be bad)I just wanna be bad enough for you"

Okay. I hope some of this makes sense.
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2020.09.19 18:07 Two_Faced_Harvey MRW I see that Jennifer Anderson is dating again

MRW I see that Jennifer Anderson is dating again submitted by Two_Faced_Harvey to reactiongifs [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 17:58 Jensol2015 Dating

I'm sure that dating as a transgender woman has been discussed to death here and on other forums, but I guess I still am lost with respect to the subject. Little background... Im a MTF in my early fifties in the process of transitioning physically ( hormones 2 years no surgeries yet) and have transitioned socially. I have lived full time for the last year. When I started my transitioned I struggled a bit with my sexuality, not knowing for certain who I was attracted to. After trying to date men I realized it was purely sexual for both me and the man and would probably not lead to a partner. So, I turned my focus to lesbian women... much more difficult to find then men, but I managed to meet one. We dated for a few weeks but I was unsure of myself physically and that pretty much killed it. Last year I began to be interested in trans women but have yet to date one. My thinking is that trans women relate to the insecurities that we ( MTFs) deal with and I might find it easier to be in a relationship. I'm rambling, but I guess I'm looking for others experiences in this area of life.
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2020.09.19 08:15 throwawayRA123423232 I (M19) catfished my friend(M19). How do I fix this?

Some background:
I've been friends with a guy I will call Joseph for 5-6 years now. We have been decently close the whole time, talking every one or two days.
I thought it would be funny for me to pull a prank on him. I thought maybe I'd set him up with a fake girl and make her as unattractive as possible to him, to be the polar opposite of everything he likes. Then reveal it was me all along and we have a good laugh. So went on a face generating AI website and picked a girl around his age, made an Instagram account for her and spent a few days picking up enough followers to make the account look legit.
Then I suggested that maybe he should send a message to "Jenna" (The name of the fake girl) that I met through mutual. After a few days of deciding, he agreed.
So after he sent his first message to Jenna, I immediately noticed that it was it was very deliberate and well thought out. I was a little weirded out because I was hoping he was just going to half ass it and not really care about her so that it would be funnier when I revealed it was me. I responded as Jenna in a way I knew he would hate with a bunch of emoticons and UwU's, but he replied in the same deliberate and thought out well. He kept responding no matter how cringey/weird/gross things I said. At this point I was incredibly confused, as I thought he would stop texting this person that I specifically created for him to hate.
I then thought maybe he was just being friendly with her and didn't want to hurt her fake feelings. I put that to the test by asking if he wanted to meet up sometime this weekend. To my absolute disbelief, he was enthusiastic with a yes. At this point I knew something was severely wrong, the prank was not going to script at all. I needed to find a way to end this conversation as I didn't want him to actually cancel any of his weekend plans to meet up with this fake girl. So I typed what I thought would be the absolute nail in the coffin...
I asked him if he was okay with me (Jennifer) bringing a "Gaming Diaper" on the date this weekend because I "get too focused and loose track of myself" and if he wanted me to bring one for him too because they really turn me on. I thought that HAD to be it, their is no way he is going to go on a date with the type of girl he hates that wears gaming diapers as a fetish.
He laughed it off, saying he didn't need one.
I couldn't understand what was happening at this point. For a little I thought he knew what was up and was pranking me back. I panicked and just typed that I wasn't interested anymore and then logged out of the account.
So later he was texting me about the interaction and I realized something, my friend Joseph is deeply lonely and blames himself for the encounter not going well. I think he didn't turn away this girl because he didn't feel like he could, he needed her attention. I felt extremely bad that I provoked this hurt in him by creating the girl that ghosted him, as he was clearly hurt by her ghosting him later. Honestly it was not how I wanted the interaction to go, I never wanted to hurt him.
So yes, I already know. I am the asshole, I suck and I did a stupid thing. However he is still my friend and I don't want to hurt him any further. Should I tell him that it was me the whole time? I feel like the issue with that is that he never talks about his loneliness, but it is incredibly obvious in the way that he talked to the girl. He clearly didn't want me to have this information about the way he is feeling, yet if I tell him he will know I have it. Or should I just give him a pep talk, tell him that she isn't the one and that their is someone else out their for him and that he should keep his head up because he is a great guy (all which is true) but never tell him the girl was fake and never bring it up again.
I just really don't know what to do from this point, any advice is appreciated.
TLDR: Made a fake girl specifically designed for him to hate, he didn't hate her, revealed problems he has been having and makes me confused as to what I need to do now.
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2020.09.19 00:51 nutellapopcorn Last week I filed/paid off my taxes for the last 4 years! Now I'm applying for my U.S. Citizenship and I don't know how to answer the question "Have you EVER not filed a Federal, State, or local tax return since you became a Permanent Resident?" on the N-400 form. HELP ME NOT BREAK THE LAW PLEASE!!

I'm Canadian and have lived in the states for the past 20 years and I'm FINNALY ready to become a citizen. As the title says, I just filed my taxes for 2016-2019 and paid the ~$200 I owed from 2017.

My problem now is how to answer the question (section 7A) of if I have EVER not filed a tax return. I feel like there are two ways to interpret the question and I don't know which is correct:
A) Answer NO because now that I've filed/paid everything I had been missing, I technically HAVE filed all my tax returns.
B) Answer YES because in the PAST I hadn't filed taxes when they were due and technically being caught up now doesn't negate the fact that I was 4 years behind.
Side-note: the reason I was behind is because of issues receiving an IP PIN that was assigned to me by the IRS and sent to an old address because apparently someone tried to steal my identity in 2015. Don't worry though, nothing bad happened bc I guess it turns out that with the amount of student debt I'm in, my identity is basically worthless. Silver Linings.
While you're here, couple of other questions I have about the form are:
1) What is appropriate to include in section 9A: Have you ever been a member of, involved in, or in any way associated with, any organization, association, fund, foundation, party, club or similar group in the United States or in any other location in the world? --- Would volunteering at something like "Austin Design Week" be important to include?
2) I change my hair to weird colors a lot, should I select my natural hair color or can I just pick unknown/other?
3) When it says to list "Other Names(s) You have Used Since Birth (include nicknames, aliases, and maiden name if applicable)," Would that include a shortened version of my first name (e.g. Jenn instead of Jennifer) or does that not really matter?
4) What do I do if I don't remember the EXACT dates of past residences and/or employment? Also there were a couple of months were I had to bounce around to various hotels and airbnbs because of housing issues caused by an injury. Do I need to include ALL those places or just where I was on a lease?
tldr: Government forms are confusing and I'm paranoid I'm going to accidentally break the law by answering a question wrong.
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2020.09.19 00:18 lonestarroad All these people need to be questioned, recruiters indicted, and those who knew charged

Les Wexner (Epstein's source of money)
Nicholas Davies (Robert Maxwell's Editor)
Ehud Barak(Former PM Israel)
Jean Luc Brenel (recruiter from France to Epstein and co owned Mc2 Modeling Agency)
Sergio Cordero (recruited prostitute/models from S. America and cocaine for Jean Luc)
Robert Meister (Introduced Epstein to Wexner)
Sara Junkerman (flew alone with JE to meet with US senators at Wexner's Foxcote estate in UK))
Celina Dubin (Original beneficiary of Epstein Trust)
Adam Koffler and Lisa Ann Heiden (share 2 addresses with GM)
Bella Klein (Accountant HBRK)
Michael Milken (Epstein assoc)
Shelly Lewis (Epstein girlfriend)
Sean Koo AKA Min Koo (Pilot)
Nadia Marcinko (recruiter and pilot)
Michelle Lynn Tatum and Sharon Healy (Shares 3 addresses w/Epstein)
Paula Heil Fisher (Epstein ex girlfriend)
Babi Christina Engelhardt (Epstein hired)
Lauren Kwitner (Legal Assist)
Karyna Shuliak (last GF)
Jennifer Kalin (JE forced her to marry Shuliak)
Mr Gita (real name Joseph Alvarez - Yoga guy friend of GM and recruiter)
Haley Robson (Recruiter)
Emmy Taylor (recruiter)
David Mullen (chef)
Florena Amored Rueda (worked for GM/Epstein)
Dana Lee Burns Perry (GM's right hand)
Sarah Lynelle Vickers AKA Sarah Kellen AKA Sara Bonk AKA Sara Kennsington (Recruiter)
Cimberly Ann Espinoza (RECRUITER)
Janusz J Banasiak(Property Manager)
Larry Vicoski (PILOT)
Larry E Morrison (PILOT)
Maren O and Lance Calloway(General Mgr and Chef of Island)
Lucianna Fontenella (71st. House Manager)
Oains Carla Oaida (Shows El Brillo address in FL)
David Richard Mullen (Chef)
Brent Timothy Tindall (Chef)
Deidre Stratton (HousekeepeRecruiter)
Mark C Tafoya(Chef)
Igor Zinoviev (Epstein bodyguard)
Juan Alessi (Houseman/GM driver)
Zenny (chef)
Adriana Ross, Leslie Groff (recruiters)
Babi Christina Englehardt (assistant?)
Ace Greenberg and James Cayne (hired him at Bear Stearns)
Steve Hoffenberg (business assoc)
Linda Wachner and David Rockefeller (supposed early clients)
Michael Stroll (Investor)
Bob Fitrakis (assisted with WexneEpstein finances)
Paula Heil Fisher (Previously dated Epstein)
Amanda Ellison (Co. secretary for Ghislaine Corp)
Cathy and Miles Alexander (Housekeepers)
Ivana Trump (in car w/GM when recruiting girls)
Donald and Melania Trump (Associate)
Bill Clinton (Associate)
Daniel Zwirn (Assoc. of JE/Dubin)
Janice Ahern (on Zorro inc docs)
Maritza Vasquez (bookkeeper for mC2)
Haley Robson (recruiter)
Mort Zuckerman (Owned Radar magazine w/JE)
David Grosot (consultant)
Jonathan Farkas (Business partner of JE in VI)
Roger Schank (possibly blackmailed by JE)
Erika Kellerhals (company secretary/treasurer)
Susan Hamblin (recruiter)
Svetlana Lana Pozhidaeva (recruiter)
R. Couri Hay (Epstein hired as publicist)
John and Jody Arnold (COUQ Foundation?)
Christina Galbraith (employee)
Cecile de Jongh (director)
Peter Mandleson (assoc)
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2020.09.18 23:53 PenelopeShoots Celebrities interested in BN contestants

Someone mentioned Wells on another post today, so I googled him and found out he met Sarah Hyland after she said she thought he was cute on Twitter, prompting him to slide into her DMs. It made me start thinking about other times this happened, and I'm sure I missed a bunch.
Jennifer Love Hewitt said she thought Ben F was cute on twitter and they went on a date.
Apparently Lucy Hale (friends with Sarah Hyland) expressed her attraction to Colton, prompting that one second "relationship".
Gigi Hadid followed Tyler C, he followed back, and they started chatting and meeting up.
Justin Bieber slid into Danielle L's DMs and they hung out once.
January Jones and Nick Viall went out for a bit.
Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson for a bit.
I know there are contestants who dated or hooked up with celebrities before going on the show, but I'm going to skip those because 1. I think that is what got them on the show (they likely disclosed it in their questionnaires, and 2. I'm more interested in those who got together later because the show put them in front of interested celebrities (ie it's BECAUSE they were on the show).
I know the men of Hollywood are almost all players, so I'm thinking these women think BN guys would be more grateful to get a celebrity so less likely to cheat than a Hollywood partner, and they sort of feel like they have an idea about them after watching them on TV.
Who am I missing?
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2020.09.18 18:41 disturbed1117 I want to talk to my ex girlfriend again

So here's how it is, back in 2016 I was dating this woman who is 8 years older than I am. And I was working with another woman who was my age and one thing led to another and I cheated on my girlfriend with this woman I was working with. The woman I was working with who will go by the name of Susan we were seeing each other every weekend and having sex at smoking pot until around January when she found somebody who she really wanted to settle down with. Since then I have been hopelessly grasping at straws in the dating world I've gotten a couple one night stands and that's about it. The last time I had any form of stability in my love life is when I was dating the older woman, Jennifer. I am craving stability in my life again but since we broke up I have talked to her and then stopped talking to her two or three times now and I don't know if I could do that to her again I'm not certain that it will be any different than the other previous times that I've talked to her. But I do miss her and I am sorely tempted to message her and try again but I'm not sure if I should do that to her. now I don't expect anybody to read all of this it's just feels Good to get it off my chest I don't know.
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2020.09.18 08:42 BarneyBuckley History of Gamera

History of Gamera

In this particular article I will be explaining the origins of Gamera as well as how he came to be. I will be talking about the company that first created Gamera and how it was sold to other companies all the way up to what is happening today.
Gamera is a gigantic flying Terrapin that was created by Daiei Motion Picture Company and now is owned by Kadokawa Pictures and Publishing Company. Gamera first made it on the screen in 1965 and was created simply because of the success of his counterpart and more popular monster they call Godzilla who has been on the screen a little bit low living Gamera. Godzilla started out in 1954. It was the 1960s when the “Monster Boom gained its popularity in Japan as both of these monsters are Japanese icons.
During the 1970s Gamera did attain some prominence on what is called UHF television stations that would feature these movies every Saturday morning as a Saturday matinee type movie. Gamera is a gigantic turtle that door in the Showa Series he stood at 60 m tall and door and the Heisei series he was 80 m tall. To describe Gamera even more Gamera possesses a pronounced sagittal crest on the top of his head and his mouth was filled with gigantic tea with two gigantic fangs protruding from his lower jaw or tusks.
Gamera in the Showa Series was a titanic, firebreathing, prehistoric species of tortoise or Terrapin. Gamera fed off of the petroleum-based materials that were on the planet at that time as he consumed it in order to breathe fire and fire at the Jets that would attack him. It is also known that Gamera has the capabilities of flying were Godzilla does not. By consuming the petroleum he is capable of extracting his legs in and they would ignite with flames coming out of all four legs as he propels himself spinning into the air.
Now we will talk about the original classic 1965 movie it begins showing bombers from the USSR or Russia as they are being intercepted by American fighters over the United States airspace in the Arctic. As we all know this sets off cataclysmic explosions that release Gamera from the ice and he goes on a rampage and at the end of the movie he is lured into this bay where the top of the bay is closed up it is a rocket and he is sent off into space.
Gamera has become a legacy as the Daiei Company who owned Gamera went on to create a lot of movies for the Showa Series. The next one after the original classic would be Gamera vs. Barugon which came out in 1966 and then Gamera vs. Gyaos in 1967, Gamera vs. Virus 1968, and Gamera vs. Guiron 1969, Gamera vs. Jiger 1970, Gamera vs. Zigra 1971, and finally the super cheesiest of all Gamera movies it is called “Gamera: Super Monster” which came out in 1980.
For me the movies were really good until after Gamera vs. Gyaos 1967 and then they got silly and super child friendly until Heisei Series. However that would all change for the company that created Gamera The Daiei Motion Picture Company would go bankrupt. This particular company was a product of government efforts to reorganize the film industry during World War II in order to rationalize its resources and increase control over the medium. It was then that the government plan to combine all the film studios into two companies, Masaichi Nagata, an executive at Shinkō Kinema, pressed hard for an alternative plan to create three studios. His efforts won out and Shinkō Kinema, Daito Eiga, and the production arm of Nikkatsu (the Nikkatsu theaters did not take part in the merger) were merged in 1942 to form the Dai Nippon Eiga Seisaku Kabushiki Kaisha, or Daiei for short. The novelist Kan Kikuchi served as the first president, with Nagata continuing as an executive. Daiei's studios were located in Chofu, Tokyo and in Uzumasa in Kyoto.
Nagata became president in 1947 and, apart from a brief period when he was purged by Occupation authorities, remained in that position until 1971. Under his reign, Daiei produced Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon (1950) and entered it in the Venice Film Festival, where it won the grand prize and became the first Japanese film to win an international award, thus introducing Japanese cinema to the world. Daiei also produced Teinosuke Kinugasa's Gate of Hell (1953), the first Japanese color film to be shown abroad, earning both an honorary Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Daiei also produced such renowned films as Mizoguchi's Ugetsu (1953) and Sansho the Bailiff (1954), as well as Jokyo (which was entered into the 10th Berlin International Film Festival). On the popular front, Daiei was also known for such successful film series as the Zatoichi films starring Shintaro Katsu, the Sleepy Eyes of Death series featuring Raizō Ichikawa, the Gamera movies, and the Daimajin Trilogy. Daiei also produced many television series such as Shōnen Jet.
In its heyday, Daiei featured such talent as the actors Raizō Ichikawa, Shintaro Katsu, Kazuo Hasegawa, Fujiko Yamamoto, Machiko Kyō, and Ayako Wakao; the directors Kenji Mizoguchi, Kon Ichikawa, Yasuzo Masumura, and Kenji Misumi; and the cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa.
Like some other film studios, Daiei had its own professional baseball team in the 1950s, the Daiei Stars, which later became the Daiei Unions. These teams eventually became the Chiba Lotte Marines.
Now let us talk about the bankruptcy of the Daiei Motion Picture Company it was back in 1971 when they tried to stay alive I teaming up with Nikkatsu and another motion picture company however with the combination of both motion picture companies it was just not enough. Because in 1971 they would declare bankruptcy and it would be the members of the union who however succeeded in getting Yasuyoshi Tokuma, the president of the publishing house, Tokuma Shoten, to revive the company in 1974.
This particular version of the Daiei motion picture company would go on to be making only a small number of films, some of which were big budget spectaculars like the international coproduction “The Go Masters” which came out in 1982 and the ever popular and ever loving “Shall We Dance?” Which came out in 1996 and later in the United States this movie would be re-created using Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon and a very popular cast. This movie turned out to be a very good movie both versions of this movie are very good in their own way. After all the films were produced it would soon be after the passing Yasuyoshi Tokuma, Daiei Film Co. He died on September 20, 2000 in Tokyo, Japan and the company was sold to the Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.
In November 2002, Chairman Maihiko Kadokawa announced that Daiei Film Co. would merge with the company’s own film division, Kadokawa Pictures to form Kadokawa-Daiei Film Co. Ltd. it was during the time that when Yasuyoshi Tokuma, owned the Daiei company he would go on to create the three movie set of the Heisei Series Gamera movies as they are respectively titled “Gamera: Guardian of the Universe” (1995), “Gamera vs. Legion” (1996), and the last movie to speak of is “Gamera vs. Iris” (1999) and these particular movies were directed by Shesuke Kaneko who also directed the Godzilla film “GMK” which came out in 2001 for the Toho company. It is these three movies that puts Gamera back in the game with special effects as well as storyline and acting that surpasses any Godzilla film out there. It was these three movies that were critically acclaimed by the Japanese people.
In November 2002 when the company was purchased by Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co. they would create another Gamera movie however they would go back to the Showa Series and this particular movie is very kid friendly and altered in a way that it upset a lot of Gamera fans. This movie even though it was child friendly the Gamera in this movie did not look like any Gamera most people recognize. The worst part about it is that this Gamera did not have a signature roar. Another key note is they change the origins of Gamera as he is capable of exploding which to me did not make any sense however he has to consume a red rock in order to go through changes to become the Gamera that we all know he can be he cannot do this without that red rock. They tentatively name this new Gamera “Toto” he does in fact fight a monster they call “Zedus” this is a gigantic lizard like monster with a big long purple top. To me this monster is not really a worthy competitor to what Gamera has fallen in the past. However it is very accommodating that he fights a tiny Gamera which in this case he does. This movie failed in a lot of ways as it is coming from the triple threat they gave Gamera a dark and eerie presence to a child friendly presence. This particular point is what most fans did not care about the movie.
Here is some more interesting facts about Gamera and the company that created him. In 1966 the movie that was released in America as Gamera the invincible is the original 1965 classic that was directed by Noriaki Yuasa and this story was written by Nisan Takahashi it quickly became a favorite to the children who love watching Gamera fight monsters. Like I mentioned above there was a total of seven films that was produced from 1965 to 1971 and the eighth entry was slated for a 1972 release this is where the loss projects come into play and this is a movie that never came to be and this is because the company was in the bankruptcy stage before being picked back up in 1974 they had to scrap this movie because of it. The movie was called “Gamera vs. Garasharp” which would have come out in 1972 but was forced to cease production because of the bankruptcy. This particular movie would have been about Gamera fighting a snake like creature that had the hood of a cobra and the snake body with antennas on its head.
As I mentioned before the company would go on to produce the Heisei Series of Gamera movies but for all that they wanted to produce another movie that would actually come out in 1980 it was called “Gamera: Super Monster” the filmmakers at this time were forced to make this film simply because of the contracts for one more Gamera film that was owed to the original Daiei company. It was an unfortunate event that when creating this film it was mostly stock footage with new scenes of a brand-new Gamera flying. It was when the production of the film began that Yuasa saw how poorly Tokuma was handling things and knew that Gamera could have never come back from the film. So he had Takahashi rewrite the ending to where Gamera was killed at the end.
Last but not least let us talk about some upcoming and future films for Gamera fans. It was noted in that on March 2014 “Anime News Network reported that a new Gamera production is planned, with no date specified however it is planned to be released sometime in 2015. Some rumors and speculations have risen on the Internet and here are some in my humble opinion something that do not like to hear.
It is said they will change Gamera’s form now what that means is they might completely alter the look of Gamera and honestly I am not sure that is a smart thing unless they change his looks to the point that you still recognize him like they do with the Godzilla suits.
Another thing they are going to change is his origins and they did that in the last movie called “Gamera Little Brave” which came out in 2006 and that in my opinion was not a good thing for the way they portrayed Gamera in this movie it would have been okay for kids but I did not personally care for the way they handled it. Assuming they are going to change the origin in this movie I hope it has something interesting to which will not be a bad thing I think the worst thing that gets to me is a going to change the looks of Gamera I am not sure how to handle that, but we will have to wait and see.
The last keynote that I want to mention is I have heard rumors and speculations that Kadokawa Pictures are thinking about removing Gamera and the fact that he flies and I hope this is just a rumor because honestly in my opinion this would be the most stupid thing they have ever done. Keep in mind it is the 50th anniversary movie for Gamera so for them to create a film they need to completely alter the entire franchise of Gamera give us a completely different Gamera that we could be pleased with, and again we will have to wait and see how they do this!
Now this particular article is based on some trivial facts and understanding of what Gamera is and how he was created and what companies owned him and what the companies went through all the way up to today with also updates on the new Gamera movie for his 50th anniversary and I am hoping they will do this well. I hope you enjoy this article!
The End
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2020.09.17 21:00 portlane William Gates (Nov. 30, 1925 - Sept. 14, 2020)

William Henry Gates II
Nov. 30, 1925 - Sept. 14, 2020
The Gates family mourns the passing of William H. Gates II, known to many as Bill Sr., who died peacefully at his beach home on Hood Canal Sept. 14, 2020 of Alzheimer's disease. In his 94 years, Bill created a towering legacy as a lawyer, philanthropist, and activist. To his family, he was a beloved husband, father, and grandfather who was an example of what it means to be a model citizen and a profoundly decent man. To many in the community, he was an inspiring role model, trusted advisor, and loyal friend. His sincerity, humor, approachability, and thoughtfulness won him legions of admirers and made him highly effective in his work and his civic and philanthropic endeavors.
Bill was born Nov. 30, 1925 and grew up in the Navy town of Bremerton. His father owned a furniture store and neither of his parents went to high school. Bill went to Bremerton High School and was active in Boy Scouts, where his troop spent three summers building a log cabin from the ground up, and he learned his first lesson about the power of people working toward a common goal.
He completed one year at the University of Washington before reporting for duty in the U.S. Army. He completed officer candidate school and was en route to Japan when it surrendered. He spent a year in war-torn Tokyo, which provided him with one of his first opportunities to consider our shared humanity and its ability to unite people regardless of their backgrounds.
Gates returned to the U.S. to earn an undergraduate degree in 1949 and a law degree the next year. During that time, he gained a lifelong passion for the Husky Nation and met his first wife, Mary Maxwell. Bill and Mary raised two daughters and a son and developed a shared sense of civic duty. Volunteering and philanthropy were nightly topics of conversation around the Gates family dinner table.
Bill and Mary found great joy in nurturing friendships. They were prolific entertainers, and guests could count on meaningful conversation and friendly competition. They and eight other families spent more than 10 summers on Hood Canal at Cheerio resort, where Bill was fondly known as "the mayor." For several years, they held a holiday skating party where Bill, at 6'7", could be found wearing a Santa suit on roller skates. Their bridge club met for nearly 60 years.
Bill began his legal career working in private practice and serving part-time as City Attorney for Bremerton. He joined a Seattle law firm, and after 12 years, formed a new firm with two partners. As managing partner, Gates helped grow the firm and today it is known as K&L Gates, one of the world's largest law firms. His firm was involved early in the region's tech industry, and that involvement expanded over time. Gates retired from the firm, then known as Preston Gates & Ellis, in 1998 after 48 years in practice.
Bill believed in the power of the law to help people and make change for the better. His colleagues admired his integrity, trusted his intelligence, and sought his advice. He engaged in the law's professional associations, including serving as president of the local and state bar associations, holding leadership positions with the American Bar Association, participating in several court commissions, and other posts. Through these associations, he helped create law school scholarships for people of color and an approach to delivering legal services to the poor.
In addition to being one of Seattle's most respected lawyers, Bill became one of the city's most revered civic leaders. He served as an engaged trustee of numerous organizations, including the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the King County Chamber of Commerce, Planned Parenthood, and United Way of King County. He founded the Technology Alliance and helped boost technology employment in Washington. He chaired the Seattle Public Schools Levy and was a visible advocate for progressive taxation, including initiating a state income tax on the very wealthy, and maintaining an estate tax—reflections of his deep commitment to social and economic equity.
In Showing Up for Life, Bill wrote that "one way to sum up a lifetime quickly is to think of the right words to put on your tombstone." He thought his should read: "He Married Well." Despite the intense sorrow of losing Mary to cancer in 1994, he never took for granted how lucky he was to have nearly five decades with her. And then, after Mary passed, he was astonished to find that he could love fully again, when he met and married Mimi Gardner in 1996. Bill and Mimi spent more than 24 years traveling the world, learning, laughing, enjoying life, and simply being together. Mimi and Bill spent his final months at Hood Canal where they could enjoy beautiful views and time outside.
Bill also had a profound impact on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the people the foundation serves. He, more than anyone else, shaped the values of the foundation. He started the foundation's work in global health, created the Gates Cambridge Scholars Trust (2000), and guided the foundation's major investments in human services, education, and culture in the Pacific Northwest. He was quick to tear up when he saw suffering in the world and never let anyone forget the human beings behind the foundation's strategies. He saw the best in everyone, made everyone feel special, and upheld the foundation motto "All Lives Have Equal Value" in every way possible.
During his lifetime, Bill received innumerable awards including YMCA's A.K. Guy Award, the Seattle King County REALTORS First Citizen Award, the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, and the American Bar Association Medal. The University of Washington selected him UW's Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus in recognition of his service to and insatiable love for the University. He served as UW Regent for 15 years and directed Campaign UW, which raised $2.7 billion through 293,000 donors. A UW Regent resolution saluted Bill as "patriarch of the first family of the University." Even in the later stages of Alzheimer's, Bill could sing the lyrics to "Bow Down to Washington."
In his characteristically humble way, Bill never saw his actions as anything special—simply the right thing to do—though the community is filled with people and organizations who were changed for the better because of his involvement.
The family would like to thank the tremendously loving and caring people, affectionately named "Team Bill," who cared for him in the last years of his life. The quality of his life was greatly enhanced by their presence and consistent provision of hot (very hot) coffee, chocolate brownies, and bowl after bowl of chocolate ice cream.
In addition to Mimi, Bill is survived by his children, Kristianne "Kristi" Blake, William "Bill" H. Gates III and Elizabeth "Libby" MacPhee; their spouses, John Blake, Melinda French Gates, and Nicholas MacPhee; and his grandchildren, Kerry and Sully Blake, Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe Gates, and Emmy, Steve and Mary Armintrout. The family will carry on the traditions that have left a lasting imprint, including matching pajamas at Christmas, time on Hood Canal, and competition and games. His grandchildren will cherish memories of their individual "10-year-old trips" with Poppy and Mimi.
His son, Bill Gates III, once wrote: "The next time someone asks you if you're the real Bill Gates, tell them you're all the things the other one strives to be."
Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the Gates family will hold a memorial service at a later date. To honor Bill's lifetime of service and generosity, donations may be made to Landesa Rural Development Institute, University of Washington – Achievement Scholars Endowed Fund, the YWCA Seattle-King-Snohomish, or to a charity of your choice.
Please sign the online guest book at
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2020.09.17 17:39 templederr Jennifer Lawrence stands out in pinstripe trousers on dinner date with husband Cooke Maroney

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2020.09.16 09:19 Rynalds I watched " our movie "

A few months ago I met this boy who was my friend at first, everything was going well, I asked him to see Hustlers (that movie with Jennifer Lopez) he was excited and accepted, a few days later I realized that he actually liked me at the time, and as the stupid that I am I told him that I liked him, he actually got scared unfriended me almost( scared of what his friends would say if him was dating me ), disappeared of SMS, and when he left school he didn't said goodbye to me ( I texted him saying goodbye ) a time passed and I completely wiped him out of my mind when he reappears like nothing happened, in this day every time that I was randomly looking at my friend's he was watching me ( all my friends noticed ), and actually we started to have a relation again, when Corona happened and he disappeared again, I took courage and watched the movie today, and now I feel like a piece of shit, IDK why but I fell like some part of me was still waiting for him to watch it :(
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2020.09.15 17:33 thinkards Volunteer, Donate, and Protect the Results

Volunteer, Donate, and Protect the Results
Stay Informed
Protect the results
We cannot be caught like deer in the headlights to any oppressive action taken by Trump during and after the election. We must mobilize before-hand and prepare ourselves for sustained protests and pressuring moneyed interests to stand with The People, potentially through January 2021. Ask your family, your friends, and your community organizers if they are prepared.
Contact your reps
Spread this message
The original is here with the latest updates.
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2020.09.15 08:26 Leather_Term Ghislaine Maxwell sued by Jeffrey Epstein accuser over trafficking allegations September 14, 2020
Jeffrey Epstein accuser Jennifer Araoz sued Ghislaine Maxwell on Monday for helping the dead pedophile recruit her as a sex slave at the age of 14.
The lawsuit filed in a Manhattan Supreme court, under the Child Victims Act, alleges that Maxwell used Epstein’s wealth and power as a method to recruit her and other female victims.
“Ms. Maxwell fulfilled Epstein’s compulsive need for sex with young females by preying on their personal, psychological, financial, and related vulnerabilities,” states Araoz in the court papers.
The 32-year-old alleges that Maxwell provided “organizational support to Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, identifying and hiring the recruiters of underage girls for Epstein’s sexual pleasure.”
Maxwell also scheduled “massage” appointments for Epstein with the girls.
As a result of Maxwell conspiring with Epstein, Araoz claims she has suffered from: “physical injury, pain, emotional distress, psychological trauma, mental anguish, humiliation, embarrassment, loss of self-esteem, loss of dignity, invasion of her privacy and a loss of her capacity to enjoy life.”
Araoz had been the first person to sue Epstein’s estate under New York’s Child Victims Act, in July 2019 –which was eventually tossed out after he died.
In August 2019, she sued Epstein’s estate, Maxwell, and three unnamed female household staff members. The lawsuit is still active.
“I am once again able to take another breath as Ghislaine Maxwell will be in jail until at least her trial date next July,” Aroaz said after she was denied bail.
“Knowing that she is incarcerated for the foreseeable future allows me, and my fellow survivors, to have faith that we are on the right path.”
Lawyers for Araoz did not immediately return requests for comment.
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2020.09.15 07:39 Vyyvv Still feel the same way...

[BF2] Hey, DICE/EA: A thought from a long time series fan.
Knock it off.
As a long time fan (it's been about 15 years!) you’ve officially lost me. I can’t believe you’ve done this. After playing every single iteration you’ve fielded since BF2 on consoles and PC alike, I’m just disappointed. It feels like the girl you dated for years in your early twenties and always somehow knew it just wasn’t gonna work out. I even remember working at that big electronic chain store, in anticipation of playing 2142 and had the silly little 512mb flash drive dog tag. High school was lit. I kept that shit on my key chain. I knelt at that altar.
Why have you done what you’ve done? I haven’t and won’t even touch five.
Maybe I’m a minority here but you’ve lost me and I can’t follow you down this road anymore. You ditched the vet program. Fine. Introduced micro trannies. Fine. You completely left the modern battlefield... okay. I’m trying to be with you... I’m trying, Jennifer. But you’re stuck in a rut, babe.
What are you now? Have you looked in the mirror? I won't even bring up Battlefront. I know we've both been through a lot and that's a sensitive topic. It probably won't make either of us happy. Yet, I remember when Frostbite almost made me shit my pants. You did that to me. The times were real. The fucking chance to collapse buildings on someone?! Amazing. C4 a quad into a tank?! Fuck yeah, homie. But your appeal has worn, your edges have dulled and I feel like you’re just giving me the same old repackaged Banquet meal every couple of years. Where did you go love? When did you stop loving yourself? And I'm still fucking hungry. I even did the dishes and sat through One.
I won't give you my opinion on every release. You didn't ask. You didn't care to know. You've become selfish and in doing so, you've hurt me. I want to forgive you, but I don't know how you'll rebuild the bridges you've burned. Wherefore art thou, Dice? Why have you done not only myself but the rest of us series veterans as such?
As an anonymous fan, I hope you both find and remember how to love yourself. Because how can you love anyone else if you can’t do that?
Long time lover and friend... So long and thanks for all the dog tags.
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2020.09.15 07:33 Vyyvv I still feel the same...

[BF2] Hey, DICE/EA: A thought from a long time series fan.
Knock it off.
As a long time fan (it's been about 15 years!) you’ve officially lost me. I can’t believe you’ve done this. After playing every single iteration you’ve fielded since BF2 on consoles and PC alike, I’m just disappointed. It feels like the girl you dated for years in your early twenties and always somehow knew it just wasn’t gonna work out. I even remember working at that big electronic chain store, in anticipation of playing 2142 and had the silly little 512mb flash drive dog tag. High school was lit. I kept that shit on my key chain. I knelt at that altar.
Why have you done what you’ve done? I haven’t and won’t even touch five.
Maybe I’m a minority here but you’ve lost me and I can’t follow you down this road anymore. You ditched the vet program. Fine. Introduced micro trannies. Fine. You completely left the modern battlefield... okay. I’m trying to be with you... I’m trying, Jennifer. But you’re stuck in a rut, babe.
What are you now? Have you looked in the mirror? I won't even bring up Battlefront. I know we've both been through a lot and that's a sensitive topic. It probably won't make either of us happy. Yet, I remember when Frostbite almost made me shit my pants. You did that to me. The times were real. The fucking chance to collapse buildings on someone?! Amazing. C4 a quad into a tank?! Fuck yeah, homie. But your appeal has worn, your edges have dulled and I feel like you’re just giving me the same old repackaged Banquet meal every couple of years. Where did you go love? When did you stop loving yourself? And I'm still fucking hungry. I even did the dishes and sat through One.
I won't give you my opinion on every release. You didn't ask. You didn't care to know. You've become selfish and in doing so, you've hurt me. I want to forgive you, but I don't know how you'll rebuild the bridges you've burned. Wherefore art thou, Dice? Why have you done not only myself but the rest of us series veterans as such?
As an anonymous fan, I hope you both find and remember how to love yourself. Because how can you love anyone else if you can’t do that?
Long time lover and friend... So long and thanks for all the dog tags.
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2020.09.14 13:30 iamsajjadahmad Emirates Gets #BackInTheGame at the 2020 U.S. Open ?

Emirates Gets #BackInTheGame at the 2020 U.S. Open ?

Credit: Jennifer Pottheiser
Emirates Airline is #BackIntheGame just in time for the 2020 U.S. Open. As the Official Airline of the 2020 U.S. Open Tennis Championships, Emirates returns to the Grand Slam® tennis tournament for the ninth year in a row.
This year, Emirates Airline offers online experiences to connect fans to the game as opposed to traditional in person activations at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens. This year, this partnership with the U.S. Open represents a turning point toward the skies, and renewed vigor for the promise to #FlyBetter.
Emirates Airline at the 2020 U.S. Open Tennis Championships
“We are #BackInTheGame [at the U.S. Open] and committed to offering our U.S. customers the best experience both in flight and from wherever they will be watching the tournament,” said Andrew Bunn, VP Sales, North America.
Emirates will stand out at the U.S. Open through a variety of activities including:
  • ‘Emirates Serves for Good’: After each match in Arthur Ashe Stadium, the winning player will hit three balls at Emirates branded targets located in the upper tier sections of the stands.
Each time a player hits the target, a donation of $1,000 will be made to the USTA Foundation, the charitable arm of the USTA, “Rally to Rebuild” program.
The donation will support the National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) network.
  • ‘U.S. Open Winner’s Walk’ presented by Emirates: Emirates gives audiences the exclusive chance to watch match winners talk about their experiences immediately after each match. This will be shared on the U.S. Open Twitter channel, including the hashtags, #EmiratesFlyBetter and #BackIntheGame
  • ‘U.S. Open Play of the Day’ presented by Emirates: Exclusive video content presenting the ‘Play of the Day’ are be shared on the U.S. Open’s Facebook page. Follow #EmiratesFlyBetter and #BackIntheGame
Reflecting Back to the Emirates Suite Experience
The Emirates Suite at Arthur Ashe Stadium in 2019. Images courtesy of Emirates Airline
The Emirates Suite at the U.S. Open
The exclusive VIP Emirates Suite at the U.S. Open offers premier views of the courts as well the utmost level of privacy and exclusivity. The air-conditioned Suite boasts the same highly sought after hospitality and luxurious detail as one would receive on a Business or First Class flight on Emirates Airline.
Guests of the invite-only suite were offered cold towels, sunscreen, and the signature red Emirates baseball caps.
In 2019, for example, the buffet at the Suite included salad, fresh fruit, pasta salad, crab cakes, steak, chicken, and a full sushi and sashimi bar.
The Emirates Suite at Arthur Ashe Stadium (was) also the only space to have a private sushi chef throughout the entire US Open.
Arthur Ashe Kids Day
We also remember Arthur Ashe Kids Day. Families would get to watch and take part in the festivities in the Emirates Suite. Arthur Ashe Kids Day usually takes place right before the start of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships.
Lunch included salads, pasta, hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, fish, chicken, and steak. For dessert, children were able to create their own sundaes, and there was a full candy bar, as well as cookies, brownies, macarons, cake, and tarts.
Guests had the opportunity to sit inside at one of the booths or high-top tables, or outside in the stadium seats while listening to the music and performances on the court. Many of the performers were Radio Disney stars and up-and-coming signers and actors.
Emirates Airline Returns to the Skies
The airline is committed to keeping passengers safe and protected at every step of the journey as borders continue to open.
To date, Emirates has resumed service from:
  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)
  • New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
  • Washington D.C.’s Dulles International Airport (IAD)
Assurance for Travel Safety
Dubai is now open for travel. New air travel protocols are in place that safeguard the health and safety of everyone.
All airline passengers also receive complimentary hygiene kits containing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial wipes.
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