Arm candy dating

ARM CANDY DATING SERVICES INC has been set up 8/26/2011 in state FL. The current status of the business is Inactive. The ARM CANDY DATING SERVICES INC principal address is 1835 NE MIAMI GARDENS DRIVE, 148, MIAMI, FL, 33179. Meanwhile you can send your letters to 1835 NE MIAMI GARDENS DRIVE, 148, MIAMI, FL, 33179. A remarkably attractive person of either gender accompanying you or some other lucky person. See also trophy. Getting Started With Latin Dating Men from countries across the globe would like to find a hot Latina to settle down with. Getting started with Latin dating can be very hard for many men. The majority of men who dream of finding a Latin girl for dating and marriage have no idea how to get […] Professional dating ahead Davis does this kind of sex service thing that so hot. Davis is some millionaire of rich wizard! While the smut was obviously fantastic and incredibly hot, it also had an air of believability. I swear! So like I said, Arm Candy is book candy but in its best form. Arm Candy Dating Services Inc is a Florida Domestic Profit Corporation filed on August 26, 2011. The company's filing status is listed as Inactive and its File Number is P11000076121. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Uboh Ubong and is located at 1700 Ne 146th Street, Miami, FL 33181. Previously known simply as being arm candy, singles today refer to dating someone just for their physical features, even when you can’t stand their personality, as “White Clawing.” Arm Candy By Gina. Due to COVID, there are delays with USPS shipping. ACBG is committed to our processing times and will continue to ship all items on time. Contact your local USPS office if you experience delays. ArmCandyByGinaCo Shop About Events Gallery Cart (0 ... Arm Candy and Our Ego . If we realize that our hot girlfriend is oftentimes a reflection of what we think OTHER people want and like then we can start to unravel the soul crushing emptiness that often comes along with dating a girl just for her looks. Don’t get me wrong, as I said before you still need to go after the girls you desire physically. The answer from both my brother- and father-in-law was interesting, and basically the same: depends on whether you’re the arm or the candy. The gist was this: Men who marry younger women seek to reclaim youth and evade death; want status among their peers and the occasional ego boost; might believe a younger woman to be, automatically, more ... Arm Candy Dating LLC is a Florida Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on July 2, 2012. The company's filing status is listed as Inactive and its File Number is L12000086759. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Uboh Ubong and is located at 1700 Ne 146th Street, Miami, FL 33181.

Value of women over HB7

2020.09.24 21:45 KidBrody77 Value of women over HB7

My questions is simple......what is the value of women who are 8's, 9s, and 10's?
Sounds like a stupid question on the surface, but think about it, what is the value TO YOU? I am not going to lie and say I've banged tons of 8's, 9's, and 10's. I haven't. However, the handful I have dated and had sex with all shared the same characteristics....
  1. Bad in bed. Because they're never had to work to get a man they never had to develop the #1 tool women have for getting and keeping a man - their sexuality. There's a reason fat chicks give the best blowjobs and will do it without even expecting anything in return. Obviously I'm not advocating hooking up with fat chicks I'm just making a point. For most girls who are 9's and 10's simply lying there naked and allowing a man to fuck them is more than enough for her to be able to have him do anything she wants him to do for her.
  2. Entitlement. In the world of dating apps and social media, it is literally impossible for a female to be an 8, 9, or 10 and not be an entitled cunt with an over-inflated sense of self-worth. These women have no respect for men and why would they? They've had literally thousands of thirsty simps and beta orbiters around them since they were 14 continually feeding their ego and kissing their ass. Granted, that doesn't mean she's incapable of respecting a true alpha should you enter her world but the shit tests will be never-ending due to the sheer volume of betas in her life experience and her need to confirm you're not one. The nonstop shit tests with a HB9 are fucking exhausting.
  3. Low intelligence. Stereotypes exist for a reason. There's a reason swimsuit models are swimsuit models and not scientists. I am an intelligent person. Even if it's just an FWB, I need a female that can hold a conversation about something other than Instagram and Tik Tok.
About the only value TO YOU that I can see in dating a woman over HB7 is arm candy - which is just another way of saying social proof. Parading around with a 8, 9, or 10 is going to make other women want you no doubt. But if you already don't have a problem getting women, is this really a benefit? I don't know. I guess I just don't really see the value considering all the headache they come with. It's kind of like a fun to drive around for a day but you sure as fuck wouldn't want to own one as your daily driver.
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2020.09.23 22:40 CyrilDPP [M4F] [Rule 34/R34] Prompt Dump

This prompt is always open.
Rule 34 is pretty much the best. There’s so many interesting character designs and personalities across so many forms of media, and pretty much everyone has a few fictional crushes. This prompt set is for people who are connoisseurs of digital eye candy.
I’m over 18, and expect all applicants to be the same. I also expect all involved characters to be over the age of eighteen, so canon will have to be shifted on a case-by-case basis. Each of my prompts that deal with characters who are canonically underage includes a brief adjustment the setting to make as much sense as possible while still maintaining close approximations of context-- high school students become university students, etcetera.
Here’s my kinklist, to get it on the table early. Nothing on there is an absolute must, and there’s a whole lotta ‘like’ and ‘favorite’. A lot of my prompts below are leaning more towards vanilla than hard kinks, but that’s for accessibility. If you like to get freaky, seriously, take a look at the kinklist. I probably like something that you also do, even if you don’t see it in a prompt. Let me know, we can discuss it.
First up, the prompt ideas themselves. These are general ideas that can be adjusted and discussed. I’m also open to much more, really; please feel free to suggest and I will always entertain and respond.
Canon-(ish) (preferred): We stay inside the lore and universe of the game. Whether this is a canon romance happening, an OC hooking up with a canon character, a branch off where two characters who didn’t hook up in the source material end up as an item, or a bad end that shows what happens to the hero(es) after failing in their quest… it takes place in the universe the characters are familiar with. Almost all of the prompt suggestions below fit this bill. Please note that SPOILERS will be in some of my suggestions, and thus I’ve chosen to hide them behind a spoiler tag to make sure I don’t ruin the games/anime for anyone.
Modern AU: The characters from the in-universe end up in, well, ours. Whether through a portal, or just adjusting their world so that it happens in ours, the character or characters of our story live in the world we know and love. They go to restaurants and movies, hit up bars, use Tinder… whatever normal, well-adjusted people in this world do.
Cosplayer: A girl who really likes the design and/or personality of a character tries going as them to a convention. This leads to lots of attention from lots of guys, at least one of whom she ends up interested in enough to play around with.
Next, the fandoms that I’m actively interested in, alphabetized because I’m a madman. I’m gradually adding examples of in-universe ideas for each and adding fandoms as I go, and I’d be happy to play out those examples if someone is interested, but otherwise they’re just suggestions to outline the kind of scenes I have in mind. Some of them are sweet, romantic endeavors between characters both established and original. Some of them are significantly more hardcore. I’m pretty down for either, to be honest. They’re just a sample of some of my ideas,so you know I'm actually serious. You might notice that some of them are F4F-- I'm totally down for playing a girl or futa alongside another girl or futa.
Please note that both of the below lists are far from complete. If there’s something rule 34 that you’re interested in playing, let me know. Adding to my pool of prompts is always fun. If I know the source material well enough that I could even decently pull it off, I’m sure we can arrange something.





Dark Souls/Bloodborne

Devil May Cry

Doki Doki Literature Club

Final Fantasy

Fire Emblem

Katawa Shoujo

Legend of Zelda

Monster Hunter

NieNier Automata

Octopath Traveler






Smash Bros.

Tales series (Tales of Vesperia, Tales of the Abyss, etc)


Ancient Magus Bride


Fullmetal Alchemist


My Next Life as a Villainess

Ouran Host Club



That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime

I prefer about two paras per post, ish, but I can adjust-- typically no less than one para and no more than three on the average. I play on Discord primarily, but Reddit PMs are fine if that’s more comfortable for you. Let me know if you’re interested, I try to reply to every message I get. Thank you for reading, hope you see something you like!
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2020.09.23 14:36 Chisel55 Girlfriend is escort

Been dating this woman since April. Intensely hot sex from the start. She doesn’t seem to have steady income and works a variety of “gig economy” type jobs. At times, she’s flush with cash, and then flat broke.
On Sunday, we were shopping and she asked me to talk to customer service on her phone. While I was speaking to CS, she got a text from a guy named “Mature and Handsome”about not being able to meet her this week because he was busy with the wife and kids.
I confronted her about it and she just responded she gets texts all the time from “old boyfriends” and I was jealous and insecure and shouldn’t be reading her messages. Of course, I wasn’t trying to read it, it just popped up. Then she said some bullshit about the text being “just conversation.”
So I’m pretty sure she’s escorting, but she won’t admit it. I mentioned that it must be difficult to have “conversations “ with his cock in your mouth. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I’m an asshole! She broke up with me and said get out of my life.
Now, two days later, she wants me back. I’m thinking “sure”! I get great sex and nice arm candy for free, while other guys have to shell out $300 and up. So should I stay and play, or regain some dignity and shut it down?
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2020.09.21 16:00 Angel466 [Bob the hobo] A Celestial Wars Spin-Off Part 0167

Angelo had never been a religious man. In his old neighbourhood, religious belief was like the Irish’s Catholic/Protestant line. Everyone was poor, and while most of the worn-down apartments had some manner of Crucifix or Virgin Mary displayed somewhere prominent, he always thought if he ever met God, he’d punch him in the nose for allowing people to live in such poverty.
His nonna believed in him, but she’d been old. She always used to say God had a plan, and it took everything Angelo and his two older brothers had to not roll their eyes at her. Mainly because like them, Nonna was Italian, and she could still bring the three of them into line with a look. Their mother was a crackhead who paid for her fixes on her back and knees right up until the day she died.
Angelo had been two when that happened.
And in that regard, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree where he was concerned. Not so with his brothers. Rocco was the oldest. Built like a linebacker, he was the one that kept the ugliness of the street away from their front door. There was fourteen years difference between him and Rocco, so as a kid, he hadn’t realised the reason he seemed to have an invisible barrier around him where trouble was concerned, was because his big brother had made a name for himself on the street as a professional leg-breaker (amongst other things). One who believed very much in killing the messenger.
Angelo had been nine when Rocco was finally put away for six counts of murder in the first degree. Twenty-five to life for each to be served consecutively because he refused to drop the dime on his boss. “Don’t ever be a rat, Angie,” Rocco had always said, whenever Nonna took Angelo to visit him in Attica. “Your name is all you had coming into this world, and it’s all you’ll have going out.”
Guess I should’ve listened, he mused to himself.
His name had been stripped from him in the last year. He went from being someone to being a common household appliance.
Gianni was seventeen when Rocco went away and died six months later trying to fill Rocco’s shoes. He was found in an alleyway with his throat slit, and no one gave a damn. No one, except him and Nonna. ( ... and Rocco. Word was, he went on a murderous rampage that got him locked in solitary confinement and another four years added to his a hundred and fifty year sentence.)
Nonna held it together for Angelo. He knew it, but he also knew he couldn’t stay in that neighbourhood. At first, he begged his grandmother to move into another suburb where they could start over, but she had adamantly refused. “My Dante, Gianni and Carina are all buried here, Angelo. If I leave, I will not be able to visit them every day, and they will get lonely.”
As it so happened (and Angelo still carried a lot of guilt over this) Nonna never lived to see the Christmas after he left home. They said she had a heart attack, but to this day, Angelo believed it was more from a broken heart. She’d had no one left in the world but him, and he’d moved away.
After burying her alongside Nonno, Angelo only came to their graves on New Year’s Eve. Every year. He’d sit at the foot of his mother's grave where he could see Nonna and Gianni's gravestones and tell them both about what he’d been up to that year. As he spoke, he would toast to all their memories over a full bottle of amaretto. (For the ladies, he’d bring flowers. His brother would be given his share of the amaretto directly from the bottle.) Then, to wipe the slate clean, he would go out and tie one on for New Years and start the cycle again at the end of the following year. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.
All except last year. Last year, he’d been working for Tony, and he didn’t get time off. Which in a way, was a blessing. He didn’t want to face the ghosts of his family after what he’d become.
Now, it looked like he was on his way to meet them anyway.
He knew what the tunnel of light represented. He was Italian. Of course, he knew. If anything, he was surprised to be heading in this direction. Not that he’d broken any of the ten commandments (that he knew of), but his lifestyle even before his enslavement hadn’t exactly been sterling.
As the light grew closer, he heard their harmonised voices. The light was too bright to see through, but he heard their welcoming tones.
Then, he drew slowly to a halt. The light didn’t fade, nor did it get any closer. “You are loved.” The masculine voice washed over him, somehow cocooning him in the strength of his words like a comforter. “However My Nephew still needs you, my son.”
And just like that, the tunnel, the light and all the voices vanished, and Angelo was thrust back into a world of pain.
He couldn’t breathe. It hurt to try. Like his lungs were on fire, but filling up with water at the same time. Someone was wiping his face with something cold and wet, and just when he didn’t think he could fight anymore, his lungs spasmed as if punched and another mouthful of fluids rushed to the back of his throat and poured out of his open mouth. Someone had their hand pressed into his forehead, holding his head at an uncomfortable angle, but somehow it made the fluid fall more easily from his lips.
“That’s it, buddy,” he heard Robbie say. “Get that spit out of your lungs.”
“Here,” he heard Lucas add, and the wet cloth was gently reapplied to his face. “My God, man. Look at me,” he commanded, still wiping the cloth around Angelo’s face.
I can’t! I can’t see!
“Don’t you let them win, Angie! You hang on!”
Another shiver. Another cough. Another mouthful of fluid fell out of his mouth. “Stay with us, man.”
I don’t think I have a choice, Angelo thought weakly.
The next few minutes were a blur as new voices sounded around him. Someone requested the fire brigade, which made him want to laugh. Was the building on fire on top of everything else? He saw a meme once of a town being flooded except for one house that was fully ablaze, with the caption, “Proof that things can always get worse”. Lately, that had been his motto, even though he couldn’t picture how.
Still on his side, he felt something slide between his teeth and bump against his throat, but his gag-reflex hadn’t existed in years and if anything, the pulsed suction that followed felt weird. Like he was throwing up … from his lungs.
In the gaps between the suction, he felt the cold touch of oxygen, that his lungs scrambled to get more of. From behind, he heard a ripping sound and his back suddenly goosebumped at the cold bite of air-conditioned air that went on to include his arms.
At first, he wanted to be annoyed about the destruction of his sweatshirt, until he remembered they belonged to the hospital and that he’d helped himself to it after escaping his room. Oh, shit! Did that constitute stealing? It did. It so did. But he did that before going into the light tunnel, so maybe that meant it didn’t count?
As he pondered this, he felt someone pushing something small and sticky against his chest. Then another … and another. All while the suction in his throat continued. By the end of it, he thought he felt at least half a dozen tiny things sticking to his chest, and even more on his arms and feet. And that didn’t count the two bigger ones the size of his palms. He was beginning to feel like a damned sticky noticeboard.
He didn’t even flinch as the large bore needle slid into his left arm and something forced its way into his veins. If anything, he wanted to mock them for using an alcohol swab first. Prissies, he wanted to say. No self-respecting drug addict used swabs before shooting up.
Only, he wasn’t a drug addict anymore. The weeks he’d been at the hospital had emptied most of his system, and no one seemed in a hurry to give him more. Not even sedatives. Lucas had tried to stop the doc from administering the sedative in case it worked against anything residual in his system, but the doc had over-ridden him and given him the shot.
Maybe Lucas should be a doctor. Maybe in a former life, he was.
Angelo had no interest in getting back onto the shit Tony had him on. God, no. That stuff was too much, even for him. But once this was all over, he was pretty sure he could handle the lesser stuff that he’d been on in his days before Tony. Things like special k or dust or maybe even a little bit of cotton candy from time to time if he was having enough fun.
Maybe he should see this as a giant fucking wakeup call and walk away from that life for good. That would certainly please Robbie, but taking fun by the horns and running with it as hard as he could was all he’d ever done since he left high school. Even before Tony, he’d used sex to pay for his partying lifestyle. He knew he wasn’t a ripped pretty boy like Robbie, but he could hold his own in a lineup, and the money was good.
Something else flooded his vein, which slowed the heavy pounding of his heart and brought his whole body into a state of relaxation. Dang … now that stuff I could use by the truckload, he thought hazily to himself.
He was then rolled onto his back. However, he didn’t feel the soft mattress roll that he’d been lying on. No, this was hard. Really hard. And it suddenly dawned on him that he still couldn’t see. Everything had different depths ranging from red to black, no matter where he looked.
The suction tube was pulled back into the mouth and a larger, breathing tube inserted. “He has no gag reflex,” he heard Robbie say, and he almost wanted to puff his chest in pride.
Damn right, I don’t.
He felt himself being lifted and carried feet first from the room.
“We’ll be right behind you, buddy!” he heard Robbie call.
Instead of calming him, that actually had him panicking. Where am I going that Robbie can’t come with me?
But he just couldn’t make himself move to find out.
He heard people barking orders and thought maybe he caught a glimpse of a bright light here and there through the red. For a few seconds, he thought he tasted the glorious smoggy air of New York City, and then he was enclosed in a small space that had a pair of doors banging around his feet.
Then the sirens started up. Oh, no…
The last place he ever wanted to go back to.
The hospital.
Well … crap.
* * *


((AUTHOR'S NOTE: I reached out to a fantastically wonderful person for details on how EMTs would handle this scene, and in what order things would happen. Many, many, MANY huge thanks to that anonymous NREMT for giving me the information I needed to make this as realistic as it was))
Previous Part 166
((All comments welcome))
I made a family tree/diagram of the Mystallian family that can be found here
For more of my work including previous parts or WPs: Angel466 or indexed here
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2020.09.21 10:55 syncopatedshadows My New Old Cat Saved Me

When I recently moved out into my own place for the first time, I knew that my very first goal, before having a TV or a gaming system or even all the furniture I'd need, was to adopt a cat. I had wanted a cat since early childhood and been denied my deepest wish all the way into adulthood. But now, living under my own roof (or, well, the roof I rented for half my pay a month) with my own rules, I could have as many cats as I wanted. Which was just one. I was excited, but not overambitious, and had no intention of taking on a new job, new apartment, and TWO new cats. Even one was a bit daunting, but I knew it would be worth any challenges or discomforts I could possibly face. I was more right about that than I had ever been about anything, not that I knew it at the time.
Going from shelter to shelter was incredibly fun. I'd moved from a sleepy college town to a big city, and a big city has lots of big animal shelters. Some were your typical room full of cages, some were set up with huge open areas full of cat furniture for the adoptable furballs to commingle in, some were actually cat cafes that took care of cats from local shelters while attempting to find them homes among the cafe's patrons. All of them filled my heart with joy. I'll admit I prolonged the process just to meet as many cats as possible. I was like a child denied sugar his whole life unleashed with free reign over a candy shop. I held tiny kittens that complained loudly in my arms while I kissed their little faces. I gave gentle scratches behind the ears of adult and senior cats who purred loudly and rubbed their mouths against my hand. I coaxed shy cats from the backs of cages and persuaded angry cats to play with shiny, crinkly toys. Every last one was a delight to meet and give a bit of love to. I found that none, though, quite clicked with me. All were cute and soft and funny little creatures, but none seemed like The Cat I Had To Bring Home. I was beginning to wonder if I should stop being selfish and just decide when I met Maxine.
Maxine had been at a local shelter that specialized entirely in cats for 2 years. She was a dignified-looking lady with long, silky black fur and curious yellow eyes that gave the impression that she could read your thoughts. The shelter staff said a vet had guessed her age to be about 12 years. She was skittish and a bit temperamental, but this only partially explained her long shelter stay. The staff explained to me in hushed tones that Maxine had been brought in after her previous owner died. The death had made headlines, as the scene that it left behind was both gruesome and mysterious.
The elderly woman's remains were scattered around the apartment and looked as though they had been physically ripped apart by someone or something. Almost all of the lights in the apartment were on and there was blood proven to belong to the woman on or near all of the light switches throughout the place. This, combined with the bits of her left all over the place, made it seem as though she had been rushing to turn on the lights as she was being attacked. The only room left dark was the bedroom, which is where her body was discovered. No DNA was found at the scene besides the woman's, and there were no signs of a forced entry or missing belongings. The woman did not have any relatives or friends who regularly checked in on her, so the remains were only happened upon when the woman failed to claim a package from the front office of the apartment building, behavior her landlord found unusual. When he knocked on her door and received no reply but heard Maxine meowing loudly and noticed the woman's car still in the lot, he called the police and entered using his own key. He vomited immediately at the stench and the sight of the remains, which Maxine was pawing at as she cried out. It was determined that she had eaten some of what was left of her owner's face after a few days trapped without food. The landlord entered what was estimated to be a week after the death. The case was never solved.
Maxine was taken to this shelter specifically because they were a no-kill shelter. The woman's family couldn't bear to take the cat in, but they knew that nobody else in the area was likely to want her either. They were, unfortunately, correct. The bizarre case had rocked the community and even the city as a whole, to an extent. The woman had been a prominent activist in the area for mental heath awareness and care. Her violent death was as devastating as it was unexpected. And so Maxine waited and waited in her little room in the shelter, slowly changing from a shy and sullen cat to one that was more violent and flighty. She would only eat if left completely alone, and when brought food, she would hide. As the volunteer feeding her would exit the room, Maxine would hiss and lash out at them. Most visits from potential adopters ended in either bleeding hands or the cat pinning herself against a corner, eyes wide and darting. The staff member telling me this seemed to already assume that I wouldn't want to meet her, but they smiled when I said I was up to the challenge. They led me to her room right away.
The room was about the size of a small closet and had plenty of vertical furniture and shelves to climb on. Maxine was on a shelf just above my height, lounging casually. As we approached she heard our footsteps and saw us through the glass walls of the room. Immediately she stood up, long fur fluffing up slightly and ears pinned backward. The staff member unlocked the door and let me in after I quickly rinsed my hands with some sanitizer. Maxine stayed where she was, staring at me with pupils thinner than a needle. I smiled and called out to her in a gentle voice.
"Hello Maxine, how are you, sweetie?" I asked. She hissed. It honestly was one of the cutest things I'd seen, watching a big ball of fluff like her trying to scare me. I laughed quietly and stayed where I was, instead grabbing a toy from the collection by the door. It was a long plastic stick with a string at the end, and from the string dangled a little bundle of feathers and bells. I swished the toy from side to side, starting on the ground and moving slowly up to a lower shelf. Maxine did not move, but I saw her eyes follow the feathers and noticed her posture relax slightly, ears inching their way forward again. I persisted, shaking the toy on the shelf and then suddenly causing it to dart to the floor, where it jingled vigorously. Her eyes never strayed from it.
Slowly she shifted so that she was crouched slightly, tail up, butt wiggling and raised. Her pupils grew from needles to saucers. I grinned, swinging the toy from shelf to shelf and finally back to the ground. Maxine leapt from her perch and pounced viciously. I saw claws come out as she grabbed the bundle of feathers with all four paws and fell to her side, back legs kicking hard and teeth gnawing at a bell. She may have had a rough time, but she was still a cat, alright.
In my other hand I held a few treats, and I gently placed the toy on the floor as I crouched in front of her. Oblivious, she continued to attempt to remove the innards from her prey. The grin never left my face as I extended my treat-filled hand to her. Slowly her kicking and chewing slowed as the scent of her favorite crunchy treats reached her nose. I almost held my breath as I watched her stand once more and warily look at me, then at the treats. It felt like a million years passed. At long last, she slowly approached my outstretched hand and extended her mouth towards the treats. I chuckled as she took one gingerly between her teeth before backing a few steps away to eat it. She was still closer than before. This was progress.
After the first treat she returned for another, moving faster this time. I left my hand stretched just as far, not daring to move it closer to me yet. Maxine ate the second treat a little bit closer to me of her own volition. I was elated. The third treat brought her even closer, and she ate the fourth and final treat right out of my hand. I really did hold my breath as she sniffed at the now-empty hand and gave it an experimental lick. Slowly, very slowly, I moved my hand to stroke the fur on the side of her face. To my delight she leaned into the touch and closed her eyes. I continued stroking her fur and felt the rumbles of a purr beginning. My patience had paid off. In that moment I knew that Maxine was my cat.
I rose gingerly, trying and failing to avoid startling Maxine, and exited the room to let the staff know that I would be bringing Maxine home as soon as they would allow it. I was thrilled when they said I could take her home with me that day, as long as I was willing to fill out all the necessary paperwork and pay the adoption fee. They added that the fee was reduced to just $20 due to donations specifically for Maxine, left by the adult children of the previous owner. I sent a silent thanks to her and her family as I meticulously filled out all the forms the shelter provided.
The whole adoption process seemed to fly by to me, though it took about an hour. Then I was presented with a tote bag filled with medical and care information as well as a small supply of food, before a staff member brought out a pet carrier containing a very loudly distressed Maxine. I slung the tote over my shoulder and took the carrier with both hands, one on the handle and one supporting the bottom. I thanked the shelter staff and smiled as I exited through the (thankfully automatic) front doors to the parking lot. A short drive later and Maxine and I were back at home.
The moment I opened the carrier in the living room, Maxine's behavior surprised me. She was cautious at first, poking her head out before slowly emerging one tiny step at a time. But after a moment she perked up and grew more confident, sniffing intently at the hardwood floor as though there was a faint scent there that she wanted to investigate. This continued for a minute or two, to my amusement, before she moved to another spot and repeated the process. I took out my phone and recorded a quick video for a couple of college friends on Snapchat. As I was captioning the video with an introduction of the cat as "my nosy lil grandma Maxine," I noticed the lady herself approach out of the corner of my eye. I finished typing and sent the video before turning to face her. She stared at me for a moment, not nearly as wild-eyed as she had been when we first locked eyes. I gently extended the same hand as I had earlier. She rubbed her face against it without hesitation, eyes shutting just as they had before. She was nothing like the aggressive creature I had heard her described as.
I watched (and occasionally filmed) as she explored the apartment, sniffing at the sparse furniture that filled each room and pawing at the occasional dangling object she'd find. I made a mental note to do a better job of cat-proofing ASAP. The apartment had multiple windows and I had set up a couple of hanging seats for her. I'd bought and set up her food bowl, a water fountain, and a few different decorative scratching posts and cat trees already, but no amount of distraction seemed to deter Maxine from the enticing treat of a hanging sweater on the back of a chair. We spent the late afternoon together discovering the apartment inch by inch until at last there was no more to explore and the sun had begun to set. I set about preparing dinner for the both of us. Fried eggs and potatoes for myself, a quarter cup of some sort of dry kibble for Maxine. I'd done research and learned you should never change a cat's food all at once, but instead slowly mix in more and more of the new food with the old each meal. The tote bag contained a decent supply of the stuff the shelter had given Maxine when she lived there, so I decided one more night of the old stuff would be fine. In my pantry were a few different brands of wet food in a few different flavors. I'd read that wet was healthier than dry for cats since they don't drink a lot of water and decided that my cat would get exclusively wet food. Starting in the morning I'd crack open a can and give her a tiny bit to try. If one variety didn't work, I had plenty more she could sample.
We each tucked in to our respective meals with gusto. I'd had a less-than-stellar date prior to my appointment at the shelter. I could hardly believe he wasn't pulling some sort of dating app prank for a video or something. He talked so fast and so loud and none of what he said had any real substance. Just utter nonsense about the weather and the things around us. The plan had been a walk in a park and then lunch at a nearby cafe, but as we walked his rambling went on so long and was so impossible to interrupt that by the time I convinced him that I needed to leave, it was long past lunch hour and I needed to get home and get ready for my visit to the shelter. I hadn't eaten breakfast, either, so the breakfast I made for dinner was appropriate and filling. By the time I finished eating, Maxine had already finished her meal and flopped casually on my ratty old couch. Her ears drooped gently and her eyes were closing at a snail's pace. I was pretty tired too, honestly, but I stayed up a while longer, deeming 5 pm far too early for bed. After putting my dishes in the dishwasher I joined Maxine on the couch, beaming when my presence didn't cause her to flee. I opened up my laptop and booted it up before rising from the couch to turn on the lights. The sun was almost finished setting, and the dying sunlight was beginning to cast long shadows in my apartment before the various lamps and lights erased them. I noticed with amusement that Maxine had been eyeing the shadows warily since they had started to grow, and once the lights were on she visibly relaxed. That amusement vanished when I remembered the story about her previous owner. Blood on the light switches. What had Maxine seen?
I spent a long moment watching her bathe herself with her bright pink tongue before shaking my head to clear the dark thoughts. It didn't matter what she'd seen happen. Now she was here, and safe, and had a warm place to live out her golden years. Nothing bad would ever happen to her. I'd make damn sure of that.
The next week was a blur of orientations and introductions at work. I was spending long days learning how to work programs I had never heard of on computers that were older than Maxine. The company that I'd been hired as a secretary for manufactured construction equipment and vehicles. My position was mostly data entry, with very little interaction with other humans except to occasionally give reports about the data I'd been entering. I didn't mind. I was grateful to find a job at all, especially one that allowed me to get by somewhat comfortably, with a little scrimping and saving. That was more than a lot of my friends could say since we'd graduated.
I settled in to my new life and Maxine began to settle into hers as well. For the most part she was a lazy and sleepy cat. I'd often wake up to find her fast asleep and draped over me above my covers, refusing to move even once she'd opened her eyes. By the time I was heading out the door she would be fast asleep once more, curled up on the same spot I'd occupied before. The exception, however, was when I first got home from work, especially on days I'd stayed late to learn some tips about a program or chat with a coworker. I'd typically arrive home around 6 pm, which was just about the height of sunset for the time of year. When I opened the door I'd find, without fail, that Maxine was standing right by the door, eyes wide and fur growing fluffier by the second. She relaxed each time as soon as I flicked on the light with the switch right by the door.
One evening I hesitated before turning it on and noticed that she was looking, specifically, at the ground at my feet. I took a step further without turning on the light. She began to growl quietly as I continued forward, past the window immediately to the left of the front door. The setting sun cast a long shadow to my right. Maxine grew frantic, growling and hissing at it. I took another step and watched the shadow grow even longer. Maxine swiped at it with claws out, meeting no resistance of course. There was nothing there. I stared at my shadow and it grew even longer.
I hadn't moved.
I still wasn't moving as my shadow's arms lifted upward in a stretch before lowering back to its sides. The shadow's shoulders shook as though I were laughing. I was certainly not laughing. I was transfixed as I watched my shadow turn to face me, as well as it could flat on the floor. A hand reached down towards my ankle. Before it could get there, though, Maxine pounced and landed right on the hand of my shadow as it drew closer and closer to my ankle. The shadow's hand instantly recoiled. I broke free of my reverie and ran to turn on the light by the door, followed by every other light in my apartment. Maxine followed every step of the way, little paws tapping hard on the floor as she rushed to keep up. Once the entire apartment was lit I sat on the couch and let myself break down. Maxine curled up on my lap, purring and letting me stroke her soft fur as I shook with terrified sobs.
I couldn't report this to anyone. What would I say? But seeing the way Maxine had immediately jumped into action, the way she seemed to have known all week what danger I was narrowly avoiding every day, the way she lingered so long while sniffing the floor when I brought her home...I began to wonder.
My landlord was a friendly older gentleman. I called him up the next day to ask, out of curiosity, about the previous tenant. Claimed I was receiving mail for a stranger and assumed that person used to live there before me. I was surprised by the long silence on the other end before he began his reply.
"Well, son, the previous tenant isn't with us anymore, I'm afraid. Whole area was shocked when it happened. Sorry for not telling you sooner but, well, with that discount on the had to know, I'm sure? Everyone heard about it. Body ripped to shreds. No trace of a killer. Poor cat forced to eat the remains. Nobody wanted to rent the place where it happened, until you of course." It was my turn to be silent for uncomfortably long. I stood perfectly still, not daring to move, growing more and more afraid as I processed what he'd said. My voice shook when I spoke again.
"I-I'm from out of town. I had no idea. And...and you knew that, didn't you?" As a full understanding of my situation sunk in I grew angry. "You knew that! I told you about graduating and you said your cousin graduated from my school. You knew damn well that I was walking into this blind. What is wrong with you?"
"I have no defense. I needed to rent the place out. You needed to rent a place cheap. I saw the chance, so I took it. I'm sorry. But son, you know there's nothin' wrong with the place, don't you? It was a freak accident, or something like it, so no way there's anything to worry about!"
"Are you willing to use that defense in court?" I asked coldly. I knew we both knew that declining to tell a tenant about a recent death in the home was against the law in this state. He was silent again for a bit. When he spoke again, he sounded resigned.
"Alright. Alright. I messed up, badly. It wasn't fair to you. I'm sorry. There's another unit a floor down, opposite side of the building. One bedroom. Same size. We just finished cleaning it out to put on the market. You can move in tomorrow morning, I'll drive down and get the keys and paperwork all set for you. No increase in rent."
"No increase in rent," I repeated. "Ever. Not even once the lease is up." My voice still shook but I could hear the latent anger in it, and so could he.
"Right. And I'll, I'll get that in writing as well. Sign it and everything, so it's all legal. I do feel bad. You have to know that. I didn't mean to do you any harm. Hell, I didn't even really think I was. I'm sorry."
I thanked him tersely and hung up the phone. Maxine rubbed against my leg before hopping up to sit beside me on the couch. I rubbed gently behind her ears and my heart swelled when she began to purr. I still have to re-pack what little I've unpacked since moving in here but I wanted to get this all out first. They say when you save a less-adoptable shelter pet, the saving goes both ways. I guess they're right.
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2020.09.21 06:45 -FernFeather- Full Mad Eye Lore including scientific and historical analysis.

I worked really hard on research, compiling all this information, and analyzing it and I would REALLY appreciate if you would check out my YouTube where I do a full video analysis of it, I'm not trying to advertise or anything but if you support this work and you want to see more (and I'm currently working on acrobat's lore analysis as we speak) then showing that support to me on my YT (channel name is FernFeather) would honestly mean the world. But of course as always it's up to you.


Mad eyes
Mad eyes introduction: Burke is the eldest son of a construction worker who grew up playing amongst designs, various machines, and tools. By the time he was 20, he had already acquired local fame for his skills. Hired by a married couple, Burke arrived at Oletus Manor when it was still desolate, rundown and was responsible for most of the architectural designs. As per the wishes of his employer, he led his team of workers and expanded Oletus Manor. In his own time, he added his own touch to the manor, his devices, turning the manor into Burke's secret laboratory. It is said that even up until that unfortunate incident this crazy architect was still planning the addition of new devices.

This analysis will include: a dissection of Burke's deductions in history, a brief history of the development of prostheses, revisiting the abandoned setting of the manor, whiskey and pressure gauges.
Burke's design is mechanical, and slightly reminiscent of steampunk. Despite how unrealistic and stylized his design may appear to be, it actually holds some significant footing in reality. I'll discuss it in points
  1. His prosthesis -
Burke's right hand and left leg have both been replaced with mechanical parts - More commonly referred to as a prosthesis. It's never explained how he lost these limbs - we do however know that the area where he lives has poachers and dangerous traps so it's possible one of these could have contributed to it, but since it's never stated it's also possible he could have purposefully chosen to replace them as he aged. Regardless as to why his prosthetics appear to be fairly rudimentary. Currently there exists certain prosthetics which can sense electrical impulses in the remaining muscles around it and based off of where the impulse is it can move the prosthetic in a certain way. Considering this technology is fairly recent to the current day Burke's prosthesis is most likely a body powered device which relies on the coordinated movements of the user’s own residual and healthy limbs to drive. To be fair the movement of his fingers do appear to be far more coordinated than a body power device would allow but considering he is a mechanical genius I think we can suspend our disbelief a little. In fact most historical prostheses used residual limbs and specific movements to operate most efficiently.
Also, if you look closely, you can see that Burk’s prosthesis has rubber bumpers.
The Civil War may have helped spawn the first major explosion of the United States’ prosthetic device industry. About 70 percent of all wounds sustained by Civil War soldiers affected their limbs which often resulted in amputation. The ghastly nature of the condition of many soldiers returning from conflict led to the federal government taking action in the form of its “Great Civil War Benefaction” program. This little-remembered project made a commitment on behalf of the government to provide prosthetic devices to every Civil War soldier who needed one. As such there were numerous manufacturers building devices on government contracts and the need for these synthetic limbs helps spurred innovation. Beginning in 1863, rubber began to find use along with, or instead of, wood and metal, providing a more natural appearance, better resiliency and more flexibility.
The introduction of rubber in leg prosthetic sockets grew in popularity thanks to New York inventor Dubois Parmelee in 1863. His socket attached to the residual limb using atmospheric pressure, and india rubber was used to comfortably adjust to a patient’s residual limb
Therefore, the time point when Burk replaced his prosthesis was most likely around late 1860s. I specify "replaced" because in his deductions when we first meet him it's most likely around the early 1800s so he either had a different form of prosthesis or was in full fit condition.
  1. His console -
Now that I've harped about his prosthetic let's shift our focus to some other identifying aspects. The "keyboard" used to enter data onto his consoles appears to be altered form of a typewriter. Between 1801 and 1808, Italian Pellegrino Turri invented the first typewriter for his blind friend. Later this typewriter was lost, so it is impossible to know its shape and structure today. The first machine known as the typewriter was patented on 23rd June 1868, by printer and journalist Christopher Latham.
  1. Pressure gauge -
The pressure gauge on the Barker weapon belongs to the Bourdon tube pressure gauge, which is the earliest and most commonly used mechanical pressure measuring instrument. French engineer Eugene Bourdon first invented the Bourdon gauge in 1849. The device enabled accurate measurement of much higher pressures than existing measurement devices. Bourdon designed the device for steam locomotive engines in the late 1840s because of the increasing number of horrific accidents involving very high-pressure steam locomotive engines. The accident rate and number of deaths from steam engine explosions dropped significantly within a couple of years of the introduction of the Bourdon gauge.
Bark’s pressure gauge is probably used to directly measure the steam inside his weapon, to prevent it from bursting suddenly. But why does his weapon need to have pressure in the first place? if he's able to control when steam is released, then the force of the steam exiting the weapon would help to increase the speed and force of his attack. You have to remember he has cute little toothpick arms, and a prosthesis doesn't really provide you much grip, so these alterations to his weapon can give him an advantage. Additionally steam is hot, at atmospheric pressure liquid water transitions to steam 212°F (that's 100°C), according to The burn foundation, just one second at 156° F (69°C) can cause third degree burns. Researchers in Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) found the epidermis (the outer layer of skin), cannot properly perform its protective function against water vapour as high temperature vapor easily penetrates to the second layer of skin easily causing second degree burns.
however under the pressure within Burke's weapon the damage caused gets even worse. It takes about 16.67 bar to crush an egg as seen in this experiment (17 kg converts to 16.67 bar)
According to valves online temperature steam reference, assuming this measly pressure alone could increase the temperature of the steam up to 204°C or about 400°F, to put this in perspective frying grease is often between 300 and 500°F interested by the American burn association can cause serious degree burns in less than one second. I know people despise getting hit by Mad eye walls but considering the alternative it might be the less painful option.
Temp steam ref:
Approximate time and temperatures in relation to burns:
Scolding injuries:
  1. Burke's alcohol -
The most common orange-yellow liquor in the UK is whiskey, and because the grain law was abolished at that time, the price of various brewing materials was lowered, and the liquor was cheaper than before.
One of the sources I looked into while researching suggested that Burke may have created his one bottle himself due to the fact that before the 17th century the shapes of wine bottles were mostly blowing by independent craftsmen and after not many wineries created them until much later. But my research into the topic makes me think that the dates simply don't line up. The 1600s was far earlier than when this story takes place, I find it more likely that his bottle could be a gin case bottle: Case gin bottles are square with a more or less distinct taper inwards from the shoulder to the base. This design closely aligns with that of Burke's bottle, in the color of gin it said to have a slightly yellow tint, but in the promotional art for mad eyes we could see that his bottle contains a vividly orange liquid. Could be a decorative flask which would mean that Burke made it or had a friend do so, The only thing which makes me reluctant on this possibility is that most decorative flasks have designs on them, but Burke's appears rather basic. considering that the time frame for the bottle fits that of the case gin bottles it wouldn't be too far of a stretch too assume that this was the bottle he used and he simply filled it with a different liquid. After all his character day notes say that one of his favorite things is vodka which definitely doesn't fit the description of what would be in the bottle.
Whatever he's drinking and regardless of how many alcoholic problems he had he's precious.
  1. What is a "Burke"? -
The surname Burke is derived from the Old English word "burh," which is derived from the Old German word "burg," the common Germanic word for a fortification. It seems likely that the first family to bear this surname would have lived in or near a prehistoric fort situated on a hill.
This name is rather apt considering who Burke is. In a literal sense He's able to construct walls to keep out people he deems as intruders. But on a deeper level he's built a fortification around himself.
  1. Snazzy Accessories -
While this isn’t directly related to his design some of his accessories reveal to us more about his character
Good Old Times -
“A watering can that Burke discovered while tidying up the laboratory. It was full of flowers and plants which reminded him of days gone by.”
Violin -
“His right hand may not be fully functional and his violin may have been slightly damaged in an incident, but Burke enjoys music still. Practice really does make perfect.”
(shows that the loss of his arm came later on in his life and that he had some interesting talents)

To be an architect (a brief exploration into the architecture tendencies of the time):
The Manor was built on speculation (meaning it was built without any intended buyers).
Now we've never seen the entirety of the manner which means that we can only piece together what we know of it from the sections where we explore pieces of the inside and from parts of external view.
What we do know is that around the time the manor was sold for a fairly cheap price, these types of estates were symbols of status which shows that while these people may not have been the most wealthy they did come from a significant social standing.,Middle%20Ages%20(see%20commune%20).
The background of the manor was originally designed with aspects of the 20th century, but based on many deductions and later official changes, the background in the game can be determined to occur in the 19th century. The 19th century was a period of great popularity of romanticism, and under the influence of it, architectural changes also took place-called romantic architecture. The 1830s to 1860s was the early stage of the development of romantic architecture, also known as pre-romanticism. Medieval castle-style mansions and even Eastern architectural sketches appeared.
It has been stated that he may be inspired by Edmund Burke, a Canadian architect from the 19th and 20th century. But this is a loose connection. But he has done some gothic revival and similar style buildings
The background
Next, let’s talk about a background story that may be related to Barker’s deduction. This is the manor’s background story previously released by the official WeChat account, but there are many omissions, which have now been deleted. However, if you compare the cannon with this background you'll see some interesting similarities that correlate to Burke
[Background story that was later scrapped]
Everything starts with Winston Manor (also known as Oulitis Manor):
In the 20th century in Europe, a young couple bought a huge estate in a remote mountain area at a low price. The reason why this manor was so cheap is because the reputation this manor had was not very good (because of the rumors of the past generations) and because of the bad reputation, there were no neighbors around.
After the couple moved into the manor, they renovated the manor, they enjoy Western mythology, which is why the manor is full of it

Just when everyone thought that this family would live a happy life forever, something that no one wanted to mention happened: 24 years ago, the protagonist ushered in his 12th birthday, which was originally a happy thing. However, on this day, the protagonist experienced the saddest thing in the world-he witnessed the brutal murder of his parents by bandits, and the cause of this tragic case was only: the impromptu killings of the surrounding refugees because of the theft. They deliberately created a cruel crime scene afterwards in an attempt to disrupt the clues.
(keep in mind this background story was scrapped although parts of it may still be true)
Here's the link to the full story if you'd like to read it.
The owner of the manor that we see first strongly relates to the deross family we see and Burke's deductions. I'll start going over those here.
Mad eyes deduction
  1. Contract - It used to be a proper job.
Damaged Contract: Signed by Dennis DeRoss and Burke Lapadura.
Combining the background story mentioned earlier, after the couple bought the manor, they started looking for an architect who could work to rebuild it. Burke was young and arrogant, and had a certain reputation, not afraid of the ominous rumors that had spread around the manor he decided to take on the opportunity to work there and pursue his design goal. Considering the reputation that the manor had (as noted in the background story), many workers were dissuaded from pursuing employment at the manor. Due to this, it was the once fearless and talented Burke who undertook most of the architectural design work.
  1. Test Ground - Some saw ruins, while I saw "potential".
Archive 1: Attached are architectural plans for symmetrical towers. A rectangular area is marked in red at the center of the building.
Generally speaking, in regards to architectural designs, red and rectangular marks have special meanings
For example, it can be used to reserve a column position (as is seen in this picture)
This means that, for whatever reason, the floor should be reserved during construction. According to the location, the red rectangle on Barker's drawing may refer to the secret room or safe room that is mentioned later in his deductions. In short, the work entrusted to him by the couple gave full play to his talents and gave him free reign of his architectural abilities, this was an enjoyable endeavor for Burke to undertake.
  1. Labor Force - Robots are more reliable than humans.
Archive 2: Archived drawings of a strange humanoid structure. It seems that hundreds of parts need to be made to complete the design.
As mentioned earlier, most of the design tasks in the manor are done by him alone, and there are many bad rumors about the manor (so maybe not many people are willing to work here), and Burke is not the type who likes to communicate with people. In this case, what he thought of was to make his own form of labor that could help him, aka robots. The specific humanoid structure mentioned in this deduction most likely refers to Guard 26 or BonBon, a metal penguin which he is responsible for creating to help him with his tasks.
  1. Strange Kid - I don't like those noisy living creatures. They give me headaches.
Diary 1: Mr. and Mrs. DeRoss made new building requests, and they even bought their own staff. There was also a strange boy in this annoying group who showed great interest in my studio. I have to find a way to keep him away from my treasures.
Even if he is obsessed with architecture, burke is still very sensitive to changes in the world outside of his direct hobbies. From his point of view the child is getting in his way and putting himself into dangerous situations due to his excessive curiosity
The DeRoss couple seem to care for Burke. But Burke, most likely around his twenties at the time and potentially still a child from the perspective of the older DeRoss couple, obviously only wants to work on his own and in solitude.
A popular theory (translated by @mayousailor on Twitter from @sky5memo - link below) is that The staff the DeRoss family brought included the family of the "strange boy" as he is stated to be "among" the group. The 4th deduction of bonbon supports this: "The little rascal’s gone and misplaced some valuable things again, after coming back from his 'true' parents". One interpretation if this is that he's stealing things for his biological family. Despite who his biological family is, we know the child is at the very least the children the DeRoss's to some extent, most likely through adoption.
In bane's character day letter (and in BonBon's 6th deduction) we get to see that bane is connected to Burke though his occupation on the manor as the gamekeeper. In the letter he states:
"You haven’t come out of the laboratory in almost a month, and the Young Miss - who I'll get to later - and Young Master have started to run into the woods."
If the boy is the young master that means that he has to have some status above that of a common worker.
The assumption that the boy was the son of servants, but eventually adopted by Dennis and his wife, makes this make a lot more sense.
By the way, if you use Mad Eyes in the game, turn the screen to the side and you can see that Burke has a pair of very lovely green eyes. he should have been very handsome when he was young (after all, children are preceptive to appearance and a handsome face will likely gain favor with them, who knows? It could have played a role in why the young boy liked him)
  1. Secret Chamber - Is there a safer place than a room you can't find?
Diary 2: That kid is so annoying. Every time I look back, I can always see his clothes or shoes sticking out from the corner. What an idiot.
With more and more people moving in, the manor is gradually approaching its completion, although Burke is still being hired to continue the expansion work. After mulling over the situation, he decided to move much of his work into the secret room, thinking that he would not be discovered by others working there (is there a safer place than a room that can’t be found?" I think my plan is great!). A potential theory for why he decided to move into this room could have just been that he preferred to work on the tasks that he knew he had to complete in solitude - and with the house growing more populated his room provided him a sanctuary.
But one of the many impossibilities of children is that they have an amazing perception. The secret room Burke spent so long constructing and hiding was easily found by the boy. The child would often secretly watch Burke working in this room. Maybe he wanted to be able to play with Burke (after all, his sister was not born yet so he was possibly lonely), and Burke - unlike the other servants - hasn't had much contact with the child, so it is understandable that he'd be curious. Burke's account explains that he can tell that the child's watching him and he says he finds it annoying - however he never actually does anything to stop him from observing his work.
Burke's words and actions are contradictory but help show who he is as a person - he is strict in his tone, but soft in his heart: Although he said that the child is very annoying and stupid, he did not reprimand the boy or drive him away, but silently complained while indulging the boys curiosity.
  1. Number 26 - This is a breakthrough.
Test Record 1: After No. 26 was instructed to take Wooden Box 1, No. 26 stopped moving after taking Wooden Box 1. After No. 26 was instructed to take any numbered Wooden Box except Box 1, No. 26 left the experimental zone after taking the boxes and began to move towards the unnumbered boxes.
Bark’s experiment (No.26) has made new progress. The 26th iteration of his invention is finally somewhat successful and has a certain degree of autonomy, the robot picks up its designated boxes, within proceeds to pick up boxes which aren't even in the testing zone, contributing that it has the ability to carry out actions it's not programmed with. This will be further explained when I do the video on BonBon, but Burke's creation is something he himself has yet to fully comprehend.
  1. Another - I should have seen it coming.
Diary 3: Darn it, humans will reproduce. I should remember that well. My employer was a young couple, and of course, they had children! The only thing to be grateful for was that the brat's attention was completely diverted to "Miss DeRoss", because that gave me time to finish my work. (Optimize secret room)
Time passed, and the boy had his own sister (the child the young couple gave birth to) and everyone's attention was focused on "Miss Delos" - which is the name of the baby. There were no children to bother for a while, and Burke began to optimize his secret room (aka man cave) and guard 26.
  1. Small issue - They will never surprise me anymore.
Test Record 2: After No. 26 was given the command to start, it started playing a voice that was never input. Curse those brats! Miss DeRoss, in particular, should stay away from my Robots! They don't need names like cats and dogs.
Burke continued his experiments. During this time, he was continuing work on Guard 26, his Magnum opus. "Miss Deros" had also grown up with her brother, and had become a new headache for poor Burke. They take to giving names befitting pets to his creations. Most notably when the little girl gives guard 26 the name BonBon, which the robot files in his memory banks. Burke find these names childish and he is seen in some of BonBon's deductions trying to erase this name from his memory bank.
What's even more interesting is how he responds in tweets. Idv Twitter in Japan likes to post character responses to questions and statements posted by fans. Pascal/uranatte (link to his Twitter in description and his koi-fi or you can support is good work and translations if you'd like)
“Bonbon? Bunbun? Penpen? Banban? Which one–––!!!?”
……… It’s No. 26
“Bonbon’s Penpen is so cute but I can’t roll Bonbon’s Hophop”
It’s No. 26 No. 26 No. 26!!
It’s Halloween–!
Have some liqueur bonbons!”
“Bonbon” comes from the “Bom” of “Bomb”, not from bonbon the candy……
…… Anyways, its name isn’t Bonbon in the first place!!
It’s No. 26!!
Here mad eye gets defensive about how his name is in reference to his bombs. He seems to act as if he doesn't like guard 26's nickname but he is quick to defend it.
“Banban becoming a Mister Bear is so cute. I’m looking forward to it Penpen”
It’s neither Banban nor Mister Bear and it’s not Penpen either!!
It’s Bonbon!!
…… Wait, no!!
It’s No. 26!!
Here Burke is shown slipping up and calling him bonbon himself. He may not like the name but at least in some subconscious part of him it stuck.
Burke's daily life in the old manor was probably like this often, having to deal with kids giving his inventions silly little names. despite his stated distaste for it he never actually does anything significant to stop them and doesn't really start seriously changing BonBon until after the incident (which will be mentioned later) he is a very warm guy but seems to be having a headache from everyone's stupidity 24/7
  1. The mob - Human's stupidity always amazes me.
Deduction: Diary 4: They took everyone, including the children. I should have set the Robot to guard this place. It's too late, it's far too late.
The story here should correspond to the gangster in the original background story:
24 years ago, the protagonist ushered in his 12th birthday. This was originally a happy thing, but on this day, the protagonist experienced the saddest thing in the world. He witnessed the brutal murder of his parents by bandits, but the cause of this tragic case was only: the impromptu homicide of the surrounding refugees because of the theft, they deliberately created a cruel crime scene afterwards in order to disturb the clues.
Of course, there is a big discrepancy between Burke's deduction and this, for example, in Burke's cannon telling not only was the couple killed, but everyone except himself (supposedly). There are some significant differences between them but what's important is the continuity: That the manor was overrun by a mob and people died.
But the weird thing is that in that historical period, would there be such a big riot in Britain?
A search for riots in Britain around that time shows some potential candidates:
Swing Riots were a widespread uprising in 1830 by agricultural workers in southern and eastern England, in protest at agricultural mechanisation and harsh working conditions. This time period is a few decades before the time suggested by his appearance, but there is a long gap between the end of his deduction story and his time as a hunter, so there is a significant possibility that these riots could be responsible for what happened.
The Bread Riots 1847 to 1867. Resulting in the price of bread rising steeply, and this, in turn, led to a feeling of discontent. Ultimately rioting broke out against shopkeepers and angry citizens. These riots take place later on and are less likely to be the cause of the one faced by Burke and the DeRoss family.
Both of these riots may not be directly related, but the poor working conditions at the time which spurred these riots may have played a role in the one we see with the manor. It is possible the DeRoss family was simply swept up against an angry mob that held destain for those of a higher economic status due to conditions for those in poverty at the time.
(!): It’s Miss Teros and likely the boy that came with the workers.
  1. Sentinel - Ah, such a long wait, but they’ll be back, won’t they?
Archive 3: Archived drawings of a strange humanoid structure. Lots of new parts that look like weapons were added.
(According to the background story that may be changed,) Later the manor received a new owner. The new owner was different from the previous family, but he was willing to take in Burke, who had lost his job and "family". Burke continued to work at the manor, doing some basic reconstruction.
He continued to experiment in the manor while waiting for the family in the past to return here. He blamed himself for their disappearance because he was unable to protect them as he always wanted to do. In the second Bonbon deduction it's revealed that Burke created him in part to help with "babysit" the kids, the 6th deduction shows that he tweaked the bomb function in order to help defend the kids who had a tendency for wandering in the dangerous poacher filled forest.
But BonBon wasn't set to protect when the attack happened, so the family was defenseless. Burke took refuge in his safe room, but for whatever reason (whether it be out of stubbornness, fear, or simply that Burke possibly never informed them of the place) the family faced the threat head on. After this disaster, Burke refused to commit previous mistakes, he added a large number of weapon parts to his machines - new and old. He built them to possess immeasurable firepower, so that even children can be protected. Maybe they will never come back, maybe they will return to the manor tomorrow. With this idea, Bark has been waiting, gradually aging, and making himself look completely different from the past through modification. But if they do have a return, seeing Burke today, could they even recognize that this was once their talented architect, that this was once their "family"
As it turns out Burke's hope isn't entirely misplaced. The name of the father of the DeRoss family is Dennis (as he is referred to), however in other characters deductions there's mention of another character in the family who commonly goes by "Barron DeRoss" and is known to be the owner of the manor. (@sky5memo on Twitter proposes something interesting)
((Please note that this was originally in Japanese and was translated by the previously mentioned Pascal, again links for him are down below)). He states that Barron de Ross may actually be the (supposedly) adopted son we read about in Burke's deductions - implying that he never died. The evidence to support this theory can be found in Martha's character day letter to Barron DeRoss where she writes:
"Do not forget the tragedy that happened to your family."
In addition to this the Second Anniversary Pack. Contained within it some pretty interesting information. Contained in the pack is a story titled "Letter to an Older Brother", from the DeRosses' daughter. The title of this letter itself implies that the son eventually became welcomed into the family if he wasn't their child to begin with.
In the letter is this quote (please keep in mind that Pascal translated this from Japanese, but it originally had to have been translated it from Chinese, so it may be a little off):
"Please don't blame yourself for the death of my parents; You loved them even more than I did, didn't you? And I know you tried your hardest to help them, too. The fact that I'm even alive now is proof of that."
This essentially cements the fact that Dennis DeRoss and his wife were killed by the brutal mob depicted in Burke and Bonbon's deductions. The boy viciously fought to protect the daughter which would explain how she survived.
As for Martha's letter, if we assume that Baron DeRoss is actually this adopted servant boy, the statement regarding the tragedy that befell his family makes more sense.
In addition bonbon's 9th deduction reveals that in the mob attacking the manor there were "familiar faces" in the crowd. While this may be referring to the dangerous poachers that had been seen by the family before, it makes more sense that it was the family of the servant boy as it was extremely likely that the mob took place due to issues of economic status and class. In an attack like this, a servant family would be more likely to participate than some poachers.
To summarize this part: we can theorize that the young girl and boy both managed to escape the attack from the mob thanks to courageous actions from the boy. The boy seems to blame himself for the death of the parents and the young girl wants to console him for it stating that he loved them even more than she did. This boy could have grown up to become Barron DeRoss, however this is not 100% certain. There's also the possibility that all the characters who mention Barron DeRoss are referring to the father before the incident took place.
In addition other letters from different characters reveal more information about Barron DeRoss.
Jack for instance notes in his character day letter that his mentor - James - was good friends with Barron DeRoss, however, due to a weakening body, he wasn't able to go meet him in person and thusly sent Jack in his stead.
In addition to The previously mentioned quote from this letter about not forgetting the tragedy that befell the Barron's family- Martha's letter contains more interesting clues. It appears as if she sent the letter regarding a job opportunity that seems to have some sketchy undertones. She essentially asked him to create for her a new identity in exchange for working for him.
The magician's letter reveals that Baron DeRoss decided to get in contact with servias about a “missing gentleman”. Not much is revealed about the context of this.
In Robbie's character letter which is sent from an nun from the orphanage where he attended it is revealed that the Baron is an expert in mental illness (it is possible the mental trauma experienced by his sister due to the mob incident spurred him pursue this field of study, or conversely if the Baron's identity is the father it's possible that he was already an expert in this field). it is also stated that he may intend to donate to the facility - showing that he's a man of wealth.
This is just a simple summary for these character letters, and I will explain more about them should I do videos on their character stories individually, But what they essentially reveal is that the Baron is a powerful man. It's unknown if Burke finds out later in his life that anyone survived the attack, But the last piece of information were given from Burke's perspective is that he's waiting patiently at the manner in hopes that they had survived, an in hopes will one day return.
This regret Burke feels is reflected more in some of his other Twitter responses:
(Translations sourced from Pathcal)
Response to the Valentine's day event
"I see, today was Valentines’ Day, was it.
Thanks for doing all this for someone like me.
It’s almost like… like having grandkids…"
“So Burke-san’s face looks like this…”
"Why, have I never shown it to you?
Well, it’s fine either way.
Appearances are, for both people and machines alike,
Just ways of hiding that they’re empty inside.
All that’s important is what they’re like deep down, and nothing else."
“Every time I see this skin this is what I think…… I wonder if Grampy Burke is feeling hot…… Don’t get burned okay… Take care, Grampy Burke……”
What in the… No need for worryin’!
Why, to think you’d care, what a sweet grandki……
… Wait a minute, I don’t remember having grandkids!
Extra little tidbits:
This is just an interesting interaction from the Twitter account I couldn't really tie in elsewhere -
“So Burke-san’s face looks like this…”
"Why, have I never shown it to you?
Well, it’s fine either way.
Appearances are, for both people and machines alike,
Just ways of hiding that they’re empty inside.
All that’s important is what they’re like deep down, and nothing else."
There's something to be said about recognizing the importance of what's on the inside. Burke never was really fascinated with appearance despite how he probably looked rather attractive in his youth. (Joseph could take a lesson from him) ((and I oop-))
His character day hasn't happened yet but I'll probably make a comment for it when it does. Till then I'll put down what I know
The character day is: November 27th
His occupation: architect
Interests: Machines, mechanisms, buildings
Talents: Machines, mechanisms, buildings
dislikes: People who destroy buildings and use the facilities without permission
Likes: Machines, mechanisms, buildings, VODKA (yeah boys)
Burke is one of the few hunters with a known surname, along with Bane Perez, Joseph Desaulniers and Leo Beck.
He is 1 of only 3 Difficulty Level 3 Characters, the others being William Ellis and Yidhra.
Now that I'm nearing the end I think I'll propose my answer to one last question - what's his purpose in hunting? If I were to guess I would say that in his eyes his hunting is done to protect the manor. He wasn't invited here to kill people, he may not have been invited here at all, what's known for certain is that he never left, he's always been here. He spent years regretting his decision to watch everything happen in hiding, in this time it's not going to be that way again. Everyone else is invading his sanctuary and this time he's not going to hide. He'll fight to protect his home.
I want to give credit to these people for a lot of the information presented here.
马一甲 on Sharelib and Lofter -
I talked to them previous to making this asking them for permission to include some of their research. Provides background information on the historical context for mad eye and historical context (a lot of the information contained in here is translated and contained within this analysis, this was a massive help and I strongly suggest you support them)
Mayousailor on Twitter -
Has amazing translations for basically anything from the game you'd ever want to look at and provides a few theories of his own. Translates character deductions, letters, tweets and more.
Sky5memo on Twitter
Constructed a few of their own theories (these theories were translated by Mayousailor above)
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2020.09.21 03:24 1speedbike [SOTC] Quick reviews/thoughts on frags from a few of my favorite houses!

Hey everyone! Ive been collecting for about 5 or 6 years (though my frag journey started earlier than that, in high school), and I've been part of this community for I guess almost a year now. This is my first show and tell post. I just wanted to share my collectiona from some of my favorite designers / houses, which happen to mostly consist of heavier, cold weather fragrances as we roll into autumn and the weather cools down. Its not my full collection (I do plan to post that at some later date), but I've become quite a fan of these particular houses so this encompasses almost all my absolute favorites. I'll give some brief thoughts on each fragrance. Hope you enjoy!
Heres the collection!
Not sure why the pic is coming out kinda potato quality, it definitely looks better on my phone. I'll try to fix it.
Edit - I think I got the pic to be a decent resolution. Also - in reviewing my post, there are a buttload of spelling, grammar, and syntax errors. I did this all on my phone, quite quickly, but I think I got my point across for all of the frags, so i won't be combing through the post to fix minor mistakes if that's cool with everyone. I appreciate the feedback recieved thus far, and hope my thoughts and mini-reviews help people find frags you love!
Issey Miyake
John Varvatos
Parfums de Marly
I also own galloway and Sedley, but not full bottles so I refrained from incorporating them here.
Thierry Mugler
Thats all for now! Thanks everyone for looking and feel free to share your thoughts!
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2020.09.20 04:27 IndustrialPigg Autumn.

Have you ever been in a love-hate relationship with something? I mean a REAL love-hate relationship, where feelings of disgust can immediately be followed my bliss, sometimes, they can be felt at the same time. Well, this is the relationship I have with Autumn. The smell of the fall air, watching leaves change, the perfect temperature, apple cider, Halloween, it would be heaven on earth if it hadn't all been ruined for me 8 years ago.
September 24th, 2012. A month and a half prior, I had turned 16, and because I lived in a semi-small town, nobody truly cared if I drove around on a permit. Because of this, I had agreed with my best friend, Aaron, that I would drive him to school every morning. Aaron and I had been friends since 5th grade, and no matter if we were in the same classes or not, we would make attempts to see each other every day at school. Luckily, that year, which I believe was our junior year, we had the same first period class, which was English.
On the 24th, our English teacher had previously told us we would be watching the film version of "A Streetcar Named Desire", a book we had finished reading for class. Instead, Aaron and I decided to watch the film beforehand on our own, and head into school late that Monday. By 8 AM, I had pulled up to Aaron's house, rolled down my window, and asked
"So, what are we gonna even do for the next two hours?"
Aaron's mom didn't work, so we couldn't stay at his house, and my little sister was home sick, so we couldn't go to mine.
"Corn field?" He suggested as he got into my car. I shrugged my shoulders and headed off toward the cornfield.
The corn field was a part of a big local attraction. Every year, Mr. Jilson transformed his farm into an autumn haven. Pumpkin picking, multiple haunted attractions, food stands, and a gigantic corn maze which was pretty easy to get into from a side road, and was frequently used as a party spot for the local high schoolers.
As we drove to the field, I noted to Aaron that there was an odd amount of adults driving around, including probably 70% of the local police force, they all appeared to be looking for something.
"Do you think they're looking for us?" Aaron asked in a mock nervous tone.
"No dumbass, attendance isn't even taken for another five minutes." I answered seriously.
After I pulled my car over on the side road, Aaron and I walked through the small patch of trees, then pushed our way into the corn maze. Aaron used his backpack as a chair in the dried mud, I made a face at him for it, and he gave me a knowing smile in return.
"You know, my dad was being weird as hell last night." Aaron began, "Around seven, he got a call from some of the other firefighters, and looked depressed as hell the rest of the night."
I hadn't noticed my parents acting out of the ordinary because I spent 80% of my time at home in my room, on my computer.
"Do you think maybe a kid went missing, and we won't be told until later?" I asked. Aaron gave me a worried look and just shrugged his shoulders.
For a good 45 minutes, Aaron and I sat there, listened to music, and talked about rumors that had been floating around at school. We were talking about how the school librarian allegedly was dating one of the other junior boys, when we started to hear yelling come from the direction of the farm house.
I quickly turned off the music coming from my phone, Aaron jumped to his feet, and we both strained our ears to see what was going on.
"There! it's going past the cotton candy, use the fucking bow!" We both heard. Aaron made a comment asking if it was Mr. Boyd, the local pastor, but I shushed him (it was).
"Corn maze, it's going into the corn maze!" we heard another voice yell, this time it was Mr. Kline, the manager of the local Walmart.
I started to motion to Aaron that we needed to get back to the car, but I completely froze as I heard another sound. It's hard to really describe, it came from about 200 yards away, but it was loud enough that distance didn't really matter. It sounded like a bear, mixed with a fox, with the added high pitch whine of a fucking chainsaw, it was pissed.
Aaron and I were both frozen for a good few seconds, but I came to as my heart began to pound, I hadn't even seen the thing yet, but knew I was in a chase for my life. I grabbed onto Aaron's purple hood, and started to pull him towards the edge of the corn field, but it didn't matter by that point.
You gotta understand, the thing didn't make a damn sound. Its footsteps were completely silent, for reasons you will soon understand, the fact that we didn't hear it coming defied all logic. Eight years on, and countless failed attempts of repressing the memory, I will attempt to describe the incident second by second, even though it all felt like it was over in a flash.
I turned to my left when I started to pull Aaron away, and the second I did, was when it finally came into view. "Into view" is being generous, I only saw its head and left "arm". The thing had small patches of black fur randomly covering parts of its arm, its pink fleshed elongated head was close to the ground, so it was clearly hunched over. It had pin prick eyes, and a gaping maw for a mouth. Behind it, about 10 feet, was Mr. Kline, his uniform torn up, holding a metal black bow.
Suddenly, its arm shot forward, clamping its bowling ball sized hand over Aaron's head. I had already turned away, shamefully beginning my sprint back to the car without Aaron, leaving my friend behind. I heard four sounds as I started to push through the edge of the corn maze. The first was Aaron's bloodcurdling scream, the same scream that took 4 years of therapy to shove out of my nightmares. The second was a mix between a large crunch, and a stomach churning squish. The third was what sounded like a large "THWAK" from what I assume, was the bow and arrow. Finally, I heard an anguished squeal from whatever had just taken my best friend from me.
Tears of sadness, anger, and fear ran down my face as I stumbled through the trees, and towards my car, unexpectedly, my father was just walking away from my car, and toward me. He roughly grabbed my arm, opened the back door, and gently placed me inside the back seat. He then sternly said "stay there" as he shut the door, and jogged into the corn maze.
I sat in the fetal position for a good twenty five minutes. My head rested against the window, so I could hear parts of the conversation that followed.
"...took far too long to find something so important."
"The consequences fall on you both."
"None of the traps worked!"
"I am not afraid to bring this up at the town hall"
"...outdated measure of success"
"Innocent blood is on the council's hands, and it nearly included my boy's"
"Fuck the cage, let's just kill it" followed immediately by "You know we can't"
Because of the shock I was in, I couldn't tell who said what, and I was unable to hear anything else after that. My father then came back to my car, and drove me home. For the next few days, I just sat around my house in a daze, I couldn't even bring myself to accompany my family to Aaron's funeral. Finally, when I was in my right mind again, I started asking questions, but every time I did, I was immediately stonewalled. My parents clearly were trying to not be too harsh about it, but this was something they were not going to budge on, and I seethed over it. When I threatened to start asking people about it on Facebook, they took away my computer and phone. My rage simmered after about a month and a half, when I was desperate to go back to school, or even be able to leave my house.
This will probably enrage some of you, but I never really investigated at all in these past 8 years. Flipping between being too afraid, and wanting to just forget the event altogether, I have since just left it alone. I don't know what attacked us that morning, nor do I have any idea what the men who saved me were talking about, I'm sorry, I just needed to be able to vent exactly why I hate autumn.
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2020.09.20 02:40 lalasugar Clarification: SDF is not Anti-Sexworker

  1. We are not anti-Sexworkers per se. We have always been of the position that sex-workers should proudly embrace who they are on their own numerous sex-worker forums, instead of crowding out sugar dating forums (and bringing more competitions to themselves by converting SB's into sex-workers). In contrast, some on SLF seem to think "escort" "prostitute" "sex-worker" are dirty words; a person who thinks those titles are "insults" obvious wouldn't be able to assess realistically where herself/himself stands. We have always stated that while being a prostitute is usually detrimental to a girl's own physical/emotional health and safety, prostitution serves an important social function: societies that make sex too hard to come by for young men tend to become radicalized.
  2. Marriage, Sugar-dating, and prostituion/"escorting" are just different ways of doing the sex-for-resources exchange. Engaging in sex-for-resources exchange is the natural condition of a female primate: monkeys and apes all do PPS (Pay-Per-Sex). The difference between Marriage/Dating vs. prostituion/"escorting" is not whether the husband gets kicked to the couch for forgetting to buy wife's birthday gift or whether the husband gets laid for doing dishes or buying a new fridge or buying a new vacation as the wife requested (all forms of PPS), but whether the wife is pimping herself or the husband pimping her to other men.
  3. Prostitution is the original PPS sex-for-resources exchange where a female is engaging multiple males. Marriage (both mutual monogamy and polygyny, and dating for facilitating match) was invented after humanity realized that a child could be derived from only one man (not from all the men that the mother was sleeping with), and that caused men to become far more focused on being productive and provide for his own women and children instead of focusing all their effort on being the cavemen version of Pickup Artists; the direct result of that discovery/change was the emergence of civilization (initially the original agricultural revolution some 10,000 years ago). Then society out of self-preservation, decided to call the earlier one-off polyandry sex-for-resource exchange "Prostitution."
  4. Demanding payment for platonic date is literally the original meaning of Escorting, before prostitutes took over the term. As recently as two decades ago, one of the best selling cars in the US was the Ford Escort, which had a long very popular run from about 1983 to 2003 (millions sold, comparable to Civic, Corolla, Accord and Camry). . . obviously Ford had something akin to platonic arm candy in mind, not naming a car after prostitutes. If an SD has to pay the girl for platonic date to prove himself not to be a John, then does an SB have to prove herself by putting out without being paid? All this talk of proving through not getting sex or not getting paid is rather silly and symptomatic of ignorance about the real issue: sex-for-resources exchange is fundamental to human intersexual relationship (sexual reproduction and sexual dimorphism), and female primates actually love to earn resources via sex! Instinctively so! When she is putting out for only one man, she can enjoy the exchange all she wants and getting taken care of without having to worry about proving not to be a prostitute. OTOH, if she is juggling multiple men, no amount of "proving" is going to convince any of the men to invest in her. BTW, it's rather ironic for the clarification for a "sex-positive" rule on SLF to demand no sex on some dates. Did they mean "sex-working positive"? Even then, the advocacy for sex-working on a forum that attracts young female readers seem to be counter-productive for existing sex-workers themselves: competition would drive down price.
  5. "The business end of the spectrum" is silly talk. Even the frequently posting "experienced SB's" on SLF instinctively know that is prostitution: a few days ago when a girl innocently asked the forum what to feel about her "SD" recommending her to other guys, some of the "experienced SB's" on SLF very eloquently told the girl that the guy was treating her like a prostitute. Damn right! If "the business end of the spectrum" were anything like a normal business, then of course customer referrals would be much appreciated instead of being frowned upon! Your dog-groomer would love you for recommending her to your friends; your massage therapist would love you to recommend her to your friends. Sugar-dating is not at all like a normal multi-client-serving business! "Traditional sugar-dating" is traditional (i.e. stood the test of time) for a reason: the other end "of the spectrum" is prostitution; after the juggling gets started, as the woman's best physical features fade over time, she would inevitably have to juggle more and more, and men would be less and less inclined to invest in her.
  6. We can get a glimpse of the difference from the simple fact that a client to a prostitute is called a "John" but we don't have similar "Alice"/"Jane"/"Chelsea" name for the provider. Why? Because women are attracted to men who are very experienced and able to handle her just like he had handled others (her man having had Alice/Jane/Chelsea would actually be a positive for her, and she can always be sure whatever child pops out of herself is her own); whereas men tend to be very turned off by being treated as an interchangeable. "John" is simply derived from how she treats him due to her juggling multiple Johns just like him.
  7. Some girls might ask, how is it fair then a man can have multiple women but a woman juggling multiple men is a no no? The answer: it is no more unfair than the fact that millions men are wiling to pay girls to be SD's whereas hardly any women are willing to be SM's to men. The asymmetry is due to biology: sexual reproduction is precisely for the purpose of having multiple women matching the small subset of men in each generation who show signs of carrying good genes! Fundamentally, it is the lesser men who are the victims of this sexual selection game . . . but less cruel than if children have to be born to every lesser men then having to starve to death or killed in a far more brutal competition.
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2020.09.18 13:11 dagodfather11 Day in the omnitrix S3 E4: Doggin

(O 10 tower)
Wildmutt: The prophecy is true
(Wildmutt gets up and leaves in the elevator)
Stinkfly: Anyway...
(9 to 5 by Dolly Parton starts playing as we see Wildmutt walking past 3 buildings and is about to go into the ice cream shop when he gets call on his omnitrix. He looks down in annoyance)
(Plane, right above Incursion alien trafficking base. Wildmutt takes a big puff out of a cigar and as the beat drops, so does Wildmutt. It doesn't take long for the ground forces to notice him, so they start opening fire upon him. Wildmutt, blank faced as ever, activates his nano shoulder pads and they both combined into a jetpack with wings and Wildmutt rockets downward into the danger, dipping and dodging through the blaster fire)
(Once he gets close enough, he disengages his jetpack and goes into a dive kick. He lands it square into one of the guards face and because of the speed of the kick, his face is now meat slush on the wall. Wildmutt then leaps onto another guard and throws him against the wall, ripping out his throat. He then dodges more blaster fire and retaliates by activating one of his nano pads into his shoulder gun which he fires back with, nailing a guard in the eye and another in the throat. Another guard comes up on him and tries to attack him, but Wildmutt grabs his arm and snaps it, elbows him in the gut, uppercuts him, grabs his legs, does a backwards body slam, rolls over his body, bits his head off, and throws it at the others as a distraction)
(He uses the opportunity to vault over the table to get cover. The Incursions start looking around. Wildmutt notices that he's been hit in his side, but he pays no mind to it. He pops out both of his shoulder guns. He leaps into the air and caps 2 guards in their faces. He hauls ass to a door while avoiding the shots. He shoulder charges the door, knocking it and a little bit of the wall around it out. He quickly lifts up the door and charges the rest of the guards while using it as a shield. He then grabs the door handle and then throws the door with the force of god and it decapitates one of the guards against the wall)
(Wildmutt charges the 2 of the 5 remaining Incursions. He slides under them both. He then punches a hole through one and trips the other, finishing him off with a neck snap. He then grabs one of their blasters and stands on his hind legs to shoot 2 of the guards and disable the last one. Wildmutt drops the gun and in a desperate attempt, the guard tries to attack Wildmutt with his tongue...Wildmutt catches it and looks at the Incursion with disappointment. He pulls the guard towards him, then back kicks him. He pulls him back again, then he punches him. He pulls him back a final time, only to grab his face and do a spinning face slam into the ground, ending the song and the guards life as his face is completely squashed into the floor. Wildmutt looks at his bloody hand)
Wildmutt: "Clean kill"
(Wildmutt shakes off the blood on his hand and doggy shakes the rest of the blood on his body away. He then barges into the bosses room)
Incursion boss: Wait wait WAIT!
(Without hearing a single word he says, Wildmutt shoots him with his shoulder gun. He then releases all the captured aliens, and then he leaves. Completely unfazed about what he just did)
(The Rath house, oval office. Rath is sitting at the desk arguing with Water hazard. Wildmutt walks into the room angrily at Rath)
(Before he could finish, Wildmutt clocks hims across the face. He grabs the case, nods at Water hazard and Water hazard does the same. He then leaves)
Water hazard: Must've got in the way of his ice cream time. He doesn't fuck around with that shit
(Wildmutt then makes his way back to the ice cream shop but before he walks in, he gets another call on his omnitrix. He punches the ground and then answers the call in acceptance)
Gutrot: Hey, we need you to come in. Big important meeting tonight so we can't just set a normal lackey to...
(Wildmutt hangs up. He looks at the ice cream shop and then to the case of money. He then throws the case on the roof of the ice cream shop in frustration, then leaves)
(The cloud, Gutrot and Pesky dust base of operations for their drug ring)
Pesky dust: Bro, you sure we should've brought him in?
Gutrot: I'm just making sure that if the deal does go south, we can get out of it in more then one way
Pesky dust: You better be right about this. (He looks at one of their henchmen) You, go get me some tea. Sweet and that shit better have ice
Henchman: Yes ma'am
(The henchman goes wide eyed as he realizes what he just said. He turns around and Pesky dust is right in his face)
Pesky dust: The fuck did you just say?
Henchman: No no no, boss please, it was a mis...
(Pesky dust flicks him on the forehead, filling his head with his fears. The henchman screaming at the unimaginable nightmares jumping in and out of his head. He finally can't take it anymore, so he takes out his gun and shoots himself in the head. His body falls down to the floor)
Gutrot: What the fuck Dust!
Pesky dust: What? He called me ma'am!
Gutrot: Yeah I know, but when that usually happens, they end up going in the white room until their same again. The fuck did you make him see?!
Pesky dust: Look I'm tired of this shit happening, I am a fucking dude, and the next person who says otherwise, I will kill my damn self!
(Wildmutt comes into the room. He looks around and notices the body. He looks at Pesky dust in confusion and the walk off to the meeting room)
Gutrot: (looking at 2 more henchman) Clean this up, make sure no one disturbs us
10 minutes later
(The meeting. Pesky dust and Gutrot sit on one side of the table. Wildmutt is curled up at the end of the table. Wildmutt looks at Gutrot in annoyance)
Gutrot: Look, they should be here any second
(The door at the opposite end of Wildmutt opens. Bullfrag enters. Wildmutt pops up in shock)
Bullfrag: Whoa whoa what the fuck!
(Bullfrag pulls a gun on Wildmutt and Wildmutt points one of his shoulder guns at Bullfrag. Pesky dust and Gutrot do the same, both drawn on Bullfrag. Wildmutt growls at Bullfrag)
Gutrot: Little early for this isn't it Frag?
Bullfrag: What the hell is this Gut! Why is he here?!
Gutrot: He's here as a precaution just incase shit went sideways. Seems I made the right call
Bullfrag: Do you know who this is? This is the son of a bitch that just took down one of my cashes!
(Pesky dust and Gutrot look at Mutt and then back to Frag)
Pesky dust: Was it one of your cashes, or one of your "off the record" projects?
Bullfrag: Does it matter? My cameras caught this guy dropping in from a military grade jump plane!
Pesky dust: The fuck Mutt?
(Pesky dust turns his gun on Wildmutt. Wildmutt then stands on his hind legs and points his other shoulder gun at Pesky dust)
Gutrot: Dust what the fuck are you doing?
Pesky dust: Did you hear what he just said, Mutt might be a fed!
Gutrot: We already don't like Frag, so you're really gonna trust him?
Bullfrag: Oh fuck you Rot!
Gutrot: Now hold on now, you may be lying but trust me, these shots are no joke
(Four arms walks in the room through the open entrance with his taydenite pistols trained on each person in the room)
Four arms: I just got here and you guys started without me?
(He locks eyes with Wildmutt)
Four arms: Mutt?
Wildmutt: Quad?
Four arms: (surprised that he's speaking) WHAT THE FUCK?
Wildmutt: (looking at Dust and Rot) Why the fuck is he here, I told you not to bring him here when I'm here!
Gutrot: I thought since you knew him, the deal would go a lot smoothly!
30 minutes later
(Outside of the cloud, nightfall, Four area's truck. Wildmutt lays curled up on the hood. Four arms walks up)
Four arms: So...that was something
(Wildmutt is Silent)
Four arms: Were you ever gonna tell us?
(Wildmutt still quiet)
Wildmutt: Got nothing to say
Four arms: Your a fucking mercenary
Wildmutt: I'm a lot of things
Four arms: That's not helping. You know I have to tell the guys right?
Wildmutt: I wouldn't advise that
Four arms: What, you gonna kill me?
(Wildmutt looks at Four arms with agreement)
Four arms: What the fuck man!
Wildmutt: Look, I'm just saying, it would be best to keep my life out of theirs
Four arms: They can handle it
(Wildmutt pops up)
Wildmutt: No the fuck they cannot. The things they l go through on a daily basis, is breadcrumbs compared to the shit I've been through.The things I've seen, the things I've done...
Four arms: The people you've killed
Wildmutt: It's never personal. I don't enjoy it. Everyone has to be good at something, I just landed on being discreet and killing's just a job
Four arms: Yeah, I get that. My hands aren't exactly clean either
Wildmutt: I'd be surprised if they were. Hmm, while you're over here integrating me, what was that meeting for?
Four arms: Well, we've been colliding for a while. Gutrot and Pesky with their hallucinations, sell like hotcakes. Bullfrag mostly moves coke, but as you know, he does some extremely shady shit off the record. Wildvine got out of the game 2 years ago. He made the most money with the green he cooked up and once he was set, he was out. Then there's me
Wildmutt: (confused) What, you move meth?
Four arms: Nope...candy
Wildmutt: (baffled) Oh you fucking mad man
Four arms: Like you said, it's just a job
(They both laugh)
Four arms: Look, I'm not gonna tell the rest. But they'll figure out sooner or later
Wildmutt: Trust me, they won't
Four arms Why you say that?
Wildmutt: Because I been at this shit for the last 9 years and your just now finding out about it. Off of convenience by the way. Speaking of, shouldn't we get back to the meeting?
Four arms: Oh no, the meetings done, total failure, no peace. They actually gave me a 5 min head...
(They are then fired upon. Quad and Mutt let out a flurry of "shits and fucks" as they get in the truck and drive away)
Wildmutt: Give me a heads up next time!
Four arms: Come on, don't act like you haven't been shot at before
Wildmutt: I have, doesn't mean I enjoy it!
Four arms: Come on, let's go get Grey and play some poker
40 min later
(O 10 tower, Four arms and Wildmutt are taking the elevator up)
Wildmutt: Remember, not a word
Four arms: (frustrated) Yeah yeah...I got it
Wildmutt: You good?
Four arms: No, it's just. Something bugging me about Grey. He doesn't seem right
(Wildmutt looks down, contemplating. The elevator stops, and they walk out)
Four arms: Hey guys, found a stray
Ghostfreak: There he is, where's Grey?
Four arms: Not showing, where's Blast and Sticky?
Ghostfreak: Asleep and on a date with his girlfriend
Four arms: Huh, so it was true.
Xlr8: Yeah, now get over here and get ready to chow down on these fajitas
(Four arms sits down at the table with Upgrade, Ripjaws, Diamond head, and Ghostfreak. Wildmutt curls up in a corner)
Ripjaws: These fajitas are the shit Xlr8
Ghostfreak: Yeah they're good, got nothing on a jailhouse burrito tho
Upgrade: The fuck is a jailhouse burrito
(Stinkfly then comes in from the sky opening)
Four arms: Someone's happy
Stinkfly: Hell yeah, I just had the best sex of my life!
(The O 10 look at each other)
Diamond head: That's a high statement
Stinkfly: Yep, she is amazing! Had me doing positions that I didn't even know existed, AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING
Xlr8: Aye simmer down there, some of us are trying to eat
Four arms: No, shut the fuck up. I am the only one who understands and respects Stinkys game. I'm proud of this man. Finally got a real girl, and she smashes good, my man is winning
Stinkfly: See, thank you, glad someone recognizes a player at work, and the cherry on top, she's on her way up for round 2
Four arms: Hell ya! That's my....
(The elevator dings, and out steps a tetramand woman in minimal reveling nightclub outfit. She goes wide eyed as she makes eye contact Four arms)
Four arms: (baffled) Daughter?!
(The entire O 10 stare, unholy amounts of what the fuck being expressed on their faces)
(Diamond head slowly slides Upgrade a $10 bill)
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2020.09.17 22:52 penguinasscheeks am i being stupid?

using a throwaway bc people irl know my main. anyway, i met this guy on tinder(i know a lot of FDS hates tinder sorry) and we ended up talking a lot. now, i have been an avid FDS lurker and supporter for half a year or more now, after regrettably being a libfem before and making poor choices.
so my standards have gone through the roof, i love myself more, i don’t take shit from men anymore. back to the guy. i told him i wanted to wait until i felt like my eating disorder was under control to date and he was ok with that. we played games, called, and hung out (with masks) a few times. then a month later, he asked me to be his gf and i said yes. he was super sweet.
he’d buy me random flowers, candy he knows i liked, a stuffed animal snail which are one of my favorite animals, he was respectful of me and my friends and agreed with me on every topic about feminism. we talked every day. 1 1/2 months into the relationship, he started going downhill. he would sleep in until 1 or 2 pm, stay up late into the night. i told him continuously to go to bed sooner and set an alarm. he was depressed, and i knew that.
i told him i was there for him and i’ve been there (dear GOD, i’ve been there) but if he can’t go into therapy then he needed to try some things to help himself. hence a baby step. waking up. i would call him in the morning to wake him up for a while but he would go back to sleep almost every time. i finally put my foot down and said he’s on his own for that. he understood.
i made his favorite cake for our 1 month and prepared strawberries, whipped cream to go with it. i told him it would be ready and prepared that day. he said sounds good. however, when it was done, he was ASLEEP. i woke him up and i was pissed and crying. he ended up not coming because i told him not to. he told me i never set a time for him to come and he didn’t know it would be ready so soon or something.
argument two: we were going to hang out and i was waiting ALL day to hang out. finally at 7 or so pm, i called him and he texted back saying “sorry i’ve been up a while. i’m just not in a good place” and then didn’t respond a while. i started panicking because my texts stopped sending. i went to the worst and started having a panic attack. i was crying, i called his friend and told him to text him.
ANYWAY, turns out he was fine and just wasn’t receiving texts. after that rollercoaster of emotions, i just wanted to talk to him. he said he didn’t feel like talking.
so i broke up with him. i told him he was treating me poorly and just because he’s depressed doesn’t give him a reason to treat his own gf so poorly. he said he felt i wasn’t “open armed” enough for him to talk to me about it and i didn’t understand. which is extremely upsetting because he knows what i’ve been through. so i told him i was done. he ended up coming over and we talked and he said he still wanted a relationship. i told him to work on himself and we’d see bc i still care.
i’m SO sorry how long this is i just felt like context is needed. am i being stupid for being on the fence about it?
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2020.09.17 19:09 sfsd5 advice in the middle of the venn diagram

i was thinking about a couple recent posts in the context of this one:
and i figured rather than do any meaningful work for the next 3 minutes i'd write this. this is from my experience of a decade in the bowl and the dozens of really good friends i've made of both genders. it applies equally to SDs and SBs. the point of the whole courtship / seeking / dating / m+g / etc process is to find someone who actually likes you. someone who likes you for who you actually are, what you actually offer in a relationship, and someone you feel the same way about.
there is no point whatsoever in lying or being deceitful about who you really are. put your best foot forward, yes, but save everyone the time and hurt feelings of having to next or dump you because you aren't who you portrayed yourself as:
be confident. be your best version of yourself. if you need to fudge a bit for discretion, go for it. nobody cares if you're 37 vs 39 or 23 vs 25 or went to yale instead of princeton. but be you. one of the great promises of the sugar bowl is the ability to be honest. if you're in it just for the money, or the sex, or the arm candy, or whatever, just say so. the whole point is to find someone who likes you and has what you're looking for. the sugar bowl is a big place with space for lots of different relationships.
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2020.09.16 09:36 SugarDaddyMeetApp My Best Friend Is a Sugar Daddy. What Is That Like?

First, the numbers.
44: age of my best friend, John
150–200: number of women he has dated since August 1, 2016
2: average dates per week
9: most dates in one week
60: number of women he has slept within that time
48: his oldest partner
17: his youngest partner (her profile said she was 18, officer!)
$12,000–15,000: what John has paid these dates. I don’t mean the price of the outings, the meals and movies, and tanks of gas. I mean the — well, it goes by several names. Stipend. Allowance. Per-meeting cost. It is a strange lifestyle, one of transactional affection, torts and tickers, ships that pay in the night, dinner, and a movie not as foreplay but fee harvesting. My best friend is, in short, a sugar daddy.
Sugar daddies have been around for ages. The term is an amalgam of “sugar,” a slang term for money, and “daddy,” a reference to an older man, and it dates back to the 1920s. The last few years have seen a rise in interest in sugar culture. A Google search for “sugar daddy” turns up nearly 2 million results, with “sugar baby” yielding another 3 million.
Money is, of course, the cardinal rule, but not all sugar babies are Melania Trump types seeking pampering at the hands of billionaires. About half are working their way through college. Others are between jobs, struggling with debt, or simply interested in older men. Whatever their motives, sugar babies are having a moment.
It takes two to Venmo, however, and few writers seem interested in portraying sugar daddies as anything other than rich and powerful Bruce Wayne wannabees. John is not in his 60s. He is well-off but not wealthy. He doesn’t sit on corporate boards, have box seats at The Met, or own a tuxedo. The only person who paparazzos him is his mother. He got into sugaring, not for arm candy but to mitigate the risk of getting hurt (more on this later). He finds his babies on SeekingArrangement, the first and best-known sugar dating site, which was founded in 2006 and has over 3.5 million members, according to some sources.
He joined the site in 2016, and in a little less than two years, he has, in his words, “felt all the breasts — big, small, flabby, perky, fake, real.” Most of the women have been under 30. Many were under 25. He’s dated college students, single moms, middle-agers, and a married couple. Redheads, blondes, brunettes. Asian, African-American, German, Brazilian, British, Mexican, Moroccan, plain old Southern. A bartender, a biochemist, small business owners, exotic dancers, office workers, an engineer, a lawyer, a nanny, “between jobs.”
A fashion model.
A former Playboy bunny.
As with any dating, there have been ups and downs. One woman excused herself during dinner and never came back. One kept texting her father all night, including to ask him what she should order for her meal. One threw up on his bathroom floor. One got drunk, made a list of his flaws, and said she couldn’t wait to see how big his penis was. Some were into bondage, some into DDLG, and one in California still says she is in love with him. They have never met.
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2020.09.16 00:59 dj_warner6291988 Found a Fluff Part 15

Found a Fluffy
Links to previous chapters at bottom of the post.
Arrow the Bat Fluffy for this story is based off the artwork from u/A0ide found HERE After you all read this chapter, Please comment.
Comments about your favorite parts or characters and why they were your favorite parts or characters. Or even your most hated parts and characters, can help me to understand what I'm doing right, as well as wrong in some cases. Or help me further realise things about characters i didn't realize i was even putting in.
And thank you all for reading!!
Also if you wish to be a part of the alerts list let me know. They are now posted at the bottom of the post. As always if i messed some lore or something about fluffies up please let me know in comments or in a message. I will gladly try and adapt as I can. I am still learning. Though I do have a post with my own headcanons and information from within the world. found HERE
Audrey was sitting in the van she was looking worried, but it seemed as they were going along. Everything almost seemed to be going in slow motion for her. Big Papa was looking as if he had a bloody nose, he was said to have broken ribs he seemed to be trying to rest. Audrey was shaking, Arrow nosed under Audrey’s hand and nuzzled as if trying to get the Human to pet her.
Audrey picked up Arrow and nuzzled her trying to find comfort and answer in what was happening.
It was another hour. Her sitting in the waiting room with the boxes of both Bessy and her babies, and Milly and hers. Arrow in her arms trying her best to comfort and cheer up her Human.
Some people had noticed her, one child had tried to ask Audrey what was wrong but their parents pulled them back whispering that it's not right to ask that of a crying person.
Little tomato baby began to peep and cry again. Audrey looked down; she didn't even realise she was still holding the bottle and sniffled picking up the tiny foal she gently rubbed its belly as they drank hungrily.
Arrow sat on Audrey’s lap watching and when the small baby it seemed seemed to fuss and fight with the want to eat she got close and took the foal beginning to clean them and hold them… helping like she seen Bessy do with the little ones when they were too little to do it themselves she helped the little one empty some things then nosed them back to Audrey, “ bedder now.” She said softly knowing Audrey was still needing something to focus.
After a bit the Vet lady came out, “ok… he is stable… he is… honestly i don't know how he isn't dead yet. Or how he managed to walk home with a broken leg and a busted rib. But he is strong it seems and will be alright.”
Audrey let out a sigh of relief, and smiled, “Thank you.”
She smiled, “of course, and since we have the others here, you still want me to get the little ones up to date on shots and give that little one in your hands a look over?”
Audrey nodded, “you think we can-”
Before she could finish her sentence there was a voice, “Hay stop!” and someone falling over something.
While Big Papa hobbled out from the hall behind the lady and over to Audrey he sat between her legs like a well trained fluff. The aid ran out after him then looked amazed, “oh… ok…” they slowly went back in.
Arrow lept down, hugged him, and began to groom her father as if to try and calm herself down as well as comfort him.
Audrey relaxed a bit, “ya lets get that all done since we're here. No point in wasting your time.” she seemed a bit sheepish for having panicked so hard.
“Mama look at him, he looks like a night sky, can i pet him?” the child in the waiting room asked.
“Hus child. No. He is hurt, do you see his cast and bandage?” the mother pointed out.
Some people were recording with their phone mostly as a Look who uses my vet office thing, and others showing video of the wounded fluffy and tiny runt alicorn in Audrey’s hand.
After this… it seemed a relatively quick visit. The foals all being spayed or neutered and all given shots. All but the alicorn. they seemed to be too weak for any surgeries. But they were looked over and after given their shots it was recommended some antibiotics for them.
Bessy had been stressed watching the vet very intently and at first had even escaped her box and head butted the vet in the ankle to protect her babies. Audrey had to hold her after That.
Milly it seemed was very meek but watched with worry as her babies were given shots and such. And after a check up it was deemed the poor thing had an infection in her throat as well as something called cobblestones in the back of her throat that made it very hard for her to talk.
Before Leaving Audrey opted to have all the Fluffies Chipped and tagged so even the babies had collars upon their neck. She did not want to risk anything further. And when they got home… she took to the internet. Figuring with the help of many eyes she may have the best chance to find Taffy then any other.
She had been given a few suggestions and some tips. She quickly went to lock the window realizing… they had spent so much time at the vet…it was dark. And, she still did not have her car. She swore under her breath as Big Papa hobbled over to her.
“Awdwy otay? Awdwy need huggies?” he seemed to look sad.
Audrey sighed, “I… I think I'm going to camp out here in the living room with you tonight.” she admitted biting her lip, “Maybe we can watch a movie and eat some spaghetti what do you think?” she offered, her voice still sounding sad and almost melancholy.
Mocha perked up as did the 4 of Milly’s bebeh’s, “Movie! Skettehs!!” they cheered.
Audrey put in a care bear movie from her youth. And made some spaghetti to share with the herd. She brought out some pillows and blankets from her room so she could sit in the middle of the room and rest there… Doing her best to try and insure that all of them were safe and sound.
Audrey seemed to not have a great rest. She seemed to have woken up every 2 hours checking on all the fluffs. And feeding the one she deemed Tomato.
By morning she had already dressed knowing full well she wasn't going to get any sleep. She had checked, double checked and triple checked all the windows to insure they were locked and safe. She had refilled the auto feeders and topped off the water bowls. She had washed the dishes, remade her bed and cleaned everything she could without waking the fluffs.
When they woke up she gave both Mato and Milly their medicine, and spent a little while playing with them and the others making sure she spent time playing with each and every one. She noticed the 3 cow fluffs from Bessy were starting to get their horn nubs. The little girls had the same type of horns as their mother it seemed with the color of their dad, but their brother.. He had the two horns on each side. But also one dead center of his head. The black and white foal seemed to be hornless.
“Three horns?” Was Burney part unicorn? She shook her head and she would inform Pete later… right now she had a fluff to find.
“Ok everyone, it's almost noon. I need to get down to that shop and get my car, I'll take Mato with me since they will have a few feedings between then and now. Everyone be safe, and I will be back before dark. Milly i will get you your medicine when i get back.'' She then picked up her purse and used an old scarf to make a sling to put Mato in it and put a bottle of milk in her purse in a small lunch bag to keep cold with a Syringe bottle for the tiny fluffy.
Audrey locked the door behind her, then went down and explained everything to the landlady in detail this way if she saw Taffy at the door. Or if she saw someone coming in with them they could be let in or she could get them.
She began to speed walk to her car when she got a call.
“Hello?” Audrey answered her brows frowned, “No… he isn't a green fluffy with yellow hair, was there not a colored picture on the flier?... ok well does the fluffy your asking about look like the one on the flier? … Ok… so why do you call and get my hopes up? … ma’am I'm sorry your fluffy is old, but I at the moment live in an apartment and have several fluffies of my own. I AM working on a shelter but have not gotten that up. Try calling an actual shelter.” She hung up. And growled finally reaching the car.
She got in… just in time for another call to come in… same person. Audrey ignored it. She drove as safely as she could with her little passenger to the location with the hotdog vendor. She went down the ally and when she heard peeping she paused frowning. This light pink mare was not her Taffy.
Audrey knelt down and held out a hand seeing her collar. “Hay there Are you lost?”
THe mare seemed hesitant; she looked about then up to Audrey and got up. She had 5 babies on the blanket she tried to cautiously walk over and sniffed Audrey’s hand.
“Ou be nu Mamah?” they asked with a hopeful look. Audrey smiled and gently scratched behind the other’s ear and tried to get a look at the collar.
There were no tags. Audrey frowned, “I don't know dear. Would you like to come with me to a friend's place? We can try and find your Mamah or Daddy?”
The mare smiled and leaned into the scratches seeming to happily nuzzle Audrey.
“What is your name dear?” Audrey asked gently looking over to the foals, They seemed to have 2 unicorns of semi-decent colors, a brown foal pegasus, and 2 earth fluff babies. All looking in decent health.
“Candfwuff.” she answered looking over to her newborns, “Wan see Candfwuffs Bebehs? Deh is pwetty bebehs.” She spoke proudly trotting over to sit beside them proudly. There was… what seemed to be someone’s lost hoodie laying in the bottom of the crate to help cushion the bottom and help keep the babies warm.
Audrey could feel the light chill in the air… she couldn't keep doing this. But.. her heart hurt, “Is it just you and your babies here Candy?”
She shook her head, “Nu, Candyfwuff’s specew fwen wen for Nummehs for Candy so can make watsa Miwkies for bebehs.”
Audrey smiled, “Well he sounds like a very good Special friend for you then. Shall we wait here for him to come back?”
She smiled and nodded, “Pweze mamah. Wait for Candyfwuffs speciew fwen come back.”
Audrey in her new pantsuit she usually now always went out to sit beside the crate and pulled out Mato and began to feed him a bit, Trying her best to stimulate some things… remembering being scolded by Arrow for not doing so since he was so little.
Candyfluff seen the small one in Audrey’s hands and quickly snatched them away and brought the fluffy to her own nest and set them down as if he had been hers all along then gave puffed out cheeks to Audrey, “Why bebeh so tiny?”
“Before I got him he had a bad mumah. I've been trying to help him drink but he is so little he couldn't latch onto the ladies back home.” Audrey was still a little shocked Candy snacked Mato from her.
Candy sat up and looked down to the little one and tried to move them closer, “Hew bebeh, Twy get miwkies. Candyfwuff wub all bebehs.” She said happily.
Mato chirped happily, “Fank Ou!” they made their way over and tried their best to latch on. They seemed to have some difficulty but oddly enough almost soon after were latched and drinking happily. It was then that Audrey noticed that Candyfluff was a bit smaller in size then even Milly… Younger maybe?
“Who Ou!” a male’s voice called out.
Audrey’s eyes moved over to a Green stallion who had some dandelions and what may have been trash found veggie tops in front of him where he set them his head positioned so his horn was almost pointed at her.
“Booger! Dis nu Mamah! Deh wait For Ou so whol famwy hab new housies.” Candyfluff said happily.
The green stallion apparently named Booger kept his head slightly low and began to sloooowly position himself between Audrey and the Crate. He would then look back at Candy and the babies and his eyes would water happily till he saw the red one suckling and he would narrow his eyes and look at them, “Who dis? It no Smew same as odder bebehs, No smew wike deh Dadah?” he stated as if trying to think of what to do.
“They are mine. They had a bad mumah who was going to hurt it. But I was going to keep it. Candy here offered to feed them.” Audrey explained she now felt a little anxious. But then seen the Stallion sit down as if trying to process something and needed more brain power to think then to stand.
“So...ou wan Candyfwuff and Booger and bebehs to go wif Ou so Candy Can feed Ou bebeh? Ou Gib Candyfwuff good nummehs and wet bebehs hab gud home?” he looked behind him...there were some tears in his eyes.
Audrey couldn't help herself. She picked him up and gave him a gentle hug, “Oh you poor thing. No that isn't it. I came out here looking for a fluffy I lost but I'm not about to let a new Mumah be out here when cold times are coming. You're going to be safe. I may have to move sooner than I planned so as not to cause problems for my landlady, But i promise I won't let anyone bad get a hold of you two or your babies.” she gently nuzzled him.
Booger… struggled at first.. Then sniffled… then began to cry turning his face into Audrey’s chest and just letting out what seemed years of Tears and sadness, “Booger be Gud fwuffy. Booger no wan fight. Booger will pway nice wif odder fwuffies pwamus.”
She could feel his ribs, “Oh sweet thing i know. You're ok. I got you… let's get you and your family to my car. Get you all safe and snug in the carrier i have there so you can travel without getting hurt ok?”
He sniffled and cried but apparently needed carried, Meanwhile Candyfluff was putting her babies and Mato on her back and following along to the car she looked up to her Stallion with worry but let Audrey carry him.
Audrey put them in the fluffy carrier she had in the back for mocha and others during car trips, it was a newer one padded and had a small food bowl in it and a guinea pig style water bottle. At first the food bowl was empty but then Audrey put in some of the Dry Kibble in it for the two adults, “There you are you two get comfy. I'm going to give one last look about the Ally for Taffy.”
Upon hearing the name Booger looked over at Audrey with worry. But she hadn't seen, already closing the carrier and beginning to set the car up with the air temp on, and radio with the fluffy songs on it.
She got another call after setting up her car, she answered, “Hello?” hopeful.
“HOW DARE YOU IGNORE MY CALLS!” Audrey hung up again, and rolled her eyes. She had no time to deal with idiots who got fluffies and were unable to care for them.
She began to look up and down the alley. Hopeful to find something then… seen what looked to be a matted dog, “oh geez this area needs help…” She huffed and shook her head.
The creature whose fur was all matted saw Audrey and squeaked running away. But at the moment there was no sign of Taffy. She frowned and turned to head back to the car.
Then another call. Audrey was getting fed up with this and she answered without looking, “Look Lady. If the Fluffy you Have is NOT the one on the Poster i don't give two cares if You can't keep it. I live in a Apartment. I can't help Your Fluff is a Senior And i Can't Help you kept a fluffy till then and NOW can't Afford to Have him put down, I'm Not a charity. Not Yet anyway. You don't need to be calling me 30 times in 15 minutes and when I don't answer find another phone to call me from am i Clear?!” she growled into it.
Rainbow suspenders on the other side, “Uh… clear but i'm not a lady nor do i have a fluffy?”
Audrey sighed and facepalmed, “Oh god damn. I'm sorry… had some lady calling me from the number on the Lost posters… I swear i'm half tempted to find out where she lives and put sugar in her gas tank.”
There was laughter on the other end, “holy shit remind us not to piss you off. Anyway our Boss wanted to know how much for that placenta you wanted. Since we didn't get it off you yet.”
Audrey sighed and shook her head, “Again i'm so sorry… But ya. Meet me over at my apartment, bring the vet lady again if you can, I found more. But one has a collar on so i think they may be lost. And… i don't know how much did your boss say you could give me?”
“He said he is putting his limit at a few million…” Idiot in the background said.
Audrey paused and thought, “Actually that much could probably help me move things along so i'm not stuck waiting for the offer on that house.”
“ we will be right over then.” Rainbow suspenders stated.
Audrey got in the car and sighed.
“Ou fin fwuffy? Nu Mamah?”
“No Candy, I didn't find him. But… i hope he is alright. It's a very scary city out there. And I don't know what mischief he could get into.”
She drove home ignoring the other calls figuring it was best to let them go to her voicemail for now. She would Part outside her building and wait rubbing a temple. The vet lady showed up first before the Hasbro Dogs.
“I hear your selling?”
Audrey rolled her eyes, “only the placenta. That has been in my freezer for almost a month now. They are not about ot get any living samples from me.” She huffed then open up the back door and carrier.
The Vet looked in, “Aw… I know you dear.” She reached in and gently picked up Candyfluff.
“You do?” Audrey sounded confused.
“Ya her owner used to always have me come to his house and give her check ups, he always wanted to know how soon she could breed and all that. He apparently was trying to get what he called the perfect fluff.” she shook her head, “How are you candy dear?”
“Candy… candy daddeh kick her out cus he no fink Candy hab pwitteh bebehs. But Nu Mama fink Candy hab pwitteh bebehs. Nice wady fink candy hab pwitteh bebe to wite?” she looked back at the carrier worried.
Booger was standing over his 5+1 Foals Cheeks puffed and watching the Vet.
“They look lovely dear and very healthy. So do you. I'm guessing that is to this little fellow here? He must have been very good about keeping you fed and safe wasnt he?”
Booger seemed to lower his head a little, not pointing his horn yet, but seemed untrusting of the nice words.
“Your ok Booger. This lady helps me keep all the fluffies healthy.” Audrey explained, “She won't hurt your babies or Candy.” Audrey explained then looked ot the Vet, “Can you get ahold of her old owner see if it was a accidental tossing or something? I don't want to be considered a thief you know?”
The vet smiled and nodded, “Oh i can call him now.” She called the man and after him calling the Vet lady every name but her own and then some… it was obvious he wanted Nothing to do with candy and promised he would sign her over if someone came to him with paper work.
“Well...i can get that covered tonight. Lets get these littles up todate on shots they are to little to have fixed but i can visit again in about a week or so from now.” The vet smiled.
Booger seemed less trusting when Cotton was placed in another carrier along with Mato as if he was worried they were going to leave him and the babies behind but when The vet lady picked him up and gave him shots. He was lashing about, and Audrey had to help hold him down. But when it was done and both Candy and Audrey were hugging him and cuddling him telling him how brave he was and how they would keep him from getting sick. He calmed a bit.
The babies were next they just needed more huggies from their mother. By the time they were done the Hasbro dogs were there.
“Perfect timing. Help me bring in the new Brood, and careful they just had shots.” Audrey chuckled.
Heading in the landlady met up with Audrey, “Did you find him?”
Audrey shook her head, “no..but i found this lady who just had her litter and we contacted her old owner but…”
The landlady sighed, “Audrey you know i cant just let you keep taking fluffys in.” she crossed her arms.
“I'm working on getting a new place. I Will give my word as soon as i'm able ill move them all out of here.” Audrey sighed knowing she really was pushing the limits.
“No more… till you move got it?” the land lady said sternly.
Audrey gave a nod, “You have my word.”
With that the new brood was able to be brought up to the apartment.
Big Daddy was watching from his chair so he already knew what was coming he sat waiting a cast on his leg and eyes on the door.
Audrey smiled, “Hay everyone… one new mumah to add to the group. I'M sorry… and i promised even the land lady that this will be the last group to come up to this apartment. After this we will be moving… as soon as we can. Though…” She felt a bit guilty, “I do hope we find Taffy before then…”
Arrow came over sniffing the carrier she lept back and Hissed with wings open when the horn hit the inside of the cage.
Audrey gasped and picked up the carrier holding Booger, “Hay Easy, She didn't mean anything by it she was just trying to see you.”
The vet open the carrier with Candyfluff and her babies getting her set up in the mumah corner.
“Hewow Nu fwens i Candyfwuff. Me am Happy meet nu fwens.” she looked at bessy and Milly’s babies and her eyes sparkled, “Ohh Ou boff hab pwetty bebehs to!!”
Milly after hearing this pirked up a bit, and a squeak of a voice for the first time since her coming there, “Fank...ou…”
Bessy smiled and seemed quite proud, “Bessy bebeh good bebeh, And If nu fwen need hewp wiff miwkies Bessy hab wats for all bebehs.” She stated proudly.
Mocha was watching all the babies with wide eyes and seemed to bounce around happy that there would be more to play with and hug and teach.
As the three mothers bondedand fussed and talked about their babies Milly piping in every so often, Audrey was carefully opening the door to Booger’s cage, Arrow keeping a eye on him, and Big Papa watching from the chair.
Booger slowly came out from the carrier, he had his head lowered as if a defence position he grew up learning, however he did not have his horn pointed at anyone. He seemed to relax a bit only seeing Arrow… and bessy… and milly and one brown stallion, He seemed to relax and raise his head a bit then… he smelled it and his eyes went wide.
Big Papa came down from his chair, “Hewo Booger.” he hobbled over a bored expression on his face.
Booger sat and lowered his head… he began to make a mess, “Big bue…”
“Booger no make bad poopies on fwoow we hab twittew box.” he shook his head as if disapointed.
Audrey looked between them, “Ok… you two know one another….”
The hasbro dogs cleared their throat. Audrey looked over “Right… sorry.”
She left to pull out the frozen bio waste and get the check.
Mean while Big Papa sat down and watched Booger, “So… Ou got bebehs now?”
Booger sniffled and shook his head.
“Not Ou Bebes?” Big papa tilted his head and began to look about, “wawe is Ou Bwuddah? Bow?”
Booger began to look down with a hung head, “Bawky monstah…” he said.
Big papa gave a nod, “Ah… Sowwy Booger.” He looked over to Candy Fluff and the foals, “Deh His?”
Booger gave a sad nod.
Big papa gave another, “Deh safe here Booger. Ou safe To. Dis gud hooman. Deh keep word.”
Booger gave a nod and tried to whipe away a tear, “Seen Taffy…” they said quietly glancing to the humans then back to Big Papa not sure if they knew or not.
“Keep dat to sewf.” Big papa said still looking about the room at the group.
Booger gave a nod and watched as Audrey after getting paid ushered the Two Dogs out, and the vet who was putting the bio waste into a lunch bag to keep cold.
“Neba been in housie befur.” Booger stated looking around.
Big Papa Smiled, “me show Ou wound.” he chuckled and began to hobble around and show the other ware everything was while Audrey began to clean up the mess that was now on her floor.
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This is the last Part that these two will be added in. After this these two below will no longer be linked with new chapters of Found a Fluffy.
Big Daddy’s Day out , ware he handles dealing with Taffy turning slightly smarty (ABUSE Warning!!)-Here
First Part to Side story “Trash Taffy” ware you can fallow his adventures- Here
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2020.09.15 23:56 Environmental-Art168 My Shitty Life

(Trigger warning, abuse, self harm, depression)
Hello, I'm the oldest of 3 and somehow became the burden and forgotten child of my family, I'm not sure where exactly to start and I can't really remember much because of memory issues so I'll start at childhood. My dad was a marine honorable discharged and would often use corporal punishments on us such as spanking us with a handmade wooden paddle he made, a belt and make us sit in an invisible chair with our arms stretched out for hours and if we fell down or our arms fell down he'd scream in our faces and make us do it again, that was only the beginning of the abuse, one time I accidentally fell asleep in my parents room and he woke me up with smelling salts and one time dumped cold water on me because I fell asleep during the day. I prayed they'd get a divorce everyday and when I was 11 they separated, but the emotional and verbal abuse didn't stop there and even happened when I was forced to go over to where he was staying at the time(family friend's parent's house.) I had to go to the ER twice due to my eye swelling shut from poison ivy going into my eye, and I wanted to go home with my mum but when I went out to the parking lot she told me "no, it's your dad's weekend" and she drove off in the car with her boyfriend(B) and this happened twice where I got abandoned by my own mum
When I was at my dad's for every other weekend it became awkward and I started to develop a fear of eating in front of people which I still suffer from to this day, so I'd barely eat and one event that started my PTSD was idk what it'd even be called. But one night I was sitting in bed at my dad's watching tv with the lights off and my dad was at his girlfriends or something and the door opens and the family friend(male) walked in and hopped on the bed next to me and asked "Wanna fool around" at this time I was 14 or 15 and I was super uncomfortable moving towards the wall with him getting closer and then laughing in my face saying he was joking and left. That event made me so uncomfortable when my younger brother(13 or 14) came into the room minutes later I told him but he didn't really do anything except say "wow we need to tell dad" but nothing came of it and he still doesn't even know, not that it'd matter because he probably wouldn't believe me anyway. But after that my mum met her first boyfriend, we'll call him Boyfriend B. He seemed nice at first but once we moved in with him things started to change, he took my bedroom door off because I locked it once, and called me a bitch for no reason and treated his own daughter like a princess while she locked her door constantly, and snuck out and drank while underaged but I was the bad one, we moved out of his place when I was in the 10th grade and moved to a new place.
I was and still am extremely quiet and my social anxiety had only gotten worse and felt like everyone was laughing and making fun of me, which a few did such as a popular girl rudely asking if I knew what a shower was in gym class once and I frequently cried to myself in my closet(my father taught me that if I cry in front of someone I'm weak) and I began self harming and contemplating killing myself and it only got worse after an event involving a close friend. I asked my closed friend(H) who I began to have feelings for and thought she was single so I asked her by making a cute note that asked if she'd go out with me with the whole check yes and check no and I got it back with a check yes and was so happy then the next day and texted when our first date would be and she said "Sorry but I forgot I had a girlfriend I still see her at anime club" and it broke me it was the first time I asked someone else and a male friend got worried about me and called the cops and I woke up at 5am by the police at my door and was sent to a mental hospital for a week at 16 years old and spent 8 days there. After I got back to school my friend's group dissolved and Friend H was no longer my friend as it felt too awkward to even look her in the eye or talk to her, she did message me on Google hangouts asking what happened but that was the last time I talked to her.
By the end of 11th grade we have gotten evicted from our apartment in Mount Joy and my mom drove me to her friends house, a complete stranger to me and she abandoned me there where I had to listen to her friend and his girlfriend have sex almost every night and if it wasn't that it was his daughter crying not wanting to go to bed. When my mom came over one night her friend got new speakers he blared it loud and I asked if he could turn it off cause my mom was asleep and he got into my face saying “is this your house?” “Do you pay the rent?” “Whose house is it? Right it's mine” I felt so humiliated and my mom didn't even defend me, I cried silently with my head under the blanket wishing someone would actually care about me. The next incident was maybe a week later and my mom wasn't there, I was asleep in a light sleep when her friend and girlfriend came in drunk, and again they had sex and I tried my hardest to drown it out with music but my one earbud broke and I started playing music as loud as I could when he came out and told me to grab my shit and go, which I did. I was trying to contact my mom and tried to figure a way to get to my grandparents and even thought about hitchhiking when he came out telling me I can't be doing that and I need to help around the house, which I been doing and his girlfriend told him not to blame me but to blame my mom for just leaving me here. I still have flashbacks to that month I was basically left there all alone
Then we moved to a duplex in a city and from 18-19 my panic attacks turned into panic disorder to the point I couldn't even be in my own room without having a panic attack, and that's when Boyfriend P who my mum met while we moved into the new place after Boyfriend B well Boyfriend P moved in after Christmas and me and my siblings were against it but it didn't matter what we said he moved in anyway. By this time my brother had moved out even though he was 17 and would later find out he was unofficially adopted by his friend's mum. So it was just me and my sister there, I was supposed to be doing my last year of high school but my mum never set me up for the cyber school program and kept blaming me that I didn't want to get vaccinated to be able to go into the program to my grandma yet she never told me when the appointment was and had no way of getting there without her. And then on May 18th, 2017 a fire destroyed the duplex and a few days before I was already at my dads with a few items and when the fire started I basically lost everything, my drawings, books, DVDs, a birthday gift I got from a friend and a console I got from my dad that I played on for a day before the fire. And then I started talking to who I refer to as Psycho, he was a guy I met on a site and started talking to and was planning to meet one day but he stood me up and claimed he got heat stroke and soon spiraled down into a psychopath who would blackmail me with my own explicit photos and videos saying if I didn’t have sex with him he’d post them online and to my family and it got worse to the point I had to tell my dad, I feel like he still tries to contact me and my sister. Then I went on my first date with a man I think 30 or something he was shorter than me and we went to two movies to Kmart to browse then McDonalds I ended up hugging him goodnight and never heard from him again.
After that Me, My dad and sister had moved in with his girlfriend and it all started to go to shit, I was practically free labor to them, I had to rake their entire backyard, shovel their entire driveway while my dad stood on the porch and watched criticizing every thing I did. Dad's girlfriend would make a long ass list of chores for me to do every morning and If I didn't do the chores good enough she'd bitch at me for doing nothing even though there were 4 other people there who didn't do anything. I'd have to clean the ferret cages when others were around doing nothing, had to take the trash out, and on new years eve I got kicked out because dad's gf claimed she came into the room told me to get up and she'd "teach" me how to rake the yard and just went back to sleep yet I don't remember her coming into the room or anything(at this time our door was taken off because of a stupid rule of no eating or drinking in the room yet her daughter did it and still had her door) and before this I had gone to the ER due to an infection and was told to rest so once again it was bullshit and I was shipped off to my mums who I currently live with. Recent events that happened were my mum's bf bitched at me over a $1 candy bar telling me it was for his lunch yet he has a whole damn pantry full of candy bars, and then when my sister came over after just getting out of a mental hospital Bf P calls her a little bitch for defending me and she comes into my part of the house(live in the addition of my mums house which is basically my own apartment) crying and I was about to run over and confront him but if I did I'd likely go to jail so my sister called my dad and he came over and we found out Boyfriend P is a heroine addict and we stayed the night at dad's.

Sorry for the long post just venting my shitty life, some memories aren't in here due to memory issues so I might edit if I remember anymore shit or future shit that happens

*Edit* I just remembered one thing that happened while I was living with my dad, and it was the fact I was crying to myself and self harming and my dad tells me my depression is fake, then another time while we are eating dinner he tells me to show the table my cuts and says "the next time you self harm you should use the bearded dragons claws" and this is coming from my father the one whose supposed to care about me.
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2020.09.15 23:50 Sarcastic_Username19 Any Episode Ideas Part 13

Y'all know the drill by now!
Lots of Ice King ideas this time, hope y'all are fans of ol' Simon!
Link to Part 12's Ideas:
Sweet Peppermint: Peppermint Butler disguised as a game show host, puts on a fake game show and invites Tree Trunks and Mr Pig. Despite them being terrible at the game, Pep rigs it so they win and gives them a free vacation with no kids allowed. Peppermint Butler (as himself) calls up Tree Trunks soon after and offers to babysit Sweet P for free. TT and Mr Pig agree and go on their vacation. Pep uses Sweet P's Lichyness to aid him in his newest dark magic schemes.
Candy Agents: Princess Bubblegum forms a secret team of elite agents consisting of Finn, Jake, Marceline, Rattleballs, Colonel Candy Corn, and BMO. PB sends them on various missions to defend the kingdom. But can this group work well as a team?
Candy Defenders: When PB starts relying on Marceline more for missions than Finn and Jake, Finn and Jake race Marceline to complete a new task for Bubblegum first. Basically the Bubblegum simp contest episode.
Comic Makers: Finn, Jake, Ice King, and Pudding Troll start making comic books. When Turtle Princess tells them the library only has books and not comics on the shelves, they open a comic book shop. Various people of Ooo come in and want different kinds of comics so they start writing many different kinds of comics to sell to as many people as possible.
Literary Haunting: Ice King decides to stop writing Fionna and Cake fanfiction and instead write original stories with original characters. But he starts being haunted by the ghosts of his old genderswapped characters.
Marcy and Betty: Betty enlists Marceline's help on a mission to learn more about the Ice Crown and how to cure Simon. Betty starts using immoral methods to get closer to her goal so Marceline protests. This causes Betty to question Marceline's devotion and love for Simon. Got the idea for that episode while making this post about Marceline and Betty:
Finny and Betty: Finn goes to Betty to learn more about humanity before the Mushroom War. Betty tells him stories of humanity, her childhood, her life, and dating Simon.
Saving Meat Man: When Meat Man is in danger of being eaten in a starving village, Finn and Jake go to him to escort him out safely. In the end, Meat Man decides to sacrifice himself and let the starving villagers eat him to save the village.
Lumpy Burglars: Lumpy Space Princess tricks Jake into helping her rob a jewelry store.
Junior's Identity: Jake jr starts copying more of Jake's personality traits. Jake notices this and finds out Jake jr doesn't know who she is so she keeps copying her dad. Jake sets out to help Jake jr find her individuality.
War Hungry: Phoebe's war hungry brother Flint secretly tries to escalate a war with the Slime Kingdom without Flame Princess knowing until war breaks out.
Follow Your Dreams: Princess Cookie and Jake help all the people in the Candy Kingdom Mental Hospital fulfil there dreams.
Finn Cake Gang: Someone steals the secret recipee for the Finn Cakes. Finn knows that the only person he can trust on the mission to track the recipee theif down and understand the mission's importance is himself. So he and Fern go to Prismo and bring versions of himself from alternate dimensions back to Ooo. Finn, Fern, Fionna, Davey, Shoko, and Farmworld Finn team up to track the thief down. Speaking of alternate Finns:
Finn Cake Retrieval: When Lumpy Space Princess eats a Finn Cake, Finn and Fern know its up to them to enforce the rule that only Finns get Finn Cakes. Finn and Fern shrink down and go inside LSP to get the Finn Cake before LSP digests it.
Princess Time: Takes place within the first 5 seasons. Finn and Jake pretend to be princesses and go to Ice King. They act super rude and annoying in Ice King's castle in an attempt to make Ice King not like princesses anymore so he stops kidnapping them.
Lumpy Wingman: Lumpy Space Princess gives Ice King a makeover and helps him score with princesses.
Gunter Love: Ice King realizes princesses love cuteness, so he uses Gunter to score with princesses. The princesses agree to dates with Ice King, but Ice King gets upset when Gunter keeps stealing all the princesses' attention.
Ice Park: BMO and Ice King try to turn the Ice Kingdom into an amusement park.
Five Short Arm Stubs: A graybles episode with 5 different short stories revolving around 5 different characters reactions to first seeing Finn armless: Princess Bubblegum, Marceline (who relates with her daddy issues), BMO (who likes the flower arm and wants his own flower body part), Ice King, and Jake. Jake's isn't actually his first reaction to the missing arm obviously, his short is just about him supporting Finn and he even strecthes his arm to look like Finn's in solidarity.
Apocalypse Panic: Finn and Jake find a capsule with a man inside it and open it. The man is a human who was accidentally frozen right at the start of the Great Mushroom War. The man thinks he woke up on an undiscovered part of Earth and doesn't realize how much time passed. He tries to warn people that theres a nuclear war and thus the apocalypse is coming.
Unregistered Princesses: The princesses of Ooo try to force all the unregistered princesses (as mentioned in Princess Day) to register or quit but the unregistered princesses won't listen.
Jake the Car: Jake shapeshifts into a car and enters a car race.
Road Trip: Jake shapeshifts into a car again and takes Finn and BMO on a road trip. Jake must drive over dangerous terrain to get to their destination.
Race to Save Jake: When Jake is in trouble, Finn goes to rescue him. Tiffany sees this as a chance to become Jake's best friend again so he tries to stop Finn so he can rescue Jake himself.
Kingdom Jealous: After more candy people move to the Fire Kingdom, a jealous Princess Bubblegum goes to the Fire Kingdom to see why people love that kingdom so much.
Bounce Exiled: Bounce House Princess reveals to Finn and Jake that she was exiled from the Bounce House Kingdom years ago after she befriended a porcupine and brought it back to her homeland, causing mass destruction. Finn and Jake decide to help Bounce House Princess get her banishment lifted and her title as princess restored. Bounce House Zuko, I guess. This episode would retcon Bounce House Princess's fear of that porcupine in Astral Plane and explain why she lives there.
LSP's Shopping Spree: To attract more tourists to the Candy Kingdom to help the economy, Princess Bubblegum opens a new mall in the Candy Kingdom. On opening day, the first eight customers get to spend 30 minutes putting as many items into their cart as possible. They get all those items for free. The first eight customers are Ice King, BMO, Slime Princess, Lumpy Space Princess, Starchy, Choose Goose, Tree Trunks, and Mr Cupcake. When PB sees Lumpy Space Princess, she is worried because she knows how crazy she is. Bonnie sends Finn and Jake in to stop LSP from being too brutal to the other seven lucky customers while they are racing and fighting over the products.
Lumpy Fashion: Lumpy Space Princess opens a new clothing store and tries her best to find all her customers fashionable clothing that suits them well.
Phantom Skaters: Jake takes Bronwyn to an old giant abandoned skate park for her birthday. They skate around and soon realize the ghosts of dead skaters are haunting the place. They must skateboard to safety.
Teen Friends: Since Finn doesn't have many friends his own age, Jake has Bronwyn introduce Finn to her teenage friends. But will Finn get along with them?
Hybrid Kids: Dr Gross finds out about Jake and Lady Rainicorn's kids. She is fascinated by them. They are much stronger hybrids than any of the artificial hybrids she has made. Dr Gross kidnaps Jake's kids so Finn, Jake, and Lady Rainicorn go to rescue them. Meanwhile the pups get to meet some other hybrids (the ones Dr Gross made).
Lessons From Lady: Takes place in the first five seasons. Ice King finds out that Princess Bubblegum's best friend is Lady Rainicorn. Ice King kidnaps Lady, planning to force her to tell him how to win Bubblegum's heart. Unfortunately, IK finds out that Lady speaks Korean so he can't understand her answers. He tries to learn Korean and Lady ends up helping him learn the language. After several lessons, Lady gives him a Korean language test and IK passes. He is so happy he forgets the original reason he kidnapped Lady. IK lets her out of her cage to celebrate passing the test and Lady then beats up IK and escapes.
Sun People: Some sun people who live on the sun move to the Ice Kingdom. Their heat causes parts of the Ice Kingdom to start melting, angering Ice King. The melted ice water runs to the Fire Kingdom, hurting the fire people. Ice King and Flame Princess team up to make the sun people leave.
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2020.09.15 22:10 RedEdSpaghetti DDLC Broken Skies The Novel

I have re-written my original Broken Skies story in a rotating first-person narrative. Each chapter will feature a different original character's viewpoint. I have also added a lot of new content. I will probably post some each day as there are currently around 45 chapters (some are short). It starts out a little slow, but definitely builds towards the end.

Ah! Back to school time has arrived. For Kishi, a young man entering his third and final year of high school, it will have a different start than any other year he has had. He started high school as somewhat of a hermit. His parents had divorced, and Kishi withdrew into his room spending his time watching anime and playing video games. This was made easier by the fact that his mother had gotten a promotion at work that required her to leave for long periods of time. He might have become a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) had it not been for the persistence of his childhood friend Sayori. Her pestering got him to visit her club - the Literature Club - who needed one more member to be recognized by the school. While he almost didn’t join, he found that he couldn’t disappoint the 4 young ladies when they used their sad, puppy-dog eyes on him. But, he soon started to develop friendships with the girls. He has not regretted his decision to join the club.

Actually, Sayori tricked him into visiting the club with the promise of cupcakes. She also played upon his guilt of having drifted away from her by spending so much time in his room. They had been called “inseparable” in their younger years, bonding initially when Kishi bought an ice cream for the little girl who “looked so sad“. The sadness that she had that day was due to a punishment for eating too much candy. Later in life, sadness came in the form of depression, which she managed to hide very well from everyone. When she finally revealed her affliction to Kishi, he urged her to seek help. She was reluctant, having tried it years before when “everyone said it would help” but it didn’t. Eventually she gave in and, with the help of Dr. Shitori and the club members, was able to make great strides in achieving a better life. She still has a problem comparing herself to others, but the club members do their best to keep her thoughts from getting her down. She is the vice-president of the club, having been the first to join after being invited by the founder, Monika.

Monika is one of the most popular kids in their class. She is a standout student as well as a star performer on the tennis team. She is always busy, between practice, studying and running the club and, last year she even started playing the piano! Most people think that she has a perfect life, but Kishi has noticed a couple of times that maybe things aren’t so great.

The third girl in the club is Yuri. She was very shy when the club started but, with a lot of encouragement from Kishi, she began to become a bit more comfortable in social situations. It was a shock to the club members when, one day, her sleeve got caught on a desk and slid up her arm revealing many scars! Although she tried to hide them immediately, she knew that she had to explain. Her self-harm had begun shortly after she lost both of her parents in accident. It became her way of dealing with the pressure when emotions overwhelmed her. But she has done much better as she has grown in closeness to the other club members. They might not understand the cutting, and they might not enjoy the horror novels that she spends so much time reading, but they have accepted her as she is and now she doesn’t feel “weird” around them.

The final member of the club is the cupcake maker, Natsuki. A devotee of manga, a type of comic book by some people’s definition, she probably got her love of cooking and baking from her favorite manga series, The Parfait Girls. She kind of knew that Sayori was up to something when she was asked to bring cupcakes on a “non-special” day. Then, she was a little irritated when the new member turned out to be a boy, but softened a bit when she discovered that he also enjoyed manga. Although most people are put off by her abrasiveness, Kishi just accepts it and seems to enjoy sparring with her in verbal jousting. That abrasiveness comes from the fact that she is a small girl who always feels the need to prove herself. Therefore, anytime she feels that someone is criticizing her or doubting her ability, she takes it personally. This almost led to the club being fractured on a couple of occasions. Although, she and Yuri are like night and day in a lot of aspects, they were able to overcome some of their differences, aided by the fact that Natsuki lost her mother near the beginning of the previous school year. That gave them some common ground. However, her father has had trouble dealing with the loss of his wife and one time ended up giving Natsuki a black eye. Although she tried to hide it, Kishi found out about it. The other members tried to get her to go to the police, but she refused, saying that it was a “one time thing”. So far, that has been true, but things are far from rosy in her house.

And so, the Literature Club is about to reconvene for its second year. There are a lot of questions ahead. Four of the members will have to decide their immediate futures after graduating. Monika and Yuri are certain to go on to university, but Kishi and Sayori have not made any decisions in that regard. Natsuki still has two years to go.
Monika would love to see the club grow this year so Nat can continue it next year. But they will have to try something different than last year. The event that they held during the school festival was a disaster.


Chapter One: Kishi Gets Back in the Groove


Sayori and I started walking to school together last year. As I see her heading my way, a smile comes upon my face. It looks like another good day for her, which always makes me happy. I have gotten to see the worst of the bad days and it is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

“Hi Kishi”, she says as she skips up to my side.

“Good morning”, I reply “It’s good to see your smiling face on this first day of school!”

“Yeah, I am excited to get back. I have really missed being together with our friends.”

“I agree!”

“What is your homeroom this year?” she asks.

“I have Mr. Date’s (pronounced Da-Te) math class. I can’t say that I am happy about it either. Nothing against him, it’s the math part that I don’t like.” I reply.

“I agree. Math is not a good subject for me either. I guess I am lucky to have history during first period. It’s something that I enjoy studying!”

“Aw! Now you’ve gone and made me jealous. Having history first was so enjoyable last year, although I still managed to fall asleep a couple of times. Fortunately, I didn’t get into too much trouble.”

“Are you still spending too much time playing video games when you should be sleeping?”

“I’ve actually cut back a lot, especially since you got me into the club. You really did save me from becoming a NEET you know.”

“I know, and I’m glad. You’re too nice a person to be holed up in your bedroom by yourself. I am really happy that you decided to stay in the club.”

“I am too. It’s been great getting to know the girls. I can’t complain about the poetry writing either. It was a neat experience last year. Do you think it will be as good this year?”

“I don’t know why not.” she replies. “We survived some bad problems and I think it made our friendships stronger. But, we do have to think about Natsuki and what will happen next year. You should think about some things to increase our membership.”

“Yeah, that’s true. They won’t have a club next year if we don’t get some more kids to join. As long as we don’t have another event like the festival.”

I shudder thinking about it. I can tell that Sayori is also remembering that day. We decided, with Monika’s prodding, to “perform” a poem in front of students who visited our event. It turned out badly when a group of boys were totally disrespectful, talking loudly amongst themselves during the performances, throwing things around the classroom, and even giving a wolf whistle at Yuri. Although Monika did admonish them in between poems, they just ignored her and kept being butt heads. It finally took Natsuki yelling at them to get them to leave. Afterwards, Natsuki and Yuri were upset, saying that it was a bad idea from the start, and that they felt pressured to perform. The conversation got very heated, and some unkind words were spoken. However, we were able to work through it.

“Yeah, we definitely do not want to go through that again.” she says sadly. “Still, we need to do something.”

“You’re right. I’m not much good at that kind of stuff, but I’ll try to think about it.”

We have made it school, and now head to our respective classrooms.


Chapter Two: Monika Resumes the Meetings


The morning session went by rather quickly. I have made it back to the club room where we eat lunch together. It is an example of how we have grown closer over the past year. We girls are all chatting and getting our food ready to eat. I then see Natsuki wave towards the door. Kishi enters with a smile on his face.

“Why didn’t you use your camera? You could have had a picture to last a lifetime”, Natsuki says in a snarky tone.

“Can’t a guy enjoy seeing his friends having a good time?” Kishi replies.

“You seem a bit more like a stalker to me” she shot back with an ornery smile on her face.

Our lunch breaks always seem to fly by when we are all together, and this one was no exception. We parted ways after I set the date for the first club meeting. “One week from today, which should give us time to get settled into our school year.”

Meeting day has finally arrived. Getting through the day was rough due to the anticipation. Once again, we girls have arrived first and we are waiting on Kishi. He finally enters and I decide to tease him.

“We can get started now that the turtle has arrived!” I say.

“Hey!” he protests, “We got let out a bit late. It wasn’t my fault!”

“Sure!” I reply, laughing. “I don’t have a lot to share, but it’s all important so let’s get to it. First up is the membership. While I love the group that we have become, we should also think about the legacy that we leave behind. We can’t leave Natsuki by herself next year!”

“At least I wouldn’t have to worry about my manga collection getting moved around and put out of order!” she says, half jokingly.

I decide to ignore her comment and proceed.

“I would like for all of us to come up with ideas to advertise our club. Also, think about people in your classes who might be interested but need a little nudge or an invitation. Even if each of us only come up with one person, it would greatly increase our numbers.”

“But that wont’ help Natsuki though. All of our classes are year 3 students, so they wouldn’t be here next year either.” Kishi says.

“Ah! I didn’t think of it like that. Well, I guess just focus on the advertising then.”

They all promise to do that.

“The other thing that I want to discuss is our club activities. Last year, we did the poem writing, which turned out to be a blessing as it allowed us to learn so much about each other and grow closer despite our differences in style. We also did the book talks. What are your thoughts about those things, or maybe someone has a different idea for an activity.”

Sayori speaks up first. “I really, really liked doing the poems. I love everyone’s styles and the way we get to discuss them.”

Everyone else nods in agreement.

Yuri adds, “I thought the book discussions went well. No one seemed left out, even though the book might not have appealed to their taste.”

Kishi is the next to speak.

“While I agree that those were very productive activities, there is another thing that we need to consider. Those of us who are in their last year need to pay more attention to their class work this year. Well, Monika, I don’t think you could possibly do that, and Yuri doesn’t have much to worry about with her grades. But Sayori and I could definitely stand to spend more time studying. Could we just back the schedule off a bit, maybe doing one poem a week? And have the presentations on Mondays? That would give us the weekend time if we need it, and would also give us something to look forward to on Mondays.”

I have to sigh. He is like a wet blanket today! “I suppose you do make a good point. This year will be tougher academically and the pressure is starting to build.”

Yuri speaks up next. “How thoughtless of me to not consider your situations. I’m so sorry for…”

“Yuri!” Kishi says. “You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just that you are able to learn things easier than we can. We all have different strengths and talents. It comes more naturally to you and there is nothing wrong with that.”

She turns a bit red and looks down. “Well, not every subject comes naturally to me. I could certainly do better in math but it’s just difficult for me.” she says dejectedly. “I just don’t seem to be able to fully grasp the concepts.”

“Wow, I can really relate to that. I am struggling with math also.” he tells her.

“Maybe we could…” She stops suddenly.

“You were going to suggest studying together?”

“I didn’t mean to be so forward.”

“Come on Yuri, we’re friends aren’t we? I don’t know that I would be much help, but we can give it a try, can’t we?”

“If it wouldn’t be too much trouble.”

“Sure. Let’s try to set something up next week once we get into the lessons a bit further.”

I happen to look over at Sayori and notice a troubled look on her face. That is very uncharacteristic of her. Even though she doesn’t wear her “happy mask” all the time, she is rarely upset. I wonder if she has feelings for Kishi. It wouldn’t surprise me for as long as they have been friends. But, I have to get back to the meeting.

“Well, we have a proposal that has been suggested. How does everyone feel about doing the poems once a week?”

Natsuki offers her opinion first. “Well, it really doesn’t matter much to me as I am not in the same situation as you all.”

“Sorry Natsuki…I guess we tend to forget that sometimes.” I reply. “Don’t be afraid to let us know if we get too focused on our third-year problems. We don’t want to leave you out of conversations.” She waves her hand dismissively.

Sayori speaks up next. “As much as I love reading your poems, I guess we do have to face up to our work. Not that it was good for me to just get by before, but if I want to get a better job I should work on bringing up my grades.”

“Didn’t your grades start to improve last year after you started therapy though?” Kishi says. “I thought that you were pleasantly surprised with you final exams last year.”

“Yes, they did. It really helps when you show up to class more often and can actually stay awake and concentrate.” she says with a weak smile.

“Hey, that’s major props to you for doing what you needed to get better. I am very proud of the progress that you have made!” The rest of us nod in agreement which causes her to blush.

“Well, you all played a big part in helping me and I am very thankful. I’m not sure that I deserve…”

Kishi cuts her off with a stern look. We are all very watchful over her words, not wanting her to fall back into depression.

“Sorry…those thoughts haven’t totally gone away yet.”

“We’re all here for you Sayori,” Yuri says softly, “and we’ll try our best to keep you on track. I believe that you will overcome this!”

“Thanks Yuri. That means a lot to me. I don’t know what I’d do without your help.”

And now there is a dark cloud hanging over the room. It’s as if each of us immediately fast-forwarded to the end of the year when we will likely be going in very different directions. Will we be able to stay in touch if we are miles away from each other?

“Okay, Let’s just go with weekly poems for now and see how it goes. The first one will be due next week. Maybe we can add a book event during the breaks.” Everyone seems to be in agreement.

“If no one has anything else to discuss, I guess we can go ahead and adjourn for today. Feel free to stay and read or study if you want to. I will stay for a little while.”


Chapter Three: Monika Shares


It’s Saturday, but no time for rest. Tennis practice starts early on these days, which is okay when the forecast is hot. I enjoy playing in the cool of the morning much more than the heat of the day. When that ends, I think about the studying I have to do. I have already been preparing for the university entrance exam…so much pressure to do well. But today, my heart isn’t in it.

My parents have really been talking to me a lot lately about my future and their plans for it. Why does it have to be their way? I mean, I appreciate all of the things that they have done for me, but why do I not have any say in my future? It is really starting to bother me. I don’t want to be disobedient, but…

Then, an idea comes to me. I know that the other girls have often gone to Kishi for advice. He is honest and trustworthy, so, maybe he could help me deal with this conflict. I look at my watch. Ten-thirty. Is he even up yet? I know that he often plays video games late into the night, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Well, I guess if I am going to postpone studying, I can wait for a reply.

“Hey, just wanted to know if we could meet together somewhere this morning.”

“I just woke up and will need some time to eat and get cleaned up.”

I send a laughing emoji to him.

“I should have known!”

We agree upon a café that is about half-way between our houses. He got there before me and ordered me a black coffee. Hmm…how did he know that I drink black coffee?

I smile at him. “That was sweet of you, but you didn’t have to do that.”

“Aw, it was the least I could do considering I’ve probably wasted half your day by sleeping in.” he jokes.

“Up late with video games again, I suppose.”

The smile on his face gives him away.

“So what’s going on?” he asks.

“Actually, do you think that we could find a place not so…busy?”

“Sure! There is a park a couple of blocks over that will be a bit quieter. Will that work?”

“Sounds good.”

We are quiet as we make the short journey to the park. We find a bench in a somewhat secluded spot.

“I really appreciate you taking the time to meet with me. This is not easy for me to do, but I feel it’s necessary.” I pause. “Most people seem to think that I have it all together. They see my accomplishments and think that I have such a great life. Well, it’s not all peaches and cream. In some ways, I am just like Sayori, in that I wear a mask to keep others away and hope that they won’t see the sadness. You’ve noticed my mask slip a couple of times, haven’t you?”

He nods in agreement.

“The truth is, I’m not a very happy person. I am torn between what my parents want for me…no…expect of me, and what I want. I feel that I can’t let them down since they have given so much to me. They have worked so hard to build their business and they have been laying the plans for me to take over after university.”

Now my eyes are starting to water. He reaches over and grabs my hand. I start to apologize, but he doesn’t let me.

“It’s okay. You are human after all.”

“I know,” I continue. “I’ve tried to talk to them a couple of times, but it always ends with them asking why I want to dishonor them. That’s not what I want at all. But I know that I cannot be happy doing what they want me to do. So, in order to keep peace in the house, I go along with their wishes and demands. Lately though, it’s getting harder and harder to do. I guess with the end of school drawing near, the urgency of the situation is growing. I know what is expected of me, but I can’t say that my heart would be in it.”

He looks shocked.

He finally responds. “What do you want to do?”

“I am not sure. But…” I pause.


“Well, you know that I started playing the piano last year. I’ve found that I really enjoy it. It allows me to escape to other worlds and brings peace to me. But with all of the other busyness in my life, I hardly get to play. The first day of school, I went in during study period and was playing a tune that I came up with in my head. The music teacher came in and asked me what song I was playing. I told her that it didn’t have a name…that I had just made it up. She seemed shocked and said that it was very beautiful. Then she asked how long I had been taking lessons. When I told her that I had never had lessons, she almost insisted that I meet with her to discuss it. I got really excited for a moment, and then remembered my parents and their plans for me. That burst my balloon very quickly.”

“Wow! I knew that there was a lot of pressure in your life, but I had no idea that it was this involved. I thought it was just about maintaining the high standard of performance that you’ve had for years. This is a lot more complicated than that. So what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. That is why I wanted to talk with you. I guess I’m hoping that you can help me decide.”

“Geez Monika, I don’t think that I can offer anything to help you. That’s a very hard situation to be in. I can understand your parents wishes, although I think that they are hurting you by putting so much pressure on you. Anyone who has worked hard to build something would naturally want their children to carry on with their dream. But then again, that is their dream, not yours. Are you not allowed to have your own dream?:

“Exactly!” I reply.

“You don’t have any brothers or sisters that could take over the business instead of you?” he asks.

“Umm…” I can’t finish as tears are now flooding from my eyes. “I…had…an older brother, but…”

I struggle to pull a tissue out of my backpack.

“Oh Monika! I’m so sorry!” he says with concern. “I shouldn’t have…”

I stop him before he can finish. “You didn’t know so you don’t need to apologize. And yes, he would have been the one to take over for them. He would have been so good at it too.”

He doesn’t ask what happened, which I am thankful for. I don’t want to think about that terrible day.

“I feel so sorry for you and I hate that you’ve been keeping this bottled up inside you. I am glad that you are sharing this with me.”

“Well, I knew that you were aware of some of it, judging from comments you made to me. I also know that you are a good listener. I thought you would give me some honest feedback. I just wish you had some magical solution that would make my parents happy and me happy too.”

“Yeah,” he replies glumly, “I am not sure that there is enough magic in the world to make that happen. Let me think about this for a while and see if anything comes to mind. This was a lot to take in at one time.”

“Okay. I have to be going anyways. Studying never goes away. One other thing, if I may ask. Don‘t tell the others please.”

“Keeping the mask on for them?” he says in a slightly condemning tone.

“For now.” I tell him. “I guess I am not quite ready for that. It was hard enough just to talk to you. But I know that you are a special guy and that I can trust you.” And with that, I head towards home, hoping I don’t have to sit through another lecture.
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2020.09.14 20:04 Asshole_from_Texas My (M33) Niece (F6) is causing me to lose my god damn mind and I don't know if I'm in the wrong.

I moved in with my sister and her family for each group to save up money for separate houses.
My sister is 3 years older than me and has two children, 17yo son and a 6yo daughter. I helped raise the son from 6 months to 8+ years old. He was conceived in Kuwait and his mother got medically discharged. After he was born, she decided to make "real money" in Iraq as a contractor. She left the baby with his father and sent home the money to him. The father took the money, spent it all on porn and dating sites where he met his new wife. The baby wasn't being properly cared for so he went to live with his Grand Parents and me. I've been an all but constant father figure to him since 6 months old. My favorite memories are of him.
7 years ago, after getting remarried, my sister decided she wanted to try for a girl. They got pregnant within a few months and my niece was born. She's not had me or my parents in her life like her brother did.
My Niece is showing signs that are scaring me. She's cruel to the family pets, tying shit around the dogs throat and trying to drag it. Holding her down where the dog can't move, and hitting/poking it with shit. (It's an abused pit mix so I'm worried that it's going to get fed up, bite her and we're going to have to put down the dog who was tired of being strangled, smothered and hit with shit.) She's also horrible to their cat but the cat did give her a warning bite a few weeks ago. My cat has made it clear he will fuck her up and doesn't give a damn. He tolerates everyone else in the house to touch him after a few weeks to warm up to them, except for my niece who is hissed and lunges at when she's near. All the animals hide in my room because she's scared of my cat. My cat is literally defending the dog and the other cat from her.
She also doesn't have a problem with lying, She doesn't know who broke the switch and she didn't get into her mothers makeup. She hasn't started to try to blame others but she has no problems telling bold face lies to anyone. This is something her mother struggled with growing up and led to me getting abused my my step father, her biological father. She would come in and beat the fuck out of me. I would eventually defend myself, and she would then "call her daddy" and tell him I beat her so that her dad would come home from work and beat the fuck out of me for hitting a girl. Her lying sends my anxiety off the charts because of flashbacks of getting beat with a belt because I was tired of being hit in the face with a wooden spoon.
Most of all, she runs shit here. She decides what we're doing, if we don't do what she wants she will cause problems until we do what she wants. Tantrums, constant interruptions, and other forms of preemptive psychological warfare to which her parents finally relent. It's not enough that she's doing what she wants to do, she wants them doing what she wants them doing. It's like that Twilight Zone episode. She's convinced I will throw away all her crap if she messes with me too much.
Her brother is all but raising her in their parents absence. (which mainly consist with him sleeping and ignoring her.) Her mom just lets her run rampant and thinks the defiance is funny and fun. "asshole_from_texas, that's the one person who thinks she's going to be able to take me someday." Thankfully her mom is still pretty absent because she's a workaholic but every time her father and I start to make progress on some front whether it be the lying, not sleeping in her own bed, the animal abuse, not respecting others, her mother gets a day off and my niece regresses back into the feral wildling.
I'm starting to get concerned about myself because I hate abuse, it sends me off the deep-end, especially when it's against animals. I scared everyone 2 weeks ago because my sister bought her this toy arrow set and she had stuck to of the suction cup arrows together and was jabbing the dog in the neck and face with it. I went into fugue state and apparently snatched her by her arm (didn't leave a bruise) took the toy and threw it down the hallway while yelling "STOP!"
I had such high hopes that we'd have fun with this short time living together but she's just a fucking monster. I've gone from wanting kids someday to absolutely despising them. My sister and I just got into it where I alluded that she's raising a sociopath and she's telling me "She's just six." I don't remember going through this shit when my nephew was six, worse he did was try to sneak ice cream, cookies and candy and wanted to watch only one show only. Is this really just a 6 year old girl thing?
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2020.09.14 13:30 iamsajjadahmad Emirates Gets #BackInTheGame at the 2020 U.S. Open ?

Emirates Gets #BackInTheGame at the 2020 U.S. Open ?

Credit: Jennifer Pottheiser
Emirates Airline is #BackIntheGame just in time for the 2020 U.S. Open. As the Official Airline of the 2020 U.S. Open Tennis Championships, Emirates returns to the Grand Slam® tennis tournament for the ninth year in a row.
This year, Emirates Airline offers online experiences to connect fans to the game as opposed to traditional in person activations at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens. This year, this partnership with the U.S. Open represents a turning point toward the skies, and renewed vigor for the promise to #FlyBetter.
Emirates Airline at the 2020 U.S. Open Tennis Championships
“We are #BackInTheGame [at the U.S. Open] and committed to offering our U.S. customers the best experience both in flight and from wherever they will be watching the tournament,” said Andrew Bunn, VP Sales, North America.
Emirates will stand out at the U.S. Open through a variety of activities including:
  • ‘Emirates Serves for Good’: After each match in Arthur Ashe Stadium, the winning player will hit three balls at Emirates branded targets located in the upper tier sections of the stands.
Each time a player hits the target, a donation of $1,000 will be made to the USTA Foundation, the charitable arm of the USTA, “Rally to Rebuild” program.
The donation will support the National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) network.
  • ‘U.S. Open Winner’s Walk’ presented by Emirates: Emirates gives audiences the exclusive chance to watch match winners talk about their experiences immediately after each match. This will be shared on the U.S. Open Twitter channel, including the hashtags, #EmiratesFlyBetter and #BackIntheGame
  • ‘U.S. Open Play of the Day’ presented by Emirates: Exclusive video content presenting the ‘Play of the Day’ are be shared on the U.S. Open’s Facebook page. Follow #EmiratesFlyBetter and #BackIntheGame
Reflecting Back to the Emirates Suite Experience
The Emirates Suite at Arthur Ashe Stadium in 2019. Images courtesy of Emirates Airline
The Emirates Suite at the U.S. Open
The exclusive VIP Emirates Suite at the U.S. Open offers premier views of the courts as well the utmost level of privacy and exclusivity. The air-conditioned Suite boasts the same highly sought after hospitality and luxurious detail as one would receive on a Business or First Class flight on Emirates Airline.
Guests of the invite-only suite were offered cold towels, sunscreen, and the signature red Emirates baseball caps.
In 2019, for example, the buffet at the Suite included salad, fresh fruit, pasta salad, crab cakes, steak, chicken, and a full sushi and sashimi bar.
The Emirates Suite at Arthur Ashe Stadium (was) also the only space to have a private sushi chef throughout the entire US Open.
Arthur Ashe Kids Day
We also remember Arthur Ashe Kids Day. Families would get to watch and take part in the festivities in the Emirates Suite. Arthur Ashe Kids Day usually takes place right before the start of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships.
Lunch included salads, pasta, hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, fish, chicken, and steak. For dessert, children were able to create their own sundaes, and there was a full candy bar, as well as cookies, brownies, macarons, cake, and tarts.
Guests had the opportunity to sit inside at one of the booths or high-top tables, or outside in the stadium seats while listening to the music and performances on the court. Many of the performers were Radio Disney stars and up-and-coming signers and actors.
Emirates Airline Returns to the Skies
The airline is committed to keeping passengers safe and protected at every step of the journey as borders continue to open.
To date, Emirates has resumed service from:
  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)
  • New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
  • Washington D.C.’s Dulles International Airport (IAD)
Assurance for Travel Safety
Dubai is now open for travel. New air travel protocols are in place that safeguard the health and safety of everyone.
All airline passengers also receive complimentary hygiene kits containing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial wipes.
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2020.09.14 02:16 Zithero Of Nite and Dei [Chapter 16]

---------------------------------Table of Contents-------------------------------------
Chapter 9 l Chapter 10 l Chapter 11 l Chapter 12 l Chapter 13 l Chapter 14 l Chapter 15
Sorjoy sat in his office, concern on his face as he considered everything going on in his life. “Everything was coming together flawlessly and now this?!” He growled to himself, as he fumed in his office chair. “Who are you and what do you want with The Scale, Persophone?”
Sorjoy allowed the red phone to ring four times before he answered it.
Sorjoy took a sharp inhale through his nostrils and answered the phone, “Sorjoy.”
Four taps came over the phone, “ah, Mr.Sorjoy, nice to speak with you again.”
“Always a pleasure, Gallor,” Sorjoy smiled, relaxing in his seat.
“So, some news I wanted to give you regarding Yuki Karkade,” Gallor began.
Sorjoy frowned, heaving a sigh, “Yes, you mentioned in an earlier call that she would return and that she wanted her son?”
“Yes,” Gallor’s voice grew meek, “About that-”
Sorjoy growled, “Gallor, no offense, but Yuki Karkade cannot just take Aphod Karkade’s son. She doesn’t have the right to separate them.”
Gallor’s voice tried to interrupt Sorjoy, “Yes, Mr. Sorjoy, I understand that clearly-”
“I have to represent the father’s interests here, Gallor,” Sorjoy continued to rant.
“Mr. Sorjoy!” Gallor shouted.
Sorjoy stopped speaking, stunned as he had never heard Gallor shout, “what is it?” irritation in Sorjoy’s voice.
“...I will be unable to allow Yuki Karkade on the shuttle,” Gallor confessed.
Sorjoy grinned, “Oh?”
“Yes, sadly, the Chairwoman of the Game and Logistics Department removed Yuki Karkade’s authorization,” Gallor sighed, “I’m so sorry. What with this being the last shuttle, I don’t know how we will get her back to you.”
“It’s fine, Gallor,” Sorjoy grinned ear to ear, “I don’t think this is as great a tragedy you believe it is.”
“Yes, also” Gallor chuckled, “she has found a mate here, after all.”
Sorjoy’s grip tightened on the red handset, “What was that, Gallor?”
“Yuki Karkade, she has taken a mate, a nurse named ‘Serren Misho’,” Gallor informed.
Sorjoy was silent, his teeth clenched and his lip quivered as he thought An angel with a dragon? What will The Scale think of this? Sorjoy thought to himself. “How nice for her,” Sorjoy said in a calm tone, hiding his anger at the situation from Gallor.
“Yes, so she won’t be all alone here, after all, it seems. A small consolation, all things considered,” Gallor offered.
Sorjoy continued to suppress his anger and kept his voice calm, “Yes, all things considered,” Sorjoy calmed down slightly, “as long as she is alive, and well, and on Nite, there should be no issue.”
“Very well, Mr. Sorjoy,” Gallor chirped on the phone, “if there is any change, I’ll let you know.”
“Always a pleasure, Gallor,” Sorjoy bid Gallor farewell.
“Always, Mr.Sorjoy,” Gallor said as he ended the call.
Sorjoy grumbled as he hung up the phone, and made his way towards a bar located in his office, pulling out a tumbler and a stiff drink of liquor. “Keep Dei and Nite separate,” Sorjoy hissed. “The first damn tenet, and you, Mrs. Karkade,” he downed the drink quickly, “mated with a damn Niten Dragon!”
Sorjoy paced around shortly, “how do I explain this to anyone within The Scale? I’ll never become Grand Patriarch at this rate!” he hissed.
Sorjoy looked to his door, storming towards it, and making a bee-line for Cleo’s desk. “Cleo!”
Cleo had headphones in her ears, and jumped at Sorjoy’s loud shouting, “Sir?!”
“I need the documents for the payout on Yuki Karkade’s life insurance policy and commission checks,” Sorjoy narrowed his eyes, “You know, It’s unlike you to not have this paperwork ready. Are you slipping?”
“Not at all, sir!” Cleo gasped, tapping at her tablet, “I’ll have that for you shortly.”
“What are you even doing out here?” Sorjoy narrowed his eyes on Cleo.
“Organizing the auction, Mr. Sorjoy,” Cleo explained. “So far I’m ensuring that the most elite Angels on Dei are there to view the diamond and purchase it,” Cleo stated.
Sorjoy’s look of anger slowly turned to glee, “ah, well then, keep up the good work, Cleo.” He then vanished into his office.
As the door shut, Cleo frowned, as a call came in. She picked it up quickly, “Erik Sorjoy’s office, Cleopatra speaking.”
An older man’s voice wheezed over the phone, “Why, good evening young lady.”
Cleo smiled, “Good evening Mr. Trueman.”
“Ah, does my name proceed even before I introduce myself?” Trueman chuckled.
“Your distinguished voice is one I’ll always remember, are you calling to confirm your appointment for the auction, sir? If you cannot make it… I would not mind changing the date and time to facilitate your needs,” Cleo beamed over the phone.
Trueman laughed, “no need to accommodate an old fogey like me, my lovely lady.”
“Nonsense Mr. Trueman,” Cleo grinned, “I know exactly how important you are.”
“Far too kind my dear, a rare thing these days,” Trueman wheezed, “I’m actually calling to speak to your employer, if he has the time, of course.”
“I’ll ensure he makes time for you, Mr.Trueman, Sir,” Cleo chirped politely.
“Walters, yes?” Trueman asked again.
“That’s right Mr. Trueman,” Celo confirmed.
“You gave an interesting performance at the hearing,” Trueman gave a soft laugh, “Mr. Sorjoy is lucky to have someone such as yourself assisting him.”
Cleo smiled, her tone light and professional, “Thank you, Mr.Trueman, sir, I do what I can to assist Mr. Sorjoy at every turn.”
“They say behind every great man is a talented woman,” Mr. Trueman informed, “perhaps Mr. Sorjoy will become a great man himself, now that you’re here.”
Cleo smiled brightly through the phone, “Well, thank you, Mr. Trueman, sir.”
Mr. Trueman wheezed, “Please patch me to him, Ms. Walters. It was a pleasure speaking with you.”
“It was a pleasure speaking to you as well, Mr. Trueman, sir,” Cleo placed him on hold, calling back to Sorjoy quickly.
Sorjoy answered, “I’m in no mood, Cleo.”
“Shall I tell Mr. Trueman you’re in no mood?” Cleo jabbed.
Sorjoy's eyes widened, “Why is he…? Put him through.”
Cleo grinned to herself, conferencing the two men together, “Mr. Trueman, sir, I have Mr. Sorjoy on the line.”
“Sorjoy?” Trueman asked.
“Yes, Mr. Trueman, a nice surprise. Cleo, you can drop off the call,” Sorjoy ordered.
“I will Mr. Sorjoy, have a pleasant day Mr. Trueman, sir,” Cleo said as she dropped from the conversation.
Once Cleo dropped off the line, Sorjoy stated, “Mr. Trueman, the scales are even.”
“Hmm,” Trueman acknowledged, “quite the lovely assistant you have, Sorjoy. Very polite, very traditional girl. Where did you find her?”
Sorjoy frowned, “Palma.”
“Ah, Gabriel’s always had exceptional taste,” Mr. Trueman remarked.
“His son, actually, Azrael,” Sorjoy clarified.
“Ah, his son is… less so,” Mr. Trueman pointed out.
“I am surprised to hear from you, Mr. Trueman,” Sorjoy confessed.
“You should not be,” Trueman explained, “did I not state I wished to have reports from you, frequently, about the Fallen Miner?”
“That is true,” Sorjoy admitted.
“And I most certainly cannot expect you to simply divulge that information to me willingly, it seems, nor can I wait until the next Scale meeting,” Trueman explained.
“I see,” Sorjoy heaved a sigh, “have I lost that much trust in you, Grand Patriarch?” Sorjoy lamented.
“Let’s just say that I am concerned regarding your judgment,” Mr. Trueman explained. “Now: Report.”
Sorjoy sighed, “Well, literally moments ago I discovered Yuki Karkade will not be coming home.”
“A fickle girl,” Trueman scoffed.
“Apparently, the Chairwoman of the Niten Game and Logistics Department revoked Yuki’s authorization to board the shuttle,” Sorjoy explained, “so, once again the situation is a non-issue.”
“Interesting,” Trueman remarked, “for Chairwoman Rezzolina to weigh in on a situation… most curious. She’s a shrewd woman, has little love for us Dei Angels. She’s rather crass, to be blunt.”
Sorjoy had never heard anyone speak poorly of a Niten Dragon, “Mr. Trueman, have you had experience dealing with the Chairwoman?”
“The former Grand Patriarch brokered the first agreement with Nite regarding the shuttles. It was controversial, even for him,” Trueman wheezed as he laughed, “but, it was Rezzolina who put an end date on the program, not anyone in The Scale. Her words, if I recall,” Mr. Trueman thought for a moment before continuing, “were: ‘If the Dei would focus more on the production of food vs ravenous consumption of natural resources, perhaps additional trade of basic produce would not be necessary.’”
“She sounds lovely,” Sorjoy said sarcastically.
“I can’t often imagine many terrible situations, but being on the wrong side of Chairwoman Rezzolina’s ire is certainly one of them,” Mr. Trueman remarked.
“It would seem so,” Sorjoy agreed.
“Anything else to report?” Mr. Trueman asked.
Sorjoy hesitated, unsure of what to do regarding the other tidbit of information he had received.
“Mr. Sorjoy?” Mr. Trueman said, his anger rising, “is there something else you should inform me of?”
Sorjoy sat down, and leaned back in his office chair, and sighed, “it seems Yuki Karkade has taken a Niten mate.”
There was silence on the other line, and Sorjoy was contemplating whether or not the news had actually killed the old man.
“An… interesting development,” Trueman whispered.
“I’m certain there was no way I could have stopped it,” Sorjoy tried to defend himself.
“Yuki Karkade has violated a key tenet of our organization, yet she remains on Nite,” Mr. Trueman admitted, “so it seems the matter has resolved itself, as you said.”
“I see,” Sorjoy heaved a sigh of relief.
“This information, honestly, is irrelevant, so we’ll keep it between ourselves, yes, Mr. Sorjoy?” Mr. Trueman asked, rhetorically.
“Mr. Trueman,” Sorjoy said, shocked, “you’re certain?”
“Mr. Sorjoy, you did your best, all things considered, and as such I expect you take time to ensure that there is little to no disruption in your public appearances,” Trueman explained.
“Mr. Trueman?” Sorjoy asked, confused.
“I could not help but notice the auction is set for a day or so prior to an event you have not publicized,” Mr. Trueman explained.
“I should have guessed you’d be well informed, Mr. Trueman,” Sorjoy heaved a sigh, “I will be attending the Funeral for the Fallen Miner. Unless you think I shouldn’t.”
“By all means, pay your ‘respects’ to the Fallen Miner,” Mr. Trueman wheezed over the phone, “At least we know she is in a better place.”
Yuki was panicked and fuming all at the same time. “Rezza! Y-You can’t do this! Please, I beg of you!”
Rezzolina looked at Yuki oddly, “And who told you that you could call me Rezza?”
Yuki narrowed her eyes on Rezzolina, “We’re supposed to be family!
“Family?” Rezzolina got to her feet, stalking towards Yuki, glaring down at her from her substantially taller stature, “you are simply an infatuation my brother has.”
Yuki gasped at the accusation, “if you feel that way, then why keep me here?”
“Because,” Rezzolina explained, walking around Yuki, “you’re something that pleases him. Like a toy, or a... pet,” Rezzolina placed her hand on Yuki’s shoulder, “now sit!” she commanded as she pushed Yuki down on the couch.
Yuki kept her eyes on Rezzolina, “you’re getting between me and my child!”
“Oh, well that would be very intimidating if you were, well,” Rezzolina scoffed, “intimidating.”
“When I tell Serren-” Yuki was cut off by Rezzolina.
“Tell him,” Rezzolina mused, “tell Serren I was an absolute monster to you. Tell him that you hate me and you want him to hate me too.” Rezzolina sat across from Yuki, “you see, Serren already hates me. I know he does, he hates how hard I work myself, the fact that I refuse to take a mate,” She took another sip of wine. “To be honest I’m shocked to even see him here.”
“I thought you cared for him,” Yuki pleaded, “if you do, you’ll let me go!”
Rezzolina swirled the wine in her glass, “I care for Serren deeply,” she fixed Yuki with a stern gaze, “and that’s why I won’t let you hurt him. Let him hate me,” Rezzolina stated, “as long as he’s happy.”
Yuki narrowed her eyes on Rezzolina and marched up to her, “you might think you’re some big intimidating bird and you have everyone scared of you, but I know your game!”
“Please,” Rezzolina slowly tipped the remaining contents of her wine into her maw, and licked her lips, “do go on, tell me how you really feel,” she said, clearly bored with the conversation.
“So that’s why you’re always working because if you remove your position, your power, and your authority, behind it all, there’s nothing left,” Yuki narrowed her eyes, “just a loveless, cold, and hollow bird who can’t even connect with her own brother.”
“The angel has claws,” Rezzlonia said with a sly grin, “That was rather delightful. I see why Serren likes you.”
Yuki continued her glare at Rezzolina. “Oh, really?”
Rezzolina nodded, “Yes. You’re very passionate, fiery almost.”
“Is that alien to you?” Yuki narrowed her eyes, “seeing someone with an actual heart?”
Rezzolina got to her feet, moving to her kitchen and refilling her glass of wine.
“You don’t take a mate because no one could stand you,” Yuki continued, “how you and Serren are related is a mystery to me.”
Rezzolina slowly poured the wine, seemingly taking in what Yuki said.
“But you claim it’s all a choice,” Yuki glared, “but getting the interest of someone else is the only thing you can’t control.”
Rezzolina’s wine glass filled higher, nearing the brim.
“And that is probably what drives you up the wall the most. That you can’t even get your own brother to visit you, because you’re that caustic,” Yuki continued, “you push everyone away…” Yuki trailed off as she saw Rezzolina’s wine glass overflow.
Rezzolina set the now-empty wine bottle on the counter, she was silent, both of her hands came to rest on the countertop.
Yuki was unsure what was going on until she heard a hitch in Rezzolina’s voice.
Tears leaked down Rezzolina’s snout, as she reached under the cabinets for a washcloth to clean the countertop.
Yuki was about to speak before Serren’s voice distracted her.
“Rezza?” Serren’s face was twisted into that of concern and worry, “Yuki! Why would you say that to her?”
Yuki’s mouth was agape, “Wait, Serren that’s not-”
Rezzolina sobbed, “Serren,” she turned to him, “Yuki didn’t do anything wrong, she just… she’s right. I am… hollow inside.”
Serren placed the food he got on the kitchen table, “Rezza you’re not-”
“No,” Rezzolina whimpered, turning from Serren, “I need a minute,” she walked off and headed towards the hallway.
Serren turned to Yuki, giving her an agitated look, “Yuki?!”
Before Rezzolina turned the corner, Rezzolina wiped her tears away and shot a sly grin at Yuki before vanishing into a bedroom.
Yuki’s jaw dropped, “Oh you manipulative monster!” she thought to herself.
Serren walked over to Yuki, “Why would you say such terrible things to her, Yuki?”
Yuki turned to Serren, and frowned, “Serren, are you taking her side?”
“She’s my sister!” Serren said as he sat next to Yuki.
Yuki got to her feet, “and I’m supposed to be your mate! You’re supposed to be on my side, Serren!”
Serren frowned, “Yuki, Rezza may be difficult but she didn’t deserve such harsh words!”
“Which words? What did you hear?” Yuki asked.
“Were there more hurtful things you threw at her while I was standing on the balcony?” Serren demanded, his arms crossed.
Yuki took a deep breath, feeling a mixture of conflicting emotions surging from Serren. She sat down next to him, and took his hand, “Serren… you know me,” pleaded.
Serren nodded.
“You know I wouldn’t do something to intentionally hurt your sister,” Yuki said, looking into Serren’s eyes.
Serren leaned down, giving Yuki a kiss. When Serren broke the kiss, his hand reached to Yuki’s, “then, what did she say to you to make you react that way?”
Yuki breathed a sigh of relief, “well she said she was revoking my access to the ship.” Intense despair came over Yuki and Serren, an emotion both knew was not their own.
Serren got to his feet and rushed down the hallway, Yuki in tow, “Rezza?”
Rezzolina was standing in the hallway, her back to Serren and Yuki, “Both of you please just… give me a…” genuine tears leaked from her eyes.
Yuki frowned, “Rezzolina?”
Rezzolina clenched her fists and turned to Yuki, “I’ve heard everything you said to me, and normally, it wouldn’t bother me.”
Serren smiled at Rezzolina.
“But seeing… you… actually finding a mate, not once, but twice?!” Rezzolina cried to Serren, “you’re such a lucky hatchling!”
“So, I’m not just a ‘Pet’?” Yuki asked.
Rezzolina sighed as Serren hugged her, “no, you’re not just a pet,” she reluctantly admitted as she hugged Serren back.
“So, I can go back to Dei?” Yuki asked, hopeful.
Rezzolina scoffed, pushing Serren from her, “Serren finds love, again, after Allia’s terrible accident, and you want me to allow you to travel through space to potentially never return again?”
Yuki narrowed her eyes, “I told you I have plans to come back to Nite!”
Serren frowned, “Rezza, please?.”
“Plans derail,” Rezzolina looked to Serren, “you of all people should know that.”
Serren frowned, “Rezza, she’s only going to bring her child here, I’d be a stepfather! Wouldn’t that be nice? You would be an aunt!”
Rezzolina shook her head, “Serren, what if she’s detained by Dei authorities? They aren’t very bright.”
“Okay,” Yuki interjected, “why are you so racist?”
Rezzolina frowned, “Racist? What do you mean?”
“Why do you hate Dei angels?” Yuki questioned.
“Hate them?” Rezzolina said, confused, “I don’t hate them.”
“Seems like you do,” Yuki said, her arms crossed, cocking her hip.
“That's not hatred,” Rezzolina exclaimed, walking into the kitchen, cleaning up her countertop.
“Then why do you call us primitives?” Yuki questioned.
“Because you are,” Rezzolina said factually, “that’s not hateful, it’s just the truth. You’re a greedy and petty species who’re far more concerned with selfish desires than you are with the wellbeing of your fellow people.”
Serren and Yuki gave Rezzolina a rather exasperated look.
Rezzolina looked to both of them, shrugging her wings and shoulders at the pair, “What?”
“That’s very hateful to make the assumption that every Dei Angel is like that,” Yuki explained, “I’ve proven I’m not self-centered, haven’t I?”
“No,” Rezzolina exclaimed, “I’ve seen you care for Serren, but he’s your mate.”
“I care about you too,” Yuki explained.
“Doubtful,” Rezzolina scoffed, “you only care about me because, again, You’re Serren’s mate and I’m his sister.”
“What can I do to convince you?” Yuki asked with an exasperated sigh.
“Nothing,” Rezzolina explained, “I have spoken to your leaders, and they were amazingly self-centered. Their literal task is to lead you people.”
Yuki smiled, “so your only exposure to Dei Angels has been our leaders? Because they’re usually the most corrupt and greedy sort.”
Rezzolina lifted an eyebrow, “Is that somehow supposed to be a defense?”
Yuki’s face fell, “oh… saying that out loud is actually pretty depressing, now that you mention it.”
Rezzolina sighed, “Yuki, you might be one of the good Dei Angels, but that’s the thing. You’re only good because you’re on Nite with us.”
Yuki gave a confused look to Rezzolina, “what do you mean?”
“You’re surrounded by the empathy of everyone around you. You can feel my pain, Serren’s love, and I feel the love you both feel as well. We’re all connected here,” Rezzolina explained.
Serren turned to Yuki, “so you’re saying Yuki is an exceptional Angel because she’s with us on Nite?”
Rezzolina nodded, “yes, she’s connected to us, and as such, she can rise above her selfish tendencies.”
Yuki exclaimed, exasperated, “we aren’t all selfish!”
“Please, Yuki,” Rezzolina rolled her eyes, “your people have developed a system that grinds those at the bottom into dust. But In order to rise up and be selfless, someone would have to literally lose everything just to gain a tiny bit of compassion for their fellow angel.”

Cleo sneezed as she sat next to Sorjoy.
“Guardian Bless You,” Sorjoy said politely as Cleo sat next to him on a church pew.
Above the altar was a figure of Lucifer as a physically fit man, his arms outstretched, a depiction of Dei as a planet floating over his opened hands, Lucifer's golden wings spread wide.
Below the altar was a picture of Yuki in her flight suit.
Cleo turned to look across the aisle, there she spotted Aphod Karkade and a small boy that had Yuki’s blond hair and blue eyes, as well as Yuki’s yellow wings.
Sitting next to them was a younger woman, her wings and hair dyed white and she wore a set of off-brand heels and a cheap tightly fitting black dress. Cleo had discovered Yuki's husband had found himself a new wife. Who perhaps had been his mistress while Yuki was away on missions. Cleo only knew her name was Samantha Haut.
Cleo lifted a well-sculpted eyebrow at Samantha. “This ‘white wing’ trend is getting on my nerves.” Cleo thought to herself.
“While it’s normally uncouth to bring one’s new fling to the funeral of your recently deceased wife,” Sorjoy whispered, “it’s also impolite to stare.”
Before Cleo could interject, the priest began his sermon.
The priest had a black cloth covering his wings, and a cowl over his head hiding his hair. His brown eyes looked over the congregation before him.
“It is by the grace of the Guardian of Wisdom, Lord Lucifer of Light, that we accept his wisdom and pass our friend, wife, daughter, mother, and your servant, to you,” The priest motioned to Yuki’s picture. “May you watch over her for eternity, and forever guard her soul against the darkness of ignorance and fear. Yuki’s job was a difficult one, and in the end, it claimed her life. Let all of her trespasses against anyone be forgiven on this day, regardless of their severity, so she may pass unfettered into the waiting arms of Our Lord Lucifer. Amen.”
Cleo felt her phone buzzing with notifications, despite it being silenced. The ceremony was seriously slowing down her itinerary, and she continued to wonder why, exactly, Sorjoy felt a need to attend the funeral of the Fallen Miner.
Sorjoy sat next to Cleo, agitation on his face as well.
Cleo gave Sorjoy a curious look, wondering why it was that Sorjoy was here if he was so clearly agitated.
Jax sat in the back of the pews, glaring daggers at Sorjoy and Cleo from the back row.
As the funeral came to an end, Cleo slowly got to her feet, carefully slipping from behind the pew.
Sorjoy got to the end of the pew, standing, and straightening his tie and jacket.
“Mr. Sorjoy,” Aphod said as he approached Cleo and Sorjoy.
Cleo turned, halting Aphod “Mr. Sorjoy was just-”
“It’s fine, Cleo,” Sorjoy interrupted, moving to Aphod, shaking his hand. “My condolences on your loss, Mr. Karkade.”
Aphod nodded, and Cleo noticed the ten-year-old child who was sniffling, holding his father’s hand. “Mr. Sorjoy, and thank you again for all the… support.”
“Your wife, Yuki Karkade was one of our miners, and as such her family needs to be properly compensated,” Sorjoy explained.
“Of course, while everything processes…” Aphod cleared his throat.
“Indeed, I understand you developed substantial debt, which Yuki Karkade’s life insurance should handle,” Sorjoy assured.
“I wish,” Aphod laughed nervously, “the funeral was expensive enough… but hopefully the commission from her find-”
“Will be more than enough to cover your future expenses. The auction is tomorrow, Fondsworth will need time to process your payouts, of course,” Sorjoy explained.
Samantha, meanwhile, had approached Cleo, a smile on her face, “Wow! What salon do you go to?”
“A nice little place called ‘My Mirror’,” Cleo looked to Samantha’s wings, noting that her actual wing color was likely a soft blue. Her hair was clearly blue to match, which Cleo could tell thanks to the roots which exposed her natural color despite the white dye.
“Can I ask you how you dye your hair and wings? They look gorgeous,” Samantha smiled wide, “The contacts really make your eyes pop!”
Cleo’s eye twitched in agitation as she took the final compliment as an insult, “My eyes, wings, and hair are all-natural. As is the rest of me. Far more than I can say about you,” Cleo said caustically.
Samantha turned her nose up at Cleo, narrowing her eyes on her, “Fine, keep your secrets! Just another high roller's damn arm candy.”
Arm Candy?!
The word struck Cleo harder than she expected. Almost as hard as Cleo’s hand struck Samantha’s cheek, which rang out clearly in the entire church with such resonance that the note could have been sung by a choir.
Cleo’s own eyes were wide in shock as she realized her hand had crossed Samantha’s cheek.
Samantha, for her part, was also shocked, her eyes tearing up and her mouth agape.
“Cleo!” Sorjoy roared as he grabbed Cleo’s wrist.
“Mr. Sorjoy I-” Cleo attempted to speak before Sorjoy’s hand gripped Cleo’s hand tightly.
“Samantha!” Aphod rushed to his new wife. “Get your date under control, Soyjoy"! Aphod exclaimed
“I am not his date!” Cleo shouted.
Sorjoy tugged Cleo after him and down the aisle quickly.
Cleo stumbled for a moment before she caught up to Sorjoy’s pace, her heels slipping at the first few steps before she recovered.
Sorjoy stopped once they were in an alcove of the church near the entrance. “What in Oblivion was that?!” Sorjoy snapped.
Cleo’s heart was pounding in her chest as she looked up to Sorjoy, “That whore called me arm candy!”
Sorjoy narrowed his eyes at her, “so you let her win?”
Cleo blinked, confused, her eyes filling with tears as she looked up to Sorjoy. “...Oh, Guardian… I slapped her and… oh… oh no…” her hands clasped to her mouth as a tear rolled down her cheek.
“Yes, you let your anger get the better of you,” Sorjoy chastised as he looked down his nose at her, his piercing green eyes almost glowing in the dark alcove.
Cleo felt her heart jump in her chest as Sorjoy’s gaze grew more intense. “I-I’m so sorry Mr. Sorjoy, it-”
Sorjoy said nothing, merely releasing Cleo’s hand, his eyes boring holes into Cleo’s as his silent rage petrified her to silence.
Without another word, Sorjoy turned on his heel and walked towards the exit.
Cleo quickly dried her eyes and tried to catch up with Sorjoy, the color draining from her face. I fucked up! I’m fired, that’s it for me! It’s all over!
“To give pathetic scum like Karkade's whore the time of day is beyond an insult,” Sorjoy spoke without turning around, “You are in my company, and that means the riff-raff and leeches are nothing you pay any attention to unless they happen to affix themselves to you.”
Cleo followed after Sorjoy as he spoke.
“And in those rare instances where you find them attached, you rip them off, and let them take the blood they claimed as their soul reward,” Sorjoy said walking towards his limo, “knowing that they’ll never be able to survive with their own blood. Keep what you can, and never consider the parasites ever again.”
Cleo blinked in confusion as Sorjoy stopped outside the limo.
“I am furious you struck her, Cleo, not because the harlot didn’t deserve far worse,” Sorjoy narrowed his eyes, “but because you lost control to make her think that she mattered enough for you to strike.”
Naberious walked from the limo and towards Sorjoy.
“Now get in,” Sorjoy motioned to the limo, “we have work to do that in an hour will produce Karkade’s entire lifetime income.”
Inside the church, Jax checked his phone, looking at a message, and giving a simple reply: “You were right. Sorjoy was at the funeral. What next, Persphone?”
After a few moments, a reply came, “So I can count on you, Cerberus? - Persephone”
Jax smiled at the message, “Cerberus is yours to command.”

Palma hung up a phone, as he grumbled to himself. Palma wore a black trenchcoat, waiting in a hallway near a door.
Inside the door, several monitors illuminated showing data and some low-resolution images.
Hoffman stood there waiting by the multitude of monitors, Richard next to him. “You said you wanted to show me something?”
Richard nodded, “yessir, I got two sets of codes sent to me. One’s our normal satellites, but the other is codes to Fondsworth satellites.”
Hoffman narrowed his eyes on Richard, “oh? Show me”
“Yessir, from that same contact, Persephone,” Richard smiled, “Seems there’s a hacker that is really good at getting their inner workings.”
“You don’t say,” Hoffman said.
“If we can get this information out before Tomorrow’s auction, then we could do some real damage to Fondsworth’s image, maybe even cause a few investors to drop from the auction,” Richard surmised.
“As if it would matter at this point,” Hoffman grumbled, “Fondsworth’s stocks blew up after they unveiled that damn diamond, so much so that they could likely pay off their debt just by selling off a few hundred shares.”
“I doubt it’s that high, sir,” Richard protested.
Hoffman narrowed his eyes on Richard while taking another inhale of his cigar, blowing the smoke towards Richard’s face.
“Sir, if you could not smoke here?” he coughed, “It’s bad for the equipment,” Richard pointed out.
“Who pays for the fucking equipment, Richard?” Hoffman snapped.
“Y-you sir, sorry sir,” Richard typed a few things into the terminal, “okay, I should be getting a live aerial view of where Yuki Karkade is.”
“Who?” Hoffman asked.
“The Miner, sir,” Richard reminded Hoffman.
“Hmm,” Hoffman took another puff, and his eyes narrowed as the image that appeared on the screen was that of a large city surrounded by a thick outer wall.
“What is this?” Richard gasped, his eyes wide as he looked over the image.
Hoffman remained silent.
“I thought… this can’t be! The Nite Dragons are just primitive tribesmen, how could they have built something like this?!” Richard cried out.
Hoffman looked to the door and then to the screen, “who have you shown this to, Richard? I want to be first to the press. Its astounding Fondsworth has been hiding this from the world.”
“Sir, you and I are looking at a live feed!” he hit a button, printing out a photo, “I’m going to make some calls, sir!” he grinned, “Fondsworth isn’t going to be able to get out of this, not with all the marketing in the world!” he rushed to the doorway.
With a movement so swift Richard’s smile hadn’t even left his face by the time Palma’s hand slammed into his chest.
Richard looked down, eyes wide in shock and confusion, still smiling, as Palma’s hand moved away from Richard’s chest, revealing a large combat knife was buried to the hilt in Richard’s heart.
Palma smiled, bringing his index finger to his lips, “Shh.” He whispered softly to Richard.
Richard fell forward into a bag Palma had at the ready.
Palma silently pulled Richard into the bag, zipping it closed, ensuring there was no blood left.
Hoffman gave a nod to Palma as he hefted the body bag containing Richard inside, “A thousand feathers.”
“For a single Scale,” Palma said, vanishing down the hallway.
Hoffman pulled out a small device and plugged it into the terminal in front of him. In an instant, all of the images and data vanished, followed by error messages on all of the screens. Soon they all turned off, only to power on again with loud popping noises, smoke rising from the computers below.
Hoffman removed the device, and walked down the hallway, heading to his office. He picked up the phone, “Hello, Miranda? Richard didn’t show up today. See that he’s terminated..”
“Yessir, Mr. Hoffman. Anything else?” Mr. Hoffman’s secretary, Miranda asked.
“That’ll be all,” Hoffman grumbled, “I’m winning something good today,” as he hung up and dialed another number.
After a few short rings, a soft voice answered the phone, “Mimi speaking. The usual, Albert?”

Sorjoy sat at the back of a small auditorium. Cleo sat next to him. On either side of the pair were several men in suits, wearing black gloves and earpieces.
At each door there stood two armed guards.
Outside the building, Palma and his officers were on guard, in riot gear, ready for in case anyone attempted to steal the diamond.
“Mr. Sorjoy,” Cleo frowned, “isn’t this overkill?”
“This diamond has the future of Fondsworth Inc,” Sorjoy rationalized, “I am taking no chances, today.”
Cleo turned her attention to the stage.
Upfront an auctioneer walked up, wearing formal attire, his wings wrapped in extravagant silver chains, “Honourable Ladies and Distinguished Gentleman, please be seated. The Auction is about to begin.”
Cleo sat back, making sure her eyes were equally divided between her tablet and the stage.
A few imps helped to wheel the diamond out onto the stage, gently locking the wheels of the pedestal it rested on before they all scurried behind the curtain.
“The Heart of Lucifer,” the auctioneer smiled to the crowd, “226 kg of flawless diamond, with a mysterious, yet to be identified liquid, housed inside. The geologists have taken to calling this liquid, the ‘Blood of Lucifer’, for what else could rest within His heart,” the auctioneer grinned and many of the seated angels laughed.
“To save time,” The auctioneer beamed, “we’ll set the opening bid at seventy million lumens.”
The bidding shot up quickly, Cleo noted that the first bidders to begin were museum curators and scientists, but quickly were outbid by the affluent members of Dei’s upper crust of high society.
The Auctioneer reached over 1 billion shortly after, and the bidding continued upwards from there.
Sorjoy was all smiles, “to even meet our basic balance sheet needs we needed the sale at-”
“Six hundred and seventy-five million lumens,” Cleo pointed out. “Low balling at seventy million was just more pageantry, wasn’t it Mr. Sorjoy?”
Sorjoy laughed, “that it was, but you can’t argue with the results.”
Cleo nodded, her face still listless as the numbers soared to unimaginable heights.
As the auction continued, the shouting died down, as fewer hands went up, “1.595 lumens. Do I hear anyone else?” the auctioneer shouted.
One more hand flew up from a well dressed elderly woman, “1.6 billion lumens,” she announced.
“I have 1.6!” The auctioneer gasped, “any other offers?”
The old woman smiled softly, knowing her investment would be worthwhile.
“1.6 lumens going once… no other offers? Then I’ll say-” the auctioneer was cut off at the last second.
“Two,” the old voice of Mr. Trueman spoke confidently over the crowd, his hand raised with his auction paddle.
“2? 2 Billion, sir? Are you certain?” the auctioneer said, agape.
Mr. Trueman stood now, steadying himself on his cane, “yes. Two billion lumens.”
“2 billion going once… 2 billion going twice…” no one else spoke as Trueman smiled wide, “sold!” The auctioneer shouted, “for 2 Billion lumens to Mr. Reginald Trueman! Congratulations, sir!”
There was clapping and Mr. Trueman bowed before taking his seat.
Cleo tapped a few things on her tablet.
“You don’t seem shocked, Cleo,” Sorjoy said, noticing that Cleo had not even clapped, nor was she shocked at the price.
“Mr. Trueman’s schedule is what dictated today’s auction, Mr. Sorjoy, if he wasn’t here then I would have rescheduled,” Cleo said matter-of-factly.
“Why?” Sorjoy asked, “there are plenty of billionaires in the world.”
Cleo scoffed, “you dubbed the gem ‘the Heart of Lucifer’, Reginald Trueman is the most generous donor to the Church of the Lord of Light.”
Sorjoy gave Cleo a curious look, “is he?”
Cleo nodded, “it was a foregone conclusion that Mr. Trueman would outbid anyone who tried to lay claim to this artifact. He’ll likely donate it to the church,” She tapped a few more items on her tablet, “or keep it for other religious purposes. Either way,” Cleo turned to Sorjoy, “my only goal was to find people to drive the bidding up to a point where Fondsworth exceeded its projected profit margins.”
Sorjoy got to his feet as Trueman walked past the pair, smiling wide, “Mr. Trueman, I thank you for your generosity.”
Mr. Trueman shook Sorjoy’s hand, and turned to Cleo, “and you, clearly, are the lovely young woman I had the utmost pleasure of speaking with over the phone.”
Cleo smiled, “yes, Mr. Trueman, sir,” Cleo bowed.
Trueman frowned a bit, reaching out to her, “sad to see you a victim of trends…” he leaned closer, however, blinking.
“Trends, sir?” Cleo looked up to him.
“...white. Natural white?” he wheezed.
Cleo blushed, “yessir.”
“Why… I never thought I’d live to see the day,” Trueman blinked at Cleo, looking to Sorjoy, “you truly are blessed.”

Hoffman shut the TV off in his office in disgust, grumbling to himself. “Playing favorites, Mr. Trueman?” he hissed.
Teryn soon slid a pair of red satin gloves over Hoffman’s bare shoulders, “Baby, you’re so tense. Turn that thing off and let me take care of you?” she whispered in a sexy voice in his ear.
Hoffman grinned to Teryn, “you get prettier every time I see you, my lovely Teryn.”
“Oh stop, you big lug,” Teryn winked at Hoffman.
Hoffman grinned, “oh, I’m done paying for you once in a while, I need you around me all the time. So why don't you just Marry me?”
Teryn blinked, her heart skipping a beat as Hoffman proposed. “Alby…” she smiled, “I'm flattered baby but I’m a very in-demand woman… I’m not sure how Mimi would feel-”
“I’ll pay Mimi whatever it takes to keep you all to myself,” Hoffman grinned, “you will be my wife.”
Teryn frowned, “Alby… you know how protective Mimi can be, are you certain-”
“I’ve been outbid on everything today, like oblivion I’ll let anyone else outbid me on you,” he grinned, “you’ll live a lavish lifestyle in my mansions, and be waited on hand and foot. All I want is for you to always look beautiful for me and I want to have you whenever I desire.”
“You sure stud?” Teryn grinned, “I have really expensive tastes.”
Hoffman grinned, “and I have deep pockets.”
Teryn smiled, “well, if you're sure it's going to be okay with Mimi.”
Hoffman smiled wide, “oh, it will be, you little firecracker!” he grabbed her, as she giggled girlishly, “you’re going to be mine for as long as I live, my lovely little Teryn.”
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[REPOST of this.]
LAST UPDATED: 09/13/2020 ~ Lion Tamer achievement has link to a new post I created with notes and how-to guide.



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2020.09.09 17:20 k_otamatone Witty scar excuses - pt. 2

I made a list of witty scar excuses here a little while ago and people seemed to like it so much that I’ve compiled a second list. Enjoy.
“What happened to your arm?”
I usually just go with “scissors are sharp” the few times people have asked
Edit: my girlfriend wants to add “sponges aren’t as soft as you think”
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10 Dating Tips from Charlie & Alan  Two and a Half Men ... Orson Welles: Arm Candy Are you a kid in a candy store when dating? You Know You Are Dating an Israeli Man When... - YouTube Slow Motion Making of Peppermint Hard Candy - YouTube Arm Candy -- Persian Rug Dealer DATING IN 1999 vs. 2019 - YouTube Aaron Rodgers -- Olivia Munn's Arm Candy in First Official Public Outing  TMZ Tall Woman And Short Man Share Dating Struggles - YouTube

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  4. You Know You Are Dating an Israeli Man When... - YouTube
  5. Slow Motion Making of Peppermint Hard Candy - YouTube
  6. Arm Candy -- Persian Rug Dealer
  7. DATING IN 1999 vs. 2019 - YouTube
  8. Aaron Rodgers -- Olivia Munn's Arm Candy in First Official Public Outing TMZ
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Learn from the best! Watch Two and a Half Men every weekend on TV Land. #TwoAndAHalfMen #Compilation #TVLand Subscribe to TV Land: Cat... A short man and a tall woman share their dating struggles. Special Thanks: + Samantha Holmes + Isidro Lopez + Vinny Vitti + Ben King Credits: https://www.buz... From cheesy pick up lines to realistic relationship expectations, the dating world in 2019 is completely different from what it was like in 1999. Punch that ... Iranian dating site. Largest Iranian singles community at IranianPassion - Duration: ... Arm Candy - Duration: 5:52. The Real WhoIsTheo Recommended for you. 5:52. Language: ... From the bluntness to the fun-loving, relaxed attitude of the Shabbat. To the mother.. yes the mother, this is what it's like dating that Israeli man, יַקִיר... Desperate to resurrect his career, Orson Welles, and his sidekick Mortimer Lippman, have hatched a plan. Step One: Get Orson some Arm Candy. In this episode, Orson goes speed dating to find the ... Buy our hard candy! ***IF YOU LIVE IN A WARM CLIMATE OR *SOUTH OF KENTUCKY/WEST VIRGINIA* OR *WEST... They call this the Loveless Generation, always looking for the next best thing. Someone sneezes wrong and you're out! Are you apart of this grass is greener ... Dating an actress is way better than dating a football player ... and Aaron Rodgers proved it Tuesday night in New York City. ... Olivia Munn's Arm Candy in First Official Public Outing TMZ ...